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Roots Magic Sextet: Long Old Road (Clean Feed)

After their performance at the 2021 Jazz em Agosto festival, the Italian quartet of Alberto Popolla on clarinets, electric bass & banjo, Errico De Fabritiis on saxophones, Gianfranco Tedeschi on double bass, and Fabrizio Spera on drums is again expanded with wind player Eugenio Colombo and vibraphonist Francesco Lo Cascio, recording this lyrical blues-rooted album in the studio in 2022.

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UPC: 5609063006230

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF623CD
Squidco Product Code: 33145

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Abbey Rocchi Studios, in Rome, Italy, in October, 2022, by Tommaso Cancellieri.


Alberto Popolla-clarinets, electric bass, banjo

Errico De Fabritiis-alto saxophone, baritone saxophone

Eugenio Colombo-flutes, soprano saxophone

Francesco Lo Cascio-vibraphone, percussion

Gianfranco Tedeschi-double bass

Fabrizio Spera-drums, percussion, zither

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Since their appearance at the 2021 edition of the Jazz em Agosto festival Roots Magic confirmed the new sextet line-up featuring veteran multi reeds player Eugenio Colombo and vibes specialist Francesco Lo Cascio.

Long Old Road is the group's fourth Clean Feed release and for the first time the track list includes a higher number of original compositions as counterpoint to the usual selection of reworked tunes from the early blues/free jazz repertoire. Two of the original compositions come as dedications in spirit to Muhal Richard Abrams and Abdul Wadud while others include literary quotes from writers and activists such as Toni Morrison, Benjamin Zephaniah and Z.Z.Packer.

The album opens with the soulful beat of a Kahil el Zabar piece and develops through an extremely varied program including vibrant grooves, ecstatic free jazz explosions and overtly poetic zones; among these: a meditative, abstract rendition of Bessie Smith's classic "Long Old Road" and a closing triumphant version of Cal Massey's "Things Have Got to Change".

Needless to add that this expanded line up offers a wider sound palette full of new colors and timbres, all ingredients that enrich the already solid Roots Magic esthetic."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"Biography of Alberto Poppola

A brief biography:
A.P. writes: My first instrument was the electric bass and I played psychedelic music with an Italian rock band, MAGIC POTION, in the second half of the eighties. Then, I began to play clarinet and, with love and passion, the bass clarinet.
I played Balkan music with Dragan Trio and, with many other musicians and bands, Jazz and Experimental music. I like mixing the different influences in a only sound, my sound. I played and recorded with MICHEL GODARD, EUGENIO COLOMBO, JAMAL OUASSINI, LUCA VENITUCCI, GIANFRANCO TEDESCHI, GIANNI TROVALUSCI, G. TROVESI, J. HEINEMANN, ALESSANDRO GARAU, FABRIZIO SPERA, EMANUELE PARRINI, DAVID RYAN, SIMON ALLEN, IAN MITCHELL, MAMADOU DIABATE, ENZO ROCCO, VERYAN WESTON and many others.
I've recorded the cd "FRAMMENTI DI SCRITTURA PREMATURA" ( with Lesmi Carrozzieri Popolla Walker Ensemble.

About my first SLAM CD "MAGIQUE" SLAMCD 517
Alberto Popolla; Bass Clarinet, Clarinet. Andrea Moriconi; Guitar. Roberto Raciti; Double Bass. Claudio Sbrolli; Drums.
With special guests: Eugenio Colombo; Soprano Sax, Flute. Tracks 1 and 5. Marilena Paradisi; Voice tracks 4 and 7. Errico De Fabritiis; Tenor Sax Track 1

Hot Tune plays since three years and we have had many collaborations before recording this first cd. The music is a mixing from rock to jazz (it can remember the Canterbury scene) and we have two special guests on cd: Eugenio Colombo (famous jazz player) sax and flute, and Marilena Paradisi, voice.

All compositions are mine except Odwalla, by Art Ensemble of Chicago."

-Jazz CDs (

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"De Fabritiis: saxophone, mentioned on Top Italian Jazz 2009 and 2010, teacher, graduated in saxophone at the Conservatory of Pescara D'Annunzio, lives in Rome, where he worked with musicians of different backgrounds. He committed within the contemporary and improvised music; recently he has directed the project "Bus Ned Revolution". With the singer and the poet Silvana Licursi M. Jatosti, set up the show Mediterranean and performed in numerous national and international. With guitarist Giovanni Palombo, he founded the Zen Bel Jazz Quintet with which he performs a concert live for Vatican Radio and records the record job Zen Bel Jazz and some original songs as well have been arranged and re-proposed by ISO Ensemble Orchestra conducted by Paolo Damiani at the Comunal Thater of Matera.

It is currently engaged in improvised music and contemporary art. Recently he directed the project "Bus Ned Revolution" and has partecipated as saxophone recording of "The Fire Ned" edited by Gianfranco Tedeschi. With the Ensemble Qwert, attended the premiere of the work: Guernica of Daniele Del Monaco, at the American Academy in Rome, inside the Festival of New Consonance 2007, and Simurgh Opera for solo voice and small orchestra . Fabio Fochesato: bass and double bass, teacher, working expecially in jazz and contemporary music. He's a member of "Plectrum Orchestra del Circolo Mandolinistico Costantino Bertucci" (plectrums with double bass string performing a large repertory of baroque and contemporary music) and the new "Banda Larga Big Band" direct by Elvio Ghigliordini (PMJO Auditorium Rome)."

He is a member of Oprachina, Improgressive, Pegasys, The Freexielanders, and Hot Tune.

-Last.FM (

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"Saxophonist, flautist and composer Eugenio Colombo was born in Rome in 1953. Self taught, he began his career improvising in a variety of musical genres and composing music. He has composed for solo instruments, saxophone quartets, string trios, Pig band and brass band with improvisation soloists. He is one of the founder members of the Italian "Instabile Orchestra".

He performs with numerous artists such as Giancarlo Schiaffini, Giovanna Marini, Demetrio

Stratos, Misha Mengelberg, Bruno Tommaso, Cecil Taylor, Martin Joseph to mention bu a few. He teaches saxophone at Frosinone's Music Academy."

-Instituto Italiano di Cultura (

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"Francesco Lo Cascio: vibraphone

Born in Rome in 1961 began studying the instrument in '82 .

'84 joined the Berklee College of Music of Boston where he widened the vibraphone technique with Ed Saindon and Gary Burton . Study harmony with Waine Naus and arrangement with Robert Rose .

'86 forms, together with his brother Giovanni , the group " Silent Circus " and since '95 is leader of the " Francesco Lo Cascio Vibes Trio ".

In Italy and abroad, many concerts in Jazz festivals and in clubs with his band, with other stable groups, or as a freelancer, collaborating with internationally renowned artists.

'98 was voted by critics among the " best new talents of Italian jazz " in the referendum called by the magazine "MUSICA JAZZ".

Participated in radio broadcasts with various broadcasters (including RAI RADIOUNO, RAI RADIOTRE, VATICAN RADIO) and television programs ("JAZZAREA" ODEON TV). He has composed and produced music for various multimedia shows.

He has been a teacher at the JAZZ UNIVERSITY in Terni and currently teaches vibraphone and theory both privately and at the schools of Rome TIMBA, SAINT LOUIS, CIAC.

STABLE GROUPS:Francesco Lo Cascio VIBES TRIO ( Roberto Gatto , Giovanni Tommaso)Bruno Tommaso JW SeptetVIBES & STRINGS project Vibe - Double bass - String quartetFEDELI - LO CASCIO DUO Vibe - Piano and Accordion (Massimo Fedeli)ACOUSTIC DUO Vibe - Guitar (Giovanni Palombo)

COLLABORATIONS:Bruno Tommaso , Paolo Fresu , Massimo Urbani , Ares Tavolazzi , Massimo Manzi , Stefano Di Battista , Salvatore Bonafede , Tino Tracanna , Barga Big Band , Marco Micheli , Roberto Gatto , Giovanni Tommaso , Gianni Gebbia , Maurizio Giammarco , Enrico Rava , Miroslav Vitous , Gary Bartz , "Hannibal" Marvin Peterson , Horacio "negro" Hernandes ,Stanton Davis , Harvie Swartz , Armando Corsi , John Ramsy , Bruce Gertz , Bob Gullotti , Manu Roche , Gunter Schuller , George Garzone , Daniel Bacalov , Sonny Fortune , Lalo Schifrin , Idris Muhammad


-Jazz Italia (

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"Gianfranco Tedeschi (* in Rome ) is an Italian contrabassist, active in the field of jazz, improvisational music and new music.Life and Work

Tedeschi earned a diploma in the contrabass and studied music analysis and composition with Boris Poren and orchestral arranger with Giancarlo Gazzani. He also took courses for music therapy with Mauro Scardovelli.

He composed music for the music theater ( Giorgio Barberio Corsetti ) and worked in the field of ballet with choreographers such as Adriana Borriello and Franco Senica. Several pieces for the musical theater were created in collaboration with the composer Fabrizio De Rossi Re and Paola Cortellesi. As an instrumentalist for new and improvisational music he played works by composers such as John Cage, Giacinto Scelsi, Domenico Guaccero and Cornelius Cardew.

As a Jazzmusiker, Tedeschi performed with Wadada Leo Smith, Larry Ochs, Ab Baars, Ig Henneman, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Eugenio Colombo, Sebi Tramontana and Mario Schiano. He is a member of the Rara Quartet, the Mondo Ra Orchestra of the Trio Rasa, the Rusconi Orchestra and other groups. In 2007, he took the album Il Fuoci Di Ned (with Paolo Marchettini, Alberto Popolla, Michael Thieke, Stefano Cogolo, Renato Ciunfrini, Errico de Fabriitis, Aurelio Tontini, Andrea Blarzino, Davide Piersanti, Luca Venitucci, Claudio Maioli, Daniele del Monaco, Dario Salvagnini, Cristiano de Fabriitis, Marco Ariano and Roberto Bellatalla )."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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Born in Rome where he has been active for many years both as a musician and organizer in the field of experimental and improvised music. Founding member of Ossatura, 7k Oaks, Eco d'Alberi, Weightless, Truth in the Abstract Blues and has worked, amongst others, with Peter Kowald, Mike Cooper, Wadada Leo Smith, Butch Morris, ROVA, Blast, Lisle Ellis, Larry Ochs, John Butcher, John Edwards, Evan Parker, Alfred Harth, Tim Hodgkinson, Wolfgang Fuchs, Thomas Lehn, Michel Doneda, Lol Coxhill, Veryan Weston, Hans Koch and Axel Dorner.

-Recommended Records 5/25/2023

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Track Listing:

1. When The Elephant Walks 5:21

2. Sula 4:00

3. Run As Slow As You Can 5:39

4. Blue Lines 7:17

5. Long Old Road 8:31

6. Amber 6:11

7. Bullying Well 5:50

8. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere 8:27

9. Things Have Got To Change 7:26

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