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Kuchen, Martin Kuchen / Michaela Antalova

Thunder Before Lightning [VINYL] [Used Item]

Kuchen, Martin Kuchen / Michaela Antalova: Thunder Before Lightning [VINYL]  <i>[Used Item]</i> (Clean Feed)

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UPC: 5609063105650

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF565LP
Squidco Product Code: 32263

Format: LP
Condition: Sale (New)
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Vinyl LP
Recorded at Flerbruket, in Hemnes, Aurskog-Haland, Norway on July 9th, 2019, by Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard. Mixed by Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard. Mastered by Miguel Angel TolosaProduced by Küchen and Michaela Antalová.


Martin Kuchen-sopranino saxophone, tenor saxophones, el.tanpura, snare drum

Michaela Antalova-drums, prepared cymbals, voice

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Previously played Squidco store copy, used for cataloging and samples, in excellent condition.

"By this time, Martin Küchen's name is familiar to all those interested in the Clean Feed catalogue, because of the Swedish saxophonist releases by this Portuguese label of his various Angles formations and bands like Trespass Trio or All Included. Now, we find him in a duo with the Slovak, but living in Oslo, drummer and composer Michaela Antalová.

The music inside Thunder Before Lightning not only reflects the pushing of boundaries of the two neighbour worlds occupied by Küchen, jazz and free improvisation, but also the wide spectrum of Antalová's musical interests, which go from improv and experimentation to the song format, world music and, even, baroque settings. This is inclusivist music at its best, with wonders to discover as minutes go by.

And no, the Martin Küchen you have here isn't the one of his reductionist/near-silence side: the use of extended techniques are present, unavoidably (thanks, gods of music), but those saxophone phrasings which we immediately identify with jazz are the main substance. We all know by now the importance of African references in Küchen's music, but in this recording he travels to more exotic (and imaginary) geographies, for instance playing also an electric Tanpura. There's a special attention to pitch, harmonics and overtones, and in that aspect it's important to hear what Michaela Antalová does with her prepared cymbals. There's much in this release to turn your home confinement more light, if not pleasurable."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"Born 1966; saxophones. Martin Küchen has been active on the Swedish free improvised/free jazz scene since the mid-1990s. He has composed for larger groups, participated in dance projects, performed with different poets and created the music for experimental films. He now collaborates with improvisors all over Europe and USA/Canada. His current collaborations include:

Angles - a new trio with Ingebrigt Håker- Flaten, doublebass, Kjell Nordeson, drums and Martin Küchen, saxophones. Exploding Customer - a free jazz quartet with Tomas Hallonsten trumpet, Benjamin Quigley double bass and Kjell Nordeson drums, which plays mainly original compositions. Sound of Mucus - a trio with the stringchordist Herman Müntzing and Andreas Axelsson, percussion. Unsolicited Music Ensemble - a trio with Tony Wren, double bass and Raymond Strid, percussion. a duo with guitarist David Stackenås. UNSK: Birgit Ulher, Martin Küchen, lise-Lott Norelius and Raymond Strid. Looper - a trio with Greek cello player Nikos Veliotis and Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach."

-European Free Improv Site (

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"I play, compose and I am occupied by exploring improvisation in many settings. I do solo performances and run several bands. Band called Mikoo, Quartet with two improvising acoustics guitars and voice called Fennel and drum duo Nutela. Together with Chris Corsano, Anja Jacobsen and Øyvind Skarbø we made a new piece for four drumkits. In August 2016 my solo album called Oblak, Oblek, Oblúk was released on a Czech label Jipangu.

I am a band leader of Mikoo. I am happy to play with some of the best improvisers of the new generation in Oslo. This music, which I have written for this project, is both inspired by, and written for these specific musicians. Compositions are using elements of group improvisation, including minimal songs, sonorities of church music, nuances of intonation and silence.

I am also a member of bands such as Bye Victoria, Brinicle, Lovalova, Arará and Prague Improvisation Orchestra."

-Michaela Antalova Website (

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Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Thunder Before 8:26

2. Before Lightning 8:37

Side B:

1. Lightning 8:21

2. Thunder 8:01

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