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Lasserre, Didier: Silence Was Pleased (Ayler Records)

Working with sound designers, cinematic and theater artists along with free improvisers, percussionist and composer Didier Lassere's performance project focuses on the relationship between sound and silence, composing entry, exit and superimposition points that the members of his septet improvise around, reconfiguring to smaller groupings throughout the work.

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UPC: 3473351400411

Label: Ayler Records
Catalog ID: aylCD-176
Squidco Product Code: 32257

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Confort Moderne/Jazz a Poitiers, on May 26th and 27th, 2021, by Loic Lachaize.


Didier Lasserre-drums, baroque tympano, bell, compositions

Benjamin Bondonneau-clarinet

Christine Wodrascka-piano

Jean-Luc Cappozzo-trumpet, flugelhorn

Laurent Cerciat-voice

Gael Mevel-cello

Denis Cointe-live 'tinnitus' sounds

Loic Lachaize-sound machinery conception, recording

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"A more than original project for drummer and percussionist Didier Lasserre, better known as an improviser (having participated in numerous recordings, mainly in small forms, from solos and duets to quartets), Silence was pleased is his first composed work.

To interpret it, the musician has chosen no less than seven partners to respond to the constant search that drives him, that of a "fair relationship between sound and silence". To go towards what he heard, he had to "find a path", note with precise indications the key points - entrances, exits, superpositions - melodic profiles, with an important part still being left to improvisation.

From the selected septet, we therefore witness the appearance of sub-groups, often duets, sometimes a trio, and once for the finale, a quartet which fleetingly harbors the ghost of a sextet. In the end, a high quality musical melting pot carrying a lot of emotions, but also a lot of intimate daydreams, even post-baroque."-Ayler

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Artist Biographies

"Didier Lasserre was born in Bordeaux, France, 1971. Started the drums at the age of sixteen, in order to live something else. After learning some drums rudiments in the local music school, he works essentially in autodidact, in order to find his own voice. Teaches drums and leads improvision workshop. Works with painting, poetry, dance, super8, photography. Has played through Europe, Russia, Argentina. Has recorded around 30 records (Amor fati, Dark Tree records, Ayler records, Improvising beings, No business records...)

BANDS: Solo (drums or percussion); "Ceremony" with Jean-Luc Cappozzo; "Ici en deux" with Michel Doneda; "Out !" with Jean-Luc Guionnet; "Soft Eyes" with Raymond Boni; "Hors ciel" with Beñat Achiary; "Twigs" with Thierry Waziniak; "Pourtant les cimes" with Daunik Lazro & Benjamin Duboc; "Noise Poetry" with Mathias Pontevia & David Chiesa; "The rich horn" with Paul Rogers & Jean-Luc Cappozzo; Trio with Jean-Luc Cappozzo & Daunik Lazro ( cd on Ayler records, 2017); Group4 with Jean-Luc Guionnet, David Chiesa & Lionel Marchetti); "Délivrance" (Cie Translation); "Ensemble UN" "

-Didier Lasserre Website (

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Benjamin Bondonneau is a French artist involved with Jazz, Spoken Word, Classical and Electronic music. He was born in 1975 in Sarlat. He obtained a DNAP and DNSEP from the Fine Arts of Bordeaux where he attended from 1993 to 1998. He also is active as a painter, and teaches visual arts and musical improvisation to different audiences: amateurs, professionals, schools, music schools, conservatories. He is a member of Quatuor Cassini.

-Metason (

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"Christine Wodrascka (born onJune 15, 1957 in Aix en Provence) is a pianist of the French improvised and contemporary music scene, based in Toulouse (France).

Sister of the writer Alain Wodrascka, Christine Wodrascka comes from a Slavo-Provençal family. His grandfather, Charles Rostaing was a French linguist, specialist in French toponymy in general and in Provence in particular.

She started music at a very young age with the classical piano and very quickly turned to the creation of free score pieces for her pleasure. Being able to make music while being completely free was a real eye opener. It was around the age of 20 that she moved to total improvisation, through jazz.

In parallel, Christine Wodrascka did university studies in musicology until obtaining the CAPES in music education.

She obtained a special performance award at the Music Jazz Focus in Bordeaux with the improvised music group Nothing Toulouse, is a winner of the Cap d'Agde jazz competition and composes for the groups she has created since 1992.

Experimental, Christine Wodrascka uses her grand piano as an instrument not only for strings but also for percussion, diving into her piano to strike, rub or stroke the strings with all types of accessories such as a scallop or a wooden rod to express a new language. For Christine Wodrascka, improvised music is both the means of expression closest to her and a true philosophy whose unique and authentic moments she defends.

The duo is his favorite training because it is both intimate and united, while having a precise discourse: play while listening to the other."

-People Pill (France) (Translated by Google) (

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"Jean-Luc Cappozzo was born in Belfort, France, in 1954. He started playing the trumpet in the local orchestra of his native town where he performed both jazz and classical music. Following a meeting with the diatonic accordionist Serge Desaunay, he started to perform traditional music as well.

His meeting with Dizzy Gillespie in 1984, who invited him to participate in his concert, was a turning point in Jean-Luc Cappozzo's career.

In 1988 he obtained the State Diploma of Professor of Jazz and subsequently taught trumpet improvisation at the Music School of Lyon (CNSM).

He has taken part in various groups of musicians of the ARFI.

He has been a member of he Louis Sclavis Quintet "L'Affrontement des Prétendants" and of Claude Tchamitchian's "Grand Lousadzak". In addition he has played in Sophia Domancich's Quintet "Pentacle", the Denis Fournier Quartet and with Joelle Léandre's Quintet "Fragments et suite lyrique". He has formed a quartet with Jean Aussanaire , Rémi Charmasson and Bernard Santacruz and created a musical work "Du Vent chez Johannes" with the Johannes String Quartet.

In 2005 he joined the European Mythical Orchestra: the Globe Unity Orchestra. He has played with the Apollo Trio and composed duo s with the cellists Joelle Léandre or Eric Brochard, the singer Géraldine Keller, the drummer Paul Lovens, the tuba player Michel Godard, the pianist Umberto Petrin and the trumpet players Axel Dorner or Herb Robertson. Actually, he is playing with: - "The Bridge" with Joëlle Léandre (cb), Bernard Santacruz (cb), Mickaël Zerang (dms) and Douglas Ewart (sax - flûte) - - " Can You Hear Me" of Joëlle Léandre (cb) - " 2 ème étage " with Christine Wodrascka (p) and Gerry Hemingway (dms) - Duo with Famoudou Don Moye (dms) - Duo with Cécile Cappozzo (p) - Quartet à l'Ouest with Jean Aussanaire (sax), Eric Brochard (cb) and Alfred Spirli (dms) - Duo with Géraldine Keller (voice) - Duo with Eric Brochard (cb) - Trio with Didier Lasserre (dms) and Paul Rogers (cb) For his strength, his creativity, his magnificent sonority, the clarity of his phrasing, Jean-Luc Cappozzo is today an indispensable trumpet player on the European musical scene and is in increasing demand. Jean-Luc Cappozzo, powerful and mellifluous trumpet player, is "a discreet man who would blush to be labeled one of the most relevant soloists and the most complete on the French jazz scene. He may blush".(S. Siclier, Le Monde 1/08/2002)"

- Website (

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"Gaël Mevel is a cellist, pianist, improviser and composer, born in 1966 in Sarcelles.

Gaël Mevel studied classical piano, then jazz with Eric Watson, contemporary music with Jay Gottlieb, cello with Philippe Straszewski and Agnès Vesterman. He is also a graduate of the École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière , cinema alternative sound, and has a state diploma for teaching jazz.

His work, at the crossroads between art, seeks a way in the relationship between written and improvised.

He has played with Jacques Di Donato, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Thierry Waziniak, Didier Petit, Barre Phillips, John Hebert, Michael Attias, Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine, Didier Lasserre, Catherine Jauniaux, Agnès Vesterman, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Diemo Schwarz.

He composes for silent cinema (Centre Pompidou, Musée d'Orsay, Cinémathèque française, Forum des images, Musée de l'Orangerie, film festival, etc.) and thus creates music for more than 70 films, solo but also with Catherine Jauniaux ("La passion de Jeanne d'Arc" by Carl Dreyer), Jacques Di Donato and Thierry Waziniak ("Les larmes du clown" by Victor Sjöström), Thierry Waziniak ("The Adventures of Prince Ahmed" by Lotte Reiniger), Agnès Vesterman ( The highest the hour of Franck Borzage). In 2013 he created the music for "Le Vent" by Victor Sjöström with Catherine Jauniaux, Thierry Waziniak and Jacques Di Donato, mixing some poems of Saint John Perse ("winds") with the music. In 2017, he created the music for Metropolis in a cello duo with the electro-acousticist Diemo Schwarz.

In 2019 he created the music for "the woman on the moon" by Fritz Lang for the Musée de l'Orangerie in cello and electronic duo, with his son Nathanaël Mevel. This creation will welcome crystal player Baschet Catherine Brisset later in 2020.

In 1996 he created the Gaël Mevel Trio with Jean-Jacques Avenel and Thierry Waziniak, (two discs are shown, one with AA disc and another with Leo discs). In 2000, the Gaël Mevel quintet (Jacques Di Donato, clarinet - Jean-jacques Avenel, double bass - Thierry Waziniak, drums - Didier Petit, cello) became a research site for the written-improvisation relationship. Two records will appear on Leo records. He improvises with the dancer-choreographer Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine (the duo is called "without any noise towards the sea"), and creates the music for the show "Jardins" (seven dancers and three musicians).

He creates interdisciplinary shows where theatre, dance, music, culinary art and literature intersect. In 2008, together with Caroline Lagouge Chaussavoine, he created a theater in a rural environment, in Essonne, " The wooden house ". In 2010, he created the "promenades" festival where live art and culinary art intersect. In 2012, the Alta Quartet (Michaël Attias, alto sax - John Hebert, double bass, Gaël Mevel, piano - Thierry waziniak, drums) was recorded and met two French musicians and two New York musicians.

He created the Rives label in 2013 with painter Dominique Masse and musician Thierry Waziniak. In 2013 the duo Gaël Mevel-Michaël Attias, around the compositions of Gaël Mevel. He creates a new trio in which, as a cellist, he improvises with Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet and bugle) and Thierry Waziniak (drums): "This summer morning is still a bit cool" in tribute to Fernando Pessoa. In 2015 he created the orchestra "Le Cercle", a circular ensemble of improvisation and composition. What is special about this project is that the orchestra of seven musicians surrounds the audience, so that it is the core of the creation, thus trying to reinvent the relationship between musicians and spectators.

The ensemble's musicians are Gaël Mevel (cello and composition), Jacques Di Donato (clarinet), Jean-Luc Cappozzo (trumpet and bugle), Daniel Lifermann (Shakuhachi flute), Thierry Waziniak (percussion), Nicolas Nageotte (bass clarinet), Diemo Schwarz (electroacoustic creation). In 2016, the Alta trio was created. Michaël Attias on alto saxophone, Thierry Waziniak on drums and Gaël Mevel on cello. The purpose of this trio is to develop an intimate relationship with the melodic meaning. The trio plays pieces by Ravel, Joaquin Després, Ernst Bloch, Manuel de Falla.

In 2019, the ensemble "from nowhere and from Japan" was created, a tribute to an imaginary Japan for 4 musicians and a dancer. With Fumie Hihara, voice and koto, Daniel Lifermann, shakuhachi flute, Thierry Waziniak, percussion, Gaël Mevel cello and Namiko Gahier dance. The project concerns a collection of poems by Jacques Dupin of the same name.

At the same time, he started working on lyrics.

He plays "Prélude de Pan" by Jean Giono with his cello

"Song of the river, lyrics by Barry Lopez, with his cello

Ode Maritime de Pessoa with cellist Didier Petit

He accompanies on the cello Dada poems read by the actress Maryline Fontaine for the Musée de l'Orangerie."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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Denis Cointe is a French director, cinematographer, writer, editor, and sound engineer.


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Loïc Lachaize is a French sound designer/engineer, hailing from Bordeaux area. He is part of the Snowball collective focusing on the interaction between sound and matter He is also a member of the group Le UN Ensemble.

-Discogs (

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Track Listing:

1. Evening On,Twilight Gray 9:40

2. Silence Accompanied 4:46

3. All But The Wakeful Nightingale 5:13

4. Silence Pleased 7:38

5. Moon Rising In Clouded Majesty 6:24

6. Apparent Queen, Peerless Light 7:49

7. Over The Dark, Silver 11:35

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