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Naegelen / Gaillard / Arnaud-Cremon / Maisonneuve: Cartographie de rythmes #2 - Cardiaque (Umlaut Records/Athenor les Editions)

The second part of Umlaut's Cartographie de rythmes, a sound exploration guided by an imaginary map of rhythm, here investigating the relationship between text and music through mysteriously breathing clarinet lines & harmonics by Fabrice Arnaud-Cremon, and patient narration by Julien Gaillard, Karl Naegelen and Aurélie Maisonneuve.

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Includes a 12 page color booklet with texts by Karl Naegelen and Julien Gaillard in French and a score segment.

UPC: 3341348165721

Label: Umlaut Records/Athenor les Editions
Catalog ID: UMFR-CD40 - ATH004
Squidco Product Code: 33115

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: France
Packaging: Digipack w/ booklet
Recorded at Athenor - Centre National de Creation Musicale, in Saint-Nazaire, France, in in June, 2022, by Ananda Cherer.


Karl Naegelen-songwriting

Julien Gaillard-text, narrator

Fabrice Arnaud-Cremon-clarinets

Aurelie Maisonneuve-vocals

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Cartographie de rythmes is a sound exploration guided by an imaginary map of rhythm, offering as many possible poles to navigate between. The first part of this cartography, Vitesses approchantes (Umlaut Records, 2021) for two percussionists - Sylvain Darrifourcq and Toma Gouband -, focused on the notion of phase shift through falsely repetitive motifs whose slight variations in speed generate sonic illusions.

In this second part, Cardiaque, it is the relationship between text and music that constitutes a new crest line: how to listen to the language's rhythm while respecting the rhythm of the music. "Rhythm" does not mean the same thing while talking about music or text - and we would like to preserve the vitality of each field: like the beat created by two frequencies, the two rhythmic logics generate new interferences without losing their singularities.

Julien Gaillard's texts are intertwined in a montage that allows us to travel from note-taking to poem. His voice mingles with that of Aurelie Maisonneuve and the tone of Fabrice Arnaud-Cremon's clarinet: together, they carry these textures made of truncated cycles, frames and breaks. The theme of the heart runs through the cycle: accelerations and phase shifts, thresholds between periodicity and arrhythmia, in the light of questions of breathing and heartbeat, take on a singularly organic dimension: the exploration of rhythm becomes an exploration of body states."-Umlaut

Includes a 12 page color booklet with texts by Karl Naegelen and Julien Gaillard in French and a score segment.

Artist Biographies

"Saxophonist and guitarist in his first hours, Karl Naegelen started composition at the Conservatoire National de Region and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon. In 2006, his work is greeted by a diploma with honors and a Scholarship by Foundation Salabert. He continues his training at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg and participated in several masterclasses, including Berlin with George Aperghis. He writes for the Orchestra National de Lyon, Ensemble Résonance Contemporaine, Quartuor Pli, the Ensemble Linea and works regularly with the pianist Wilhem Latchoumia. His creations are played in many festivals in France and abroad: Musica in Strasbourg, Encuentros in Buenos aires, music-Action in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, the International Piano Festival of Girona and Orleans, Paris, Hamburg, Lyon, Berlin, Davos ... Body size, poetic and theatrical inherent in his compositions brought him also to create the soundtrack to various shows. He co-authored with Johanna Lemarchand "Alice in wonder", show for a dancer and two musicians, following a residency at GRAME. He is currently pursuing studies in Java (Indonesia) on the gamelan music. Fascinated by improvisation and music from outside Europe, Karl Naegelen seeks to preserve in writing the flexibility and spontaneity of the music features of oral tradition, through a constant search for quality sound and stamps."

-Editions Francois Dhalmann (

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"Fabrice Arnaud-Crémon has been playing the clarinet since the age of eight. He studied notably with Michel Arrignon and Alain Damiens in Paris. He is interested in all the possibilities of his instrument going through a large range of original repertory (Mozart, Weber, Brahms, Debussy, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Boulez, etc.) and transcriptions (Julien Opic, Sylvain Blassel, Gérard Chenuet). He often takes part to contemporary music (Philippe Boivin, Nicolas Frize, Julien Opic, Sylvain Kassap, Christophe Havard, Arturo Gervasoni, Benoît Granier, Jérôme Joy, Christian Wolff, Keith Rowe, François Rossé...). His artistic curiosity brings him into unusual contexts where he is used to playing chamber music or as a solist." (

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Track Listing:

1. 8 octobre [1] 2:44

2. 20 decembre 2:30

3. Nadejda 1:07

4. 27 mai 2:33

5. Redoux 2:04

6. 23 mars 2:29

7. 8 octobre [2] 3:03

8. 8 mars 1:37

9. Cardiaque (2 fois) 2:00

10. " Nous portions... " 0:58

11. Still life 1:29

12. A soi-meme 2:08

13. Naire jadis 1:42

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