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Rite Of Trio, The (Silva / Louro / Alves): Free Development Of Delirium <i>[Used Item]</i> (Clean Feed)

Drawing on genres blurring avant jazz, compositional forms, experimental rock and their uniquely twisted sense of humor, the Portuguese trio of guitarist Andre Silva, bassist Filipe Louro, and drummer Pedro Alves (also credited for screams!) present their sophomore album, a strange and compelling set of delirious improvisations in three Parts organized across 13 tracks.

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Andre B. Silva-electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Filipe Louro-doublebass, electric bass, acoustic guitar

Pedro Melo Alves-drums, electronics

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UPC: 5609063105820

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF582CD
Squidco Product Code: 32293

Format: CD
Condition: VG
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded and mixed by João Brandão at Arda Recorders, Porto, Portugal on June and July 2021. Mastered by Miguel Pinheiro Marques at Arda Recorders, Porto, PortugalProduction by The Rite of Trio.

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"Six years after the internationally acclaimed Getting All The Evil Of The Piston Collar!, the uncontested masters of jambacore - André B. Silva, Pedro Melo Alves and Filipe Louro - strike again with a powerful new album in which they give full throttle to their nonsensical, humoristic, ironic, cynical, in-your-face and yes, crazy, musical post-post modernist concept.

The music is made of the debris of past avant-gardes, coming from jazz, contemporary classical music, metal, punk and some other frontlines of counter-cultural expression. The result is a delirium of sounds and forms, as the title promises. It provokes us, as in "You Don't Mind if We Laugh" and "Ego.Death"; confuses us in "C2H3Cl3O2", and it makes you believe that there's still space for something different, uncompromised, committed and new. The Rite of Trio may be playing us around, but the music is damn serious and it will, for sure, affect you in pleasant, though somewhat strange ways. Are you prepared for this sonic assault?"-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"André is a Portuguese guitar player/composer/teacher who currently resides in Porto, Portugal.

André is in love with music in all of its forms and shapes. You can find him listening, playing and composing in a myriad of styles and he's loving and being emotionally touched by all of them. He's also in love with novelty and unpredictabilty. Hence his compositional style would be described as post-modernistic in the real sense of the term, drawing influences from many musical styles, defying art authority and cannons of what art should feel like, breaking the fourth wall and, being very clear in his love for the art, the music, and the amount of work he is willing to put into it to defend his artistic visions.

As a performer he considers himself to be under the big broad and more relaxed conception of the term Jazz. You can find him playing the American songbook in straight ahead post-bop jam sessions in Manhattan or exploring experimental music possibilities in festivals in Europe. Music is music and André is continuously searching for a strong beautiful connection between his musical inner-frame and the end result that the listener is receiving in the audience."

-Andre B. Silva Website (

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Filipe Louro is a Portuguese bassist, known for the groups Eduardo Cardinho Quinteto, O Grilo E A Longifolia, The Rite of Trio, and Vespa.

-Discogs (

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"Pedro Melo Alves is one of the most unsettled new minds in Portugal, avid for something more, yet unknown.

Having been awarded with the Bernardo Sassetti composition award in 2016, distinguished as the National Musician of the Year in 2017 by and in 2019 with the Premio Internazionale Giorgio Gaslini he's been increasingly present in the European music scene, presenting his projects in events such as 12 Points Festival (2018), European Jazz Conference (2018) or Jazzahead (2019).

Born in 1991, in Porto, Portugal, Pedro starts studying music in 2000. Enrolls at the Jazz Drums superior course in 2011 at the Porto Superior School of Music (ESMAE), having lessons with Michael Lauren and Carlos Azevedo, and leaves the course in 2013 to study classical and jazz piano with Abe Rabade and Daniel Bernardes. The participation on several workshops in Portugal, Spain and Italy led him to meet and study with some of the contemporary jazz scene figures, such as Danilo Perez, John Escreet and Ralph Alessi. Enters in 2015 on the Musical Composition superior course at the Lisbon Superior School of Music (ESML), where he studies with Sérgio Azevedo, José Luís Ferreira and António Pinho Vargas.

Today he plays as a drummer and composer in innovative modern jazz bands (Omniae Ensemble, The Rite of Trio, In Igma), contemporary electroacoustic projects (his solo O, CACO.MEAL or his trio symph), improvised music (with João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Luís Vicente, Theo Ceccaldi, Ricardo Jacinto, Jacqueline Kerrod, Pedro Branco), instrumental rock (Catacombe), soundtracks for Theatre and Dance (with Schaubühne's Peter Kleinert, Carlota Lagido or his own art collective Caos) and erudite composition."

-Pedro Melo Alves Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Bagel.Death 4:51

2. C2H3Cl3O2 4:40

3. Captive Stagnation of Equilibrium 3:14

4. Closed Letters 3:33

5. Delkrum 2:39

6. Ego.Death 6:26

7. Free Development of Delirium 4:07

8. Images of Control 3:37

9. Mind & Matter 5:48

10. Open Letters 2:54

11. Put Up New Dwellings 2:18

12. Tear Down Your Dwellings 3:19

13. You Won't Mind If We Laugh 2:14

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