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Villard, Fabrice / Pierre-Stephane Meuge: Musique Logique (nunc.)

25 pieces for solo saxophone in a tribute to and following the logical number games of minimalist composer Tom Johnson, composed by clarinetist and ensemble Dedalus member Farbrice Villard under the inspiration of Johnson's collection Rational Melodies, and performed by the extraordinary French clarinetist Pierre-Stephane Meuge (Counterpoise).

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Label: nunc.
Catalog ID: 030
Squidco Product Code: 32088

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio Sequenza, in Montreuil, France, in September, 2021, to March, 2022, by Thomas Vingtrinier.


Fabrice Villard-composition, artistic direction

Pierre-Stephane Meuge-soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

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"Musique logique - 25 pieces pour saxophone seul is a tribute to the minimalist composer Tom Johnson, inspired by his collection Rational Melodies (Editions 75, 1982)."-nunc.

"Over the course of several decades, composer Tom Johnson has developed a style of composition based on rigorous forms derived from numbers games of various kinds. His Rational Melodies of 1982, a set of twenty-one pieces constructed of logical permutations of minimal pitch sets, exemplified the style. It also served as the inspiration for composer Fabrice Villard's 25 pièces pour saxophone seul, performed by Stéphane Meugé on soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. The inspiration was more than academic; as part of the Dedalus ensemble both Villard, who is a clarinetist as well as a composer, and Meugé, participated in the New World Records performance of Rational Melodies.

One of the qualities Johnson was striving toward with the Rational Melodies was a certain structural transparency. Both the pitch sets and their systematic variations were presented in such a way as to be audible in a manner that, for example, serial composition's pitch sets and their transformations often are not. Such structural audibility also is a feature of Villard's twenty-five pieces, which Meugé plays with the clarity they demand. Essentially a set of combinatorial variations on limited and well-defined pitch sets, they develop with an almost Baroque inevitability. Although the music is logically organized, listening to it isn't necessarily an analytical experience; one can often just feel or sense the pieces' systematic structures through their regular rhythms and simplicity of phrasing. Villard's decision to realize his elaborate compositional formulas as arpeggiations played solo on a monophonic instrument goes far toward making them intuitively accessible.

In addition to the twenty-five pieces for solo saxophone, Musique Logique includes four similarly mathematically-derived compositions for two, three, and four saxophones, as well as alternate takes of five of the twenty-five solo works."-Daniel Barbiero, Avant Music News

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Artist Biographies

"Fabrice Villard is a musician who writes, or the contrary.

He is a clarinet player in the ensemble Dedalus and collaborates regularly with the ensemble Offrandes.

He teaches improvisation and non-conventional writing at the Centre de formation des musiciens intervenants d'Orsay in the programme of the Faculté Paris-Sud. He has studied and played Tom Johnson's music for over 20 years.

He develops a work of literary writing for performances mixing music and sound poetry (programmes 'A l'Improviste' on France Musique in 2017 and 2018) and solo 'word recitals'.

He sometimes responds to commissions (text entitled 'Abricadabrac', from the Musiques Démesurées festival in Clermont-Ferrand, created in November 2018, with music by Vincent Bouchot)."

-Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (

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"Born in 1964 in Bordeaux, Pierre-Stéphane Meugé began studying the piano at the age of six in Vannes, Brittany. He continued his studies in harmonic analysis, acoustics, double bass, viola, saxophone, harmony, counterpoint and conducting at the Strasbourg Conservatory.

In 1986 he participated in the seminar on musical phenomenology and conducting with Sergiù Cèlibidache, a life-changing encounter along with that of Emmanuel Nunes, with whom he studied composition at the workshop of instrumental research of IRCAM. He began his studies of improvisation with Vinko Globokar, Derek Bailey and Evan Parker.

In 1988 the International Musikinstitut named him professor of saxophone for the summer courses for New Music in Darmstadt. There he frequented numerous composers, amongst them such great men as John Cage and Morton Feldman, whose influence is ever growing. BBC radio interviewed him for the show Tuningin 1992.

As a soloist, he notably performed Hot by Franco Donatoni with the Ensemble Intercontemporain at the Festival d'Automne in 2007. His numerous premieres include P.S., which Georges Aperghis dedicated to him in 2009. In addition to his work in musical theatre, he has also been active in the field of improvisation and music of our time, collaborating with dancers, actors, pantomimes and film directors.

Since 1999, Pierre-Stéphane Meugé teaches saxophone and chamber music at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Lausanne, where he also runs the workshop in contemporary music."

-Selmer Paris (

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Track Listing:

1. Musique logique Piece n01 1:09

2. Musique logique Piece n02 1:55

3. Musique logique Piece n03 2:09

4. Musique logique Piece n04 1:22

5. Musique logique Piece n05 1:26

6. Musique logique Piece n06 1:34

7. Musique logique Piece n07 0:36

8. Musique logique Piece n08 2:18

9. Musique logique Piece n09 1:19

10. Musique logique Piece n10 1:22

11. Musique logique Piece n11 1:30

12. Musique logique Piece n12 1:53

13. Musique logique Piece n13 1:09

14. Musique logique Piece n14 0:54

15. Musique logique Piece n15 1:59

16. Musique logique Piece n16 2:30

17. Musique logique Piece n17 1:12

18. Musique logique Piece n18 2:17

19. Musique logique Piece n19 1:41

20. Musique logique Piece n20 1:17

21. Musique logique Piece n21 1:24

22. Musique logique Piece n22 1:00

23. Musique logique Piece n23 1:50

24. Musique logique Piece n24 1:08

25. Musique logique Piece n25 0:54

26. Intervalles 3:13

27. Trio 6:10

28. Contrepoint chromatique 2:42

29. Quatuor 4:12

30. Musique logique Piece n02 Alt 1:27

31. Musique logique Piece n09 Alt.wav 1:05

32. Musique logique Piece n17 Alt 0:58

33. Musique logique Piece n24 Alt 1:48

34. Musique logique Piece n20 Alt 1:13

35. Petit air en quartes et chromatismes 0:28

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