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Vicente, Luis / Seppe Gebruers / Onno Govaert: Room With No Name (Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

A set of dramatic improvisations of incredible technical skill and creative drive from the working trio of Luis Vicente on trumpet, Seppe Gebruers on unprepared piano and Onno Govaert on drums, unedited improvisations presented as played, "composed by an interaction between the musicians and instruments, a nameless room, audience, microphones and you."

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UPC: 5904441617054

Label: Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Catalog ID: 04 | 2022
Squidco Product Code: 31729

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro in Coimbra, Portugal, on July 10th 2019, by Marcelo dos Reis.


Luis Vicente-trumpet

Seppe Gebruers-unprepared piano

Onno Govaert-drums

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"One of the most demanding trumpet players from Lisbon with the companion of the excellent pianist Seppe Gebruers and magnificent drummer Onno Govaert. Three young faces in an improvised world in their second trio recordings."-Fundacja Sluchaj

Artist Biographies

"Luis first picked up a trumpet when he decided to participate in a Philarmonic Association. Later he had private classes with Tomás Pimentel.He attended the Escola de Jazz Luís Villas Boas/ Hot Club de Portugal, where he had the chance to study with João Moreira, Tomás Pimentel, Vasco Mendonça, Afonso Pais, Filipe Melo, Bruno Santos e André Fernandes. During these years, he also participated in workshop with musicians such as Evan Parker, Chris Speed, Mário Laginha, David Binney, Jesse Davis, Julian Arguelles, Ohad Talmor, André Fernandes, Pedro Madaleno e Phil Grenadier.

He already played in dozens of venues and festivals in Portugal and across Europe. He performed and recorded with Carlos Zingaro, Wilbert De Joode, Akira Sakata, Johannes Bauer, Oori Shalev, Jorrit Dijkstra, Kaido Yutaka, Jasper Stadhouders, Giovanni Di Domenico, Mary Oliver, Nuno Rebelo, Jonathan Hafner, André Fernandes, Joost Buis, Marco Franco, Steve Heather, Mette Rasmussen, John Dikeman, Roberto Negro, João Lobo, Hugo Antunes, Valentin Ceccaldi, Seppe Gebruers, José Ernesto Rodrigues, Onno Govaert, Rodrigo Amado, Tó Trips, Luís Lopes, Federico Pascucci, Théo Ceccaldi.

Currently he plays his own tunes in trio and quartet and is a member of : Vicente|Marjamaki; Clocks& Clouds; Fail Better!; Twenty One 4tet; Deux Maisons; Chamber 4; W.A.S?; Jasper Stadhouders' International Improv Esnsemble."

-Luis Vicente Website (

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"Seppe Gebrue‍‍‍rs (°9/05/1990) is a Belgian pianist, improviser and composer.

The improv music scene is already acquainted with his name, due to his delivered work in several adventurous projects like the large ensemble 'Ifa y xango', the piano duo with Erik Vermeulen, named 'Antiduo, Bambi Pang Pang featuring the legendary Andrew Cyrille, his Solo and the trio with the pioneer Paul Lovens and Hugo Antunes (Seppe, Hugo and Paul).

His approach is far from traditional. Last years he decided to play two pianos tuned in quarter-tones.

In this way he can explore microtonal music and confront the tuning in western world music orthodoxy.

It will be first heard on a recording to be released (2018) with t‍‍‍he trio Seppe, Hugo and Paul.

Seppe is also doing electronic live-processing with projects like Keenroh featuring Paul Lytton, Glin Fraktion and Ifa y Xa‍‍‍ngo Tentet. He is also playing church organ in a duo with Joachim Badenhorst.

Besides that Gebruers plays the piano in a improv trio with trumpeter Luis Vicente (Pt) and drummer Onno Govaert (NL).

In 2013, he graduated - Summa cum laude - from Antwerp conservatory, where he enjoyed a jazz education (with a.o. Erik Vermeulen as his teacher), as well as a classical schooling (tutored by a.o. Levente Kende).

Read more about Seppe Gebruers's projects and recordingsOver the years, he wrote accompanying music for plays (with strong musical accents), such as 'Omtrent Othello' (Concerni‍‍‍ng Othello), 'Wanneer de paarden sterven' (When the horses pass away) and '4:3' from 'Tibaldus'. Gebruers composed also the music of 2 Short films by Pieter Dumoulin 'Het zwijgen van Helena' and 'The Reconstruction' (directed together with Timeau Dumoulin).

Since the age of twelve, Seppe Gebruers plays at home and abroad. Starting with his piano trio, 'Jazzfact' (together with Nathan Wouters and Jakob Warmenbol)and later he performed with ‍‍‍

musicians such as Nate Wooley(US), Jim Black (US), Andrew D'Angelo (US), John Dikeman(us), Onno Govaert(NL), Seijiro Murayama(J), Léo Dupleix (Fr), Richard Comte (fr), Nicolas Field, Eric Thielemans,‍‍‍ Teun Verbruggen, Robin Verheyen, Joachim Badenhorst, Johan Graden (SE), Jasper Stadhouders (NL) and many others.

Seppe Gebruers is also a founder and the‍‍‍ artistic leader of Troika vzw and did numerous collaborations with el NEGOCITO Records and Citadelic."

-Troika vzw (

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Onno Govaert is a drumer from Amsterdamn performing free jazz, swing and rock. He is a member of Cactus Truck with Jasper Stadhouders and Wilbert de Joode, and has also recorded with Andy Moor, Colin McLean, and John Dikeman, and with Dave Rempis and Frank Rosaly.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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Track Listing:

1. First Part 30:57

2. Second Part 18:47

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