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E42.A8: IIII [2 CDs] (Not On Label)

A double CD compilation released to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the electro-acoustic improv space E42.A8 based in Tournai, Belgium, featuring 21 musicians, in varying ensembles, from 2 to 9 people, presenting an eclectic and diverse mix of styles and approaches to experimental music through textures, rhythm, and indescribable sound sources; fascinating.

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product information:

Label: Not On Label
Catalog ID: None
Squidco Product Code: 31560

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels w/ booklet


Quentin Conrate-performer

Mathieu Lilin-performer

Benoit Deuxant-performer

Lucien Rapilly-performer

Flavien Gillie-performer

Gregory Duby-performer

Sylvain van iniitu-performer

Lydia Baziz-performer

Jeremy Cornil-performer

Thomas Coquelet-performer

Frederic Tentelier-performer

Pierre Denjean-performer

Ludovic Medery-performer

Leo Rathier-performer

Alice Just-performer

Arthur Lacomme-performer

Yau Fan-performer

Pierre Mauger-performer

Mariko Fujita-performer

Sabri Meddeb-performer

Joaquim Cauqeraumont

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Artist Biographies:

"Mainly focused on improv, Quentin Conrate is a drummer active in contemporary music, musical theater and different fields of experimental art. His works are often crossing visual art and sound, dealing with space, sound and movement. Currently working with The Barque (theater & music) a musical theater company by Frédéric Tentelier, he's also writing his own pieces for different projects such as Lunar Error, ensemble of improv / contemporary music in which he's involved. He has a solo CD on Creative Sources in 2015 and a few others with different projects (Wing in Ground Effect, Kaulquappen, Lunar Error and a trio with Thomas Coquelet and Sylvain von iniitu)."


- Regular collaborator of the company La Barque (theater and music) conducted by Frédéric Tentelier.

- Wing in Ground Effect (WiGE) + encounter with Durio Zibethinus
- Aï Suzuki Trio / Mathieu Lilin / Quentin Conrate
- kaulquappen + meeting with Gabriel Lemaire
- f_r_e (field recording together)
- Fast Radio Burst
- Left-Handers
- Lunar Error
- electro-acoustic set with E42 / A8
- rare earth
- duo Colpaert / Conrate



- "That fall around the spring" autoproduit disc, 2012.
- "sekametelisoppa" Creative Sources, 2015.


- kaulquappen, "ater", Editions Berline-Hubert-Vortex, 2014.
- Wing in Ground Effect, BeCoq, 2014.
- Sylvain van iniitu / Thomas Coquelet / Quentin Conrate, "Maneries ramonandi fournellos", Creative Sources, 2017.
- Lunar Error, "Selếnê", Becoq / critical frequencies, 2017
-Janet Bandcamp Site 3/22/2023

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Thomas Coquelet is a French bassist and sound experimenter. He is known for the groupsE42. A8, F.A.T., Kou, Marabout Et Le Vide, and Zwanz.

-Discogs (

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track listing:


1. La Mule Du Pape Ne Mange qu'a ces heures 5:29

2. Proposition declairee mammalement scandaleuse 6:34

3. Les marmitons d'Occam a Simple Tonsure 8:07

4. Sonner Le Tambourin a L'entour de la Ville 4:35

5. Tout contact heureux vient d'atomes glissants 8:04

6. Quelle sera la fin de tant de travaulx et traverses ? 21:16

7. O le mal plaisant torchecul! 17:15


1. La savate de humilite 4:37

2. une jument la plus Enorme 6:32

3. Les Potingues des evesques potatifz 7:53

4. chanter musicalement 6:32

5. On a construit notre edicule, mais par le bas 12:50

6. Je croys que c'estla une corne de limasson; ne la mangez poinct 6:06

7. tant que Mars ayt les empas 17:38

8. Poisson d'argent 8:00
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

E42.A8 is a project based around an disused farm/barn in the countryside around Tournai. It's involving a rotating, variable and open cast of musicians mostly living all along and close to the Walloon backbone, from Lille to Liège, passing by Tournai & Bruxelles. The central idea is improvisation, as free as possible, during the space of a week-end mostly. E42.A8 lies between a place, a process, a group or several, or maybe as we were introduced in Frankfurt once : a Musikkapelle.

We like to think that what matters are the following guiding notions : freedom, play with opening(s) & interaction, resulting in music marked by textures, variations between pulse & stretch, moments of varying intensities, détournements (Verwandlung?), oscillations in saturation and silence.

Well now let's write a few words about classification and lookalikes. Here are a few subjective clues : Kontakta, Yellow Swans, MIMEO, Morphogenesis, Dead C, Faust, Kapotte Muziek, Wolf Eyes, Erstwhile music, R.O.T.

These are the links provided by the label for the artists involved:

Quentin Conrate ° Quaukappen (m/ Mathieu Lilin ), ° Wing in Ground Effect ( m/ François Ella-Meyé & Pierre Denjean ), ` Lunar Error (Lebrun / Lilin / Colpaert / Lemaire / Ella-Meyé / Coquelet / Rathier / Ménard / Denjean / Conrate ), ^ terres rares (Mathieu Lilin, Pierre Denjean, François Ella-Meyé, Claude Colpaert, Quentin Conrate ), f Left Handers (Julia Danzinger/Quentin Conrate ) ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet )

Mathieu Lilin ° Quaukappen ` Lunar Error  ^ terres rares ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet )

Benoît Deuxant ° Martiensgohome   

° Plochingen

Lucien Rapilly ° 15%Chauve

Flavien Gillié   _ Ademuru ( w/ Jerôme Mabille aka Dropthedyle ) :

Grégory Duby Jesus is my Son ° Solah ° K-Branding ° Martiensgohome   

Sylvain van iniitu ° Blindhæð

* 4lpp4 ch1n0 ° DJ Cardinal Mercier ` Frogoroth ( w/ Dave Phillips, Yannick Dauby, Slavek Kwi )  

Lydia Baziz

Jérémy Cornil

Thomas Coquelet ° Chaman Chômeur ( m/ Léo Rathier, Marc-Antoine Moercant )  ° Lunar Error (id.)  U : ° Slash Roubex ° Marabout et le Vide ( w/ Gaute GranliMathieu LilinQuentin ConrateThomas Coquelet ) ° 15%Chauve ° Nuits

Frédéric Tentelier

Pierre Denjean ` Lunar Error ^ terres rares ° Wing in Ground Effect ( m/ François Ella-Meyé & Pierre Denjean )

Ludovic Médery ° Fissures ° Ilya P. ° Vox Rumori ° Rotorelief

Léo Rathier ` Lunar Error ° Chaman Chômeur

Alice Just

Arthur Lacomme

Yau Fan ° Exoterrism ° Exo_C ° ExoE42

Pierre Mauger ° Slash Roubex

Mariko Fujita

Sabri Meddeb

Joaquim Cauqeraumont ° Polarisation Sonore

mastering by Frédéric Alstadt

"It would be a shame to seize as an excuse the 5 years of existenceof E42.A8 to definitively delimit, or even close, what running thatexperience has implied so far. This compilation aims to further openoccasions, by highlighting what some of us wanted to remember as tracesof their presence within E42.A8 If E42.A8 is neither a group nor alaboratory, what is it? The first hypothesis would not account for theattempt to constantly undermine stability, and for trying to always stayopen to new grafts; the second would inevitably reduce everything thathappens there to the scientific model of an experience without human,aesthetic or transcendental significance. The term that seems to us bestto account for this suspension of always coming back to "the same" isprobably that of "situation". There is both a journey towards thespatial dimension, most of the time an abandoned barn in thecountryside, in the acute angle formed by the crossing of two highwaysserving a half-industrial, half-rural area; a journey as well towardsthe dimension of time, that of a "session" lasting one or two full days;all of this in variable company, thus unfolding a real combinatoryprocess. We still have to explain the goal of these sessions, and howthey are aiming at the creation of freely improvised music, giving aplace to both acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as allelectro-acoustic manipulations. An initial impulse has undoubtedly beenAnla Courtis' suggestion: "to create places where improvisation ispossible for all". Then, the progressive accretion of improvisers andexperimenters of all kinds, interested in the premises of what seems tobe possible there, coming from various places scattered along an axiscrossing Belgium and the North of France : along the Walloon ridge ornear the coal basin from Nord-Pas-de-Calais to Liege, via the Borinage,while extending as far as Brabant. As such, an axis of communicationand transport routes, heritage of a history with geological foundations,whose meaning has to be reconstructed; an axis celebrating the porosityof borders, both national and stylistic. Finally, a guiding principle,worded as follows: "REC PLAY SHARE". We are clearly meeting to play,without much further guidance as to what is expected; everything isrecorded; the recordings are shared between each participant, who beyondthat apply the maxim that Rabelais attributes to the abbey of Thelemeand which will be found below. Most of the time this is done without anaudience, except during "extramuros" sessions, faithful in that to beingdogmatically faithful to nothing. The rest obviously falls within therange of questions common to any improvisation process: how to playtogether? How to live together ? in a broader sense, how to payattention to the other? how does the other restrict or potentiate me?how to deal with the unexpected? how can we work together towardssomething? What is this desire which pushes us to throw ourselves intothe bottomlessness of free improvisation? should we aim forcomplementarity or antagonism? to what extent do you confine yourself toone space or leave some to others? How does the absence of an audiencerelease us from the pressure to be spectacular? What is this desire toplay, without an audience? What pleasure is there in simply gettingtogether in those interstitial moments, those of meals, drinks,discussions? Produced by trying to stay as close to this line aspossible, this compilation is the result of edits made by variousparticipants, using material from sessions in which they participated. There was no control on the resulting pieces, everyone received carteblanche. Again we therefore preferred multiple, kaleidoscopic andfragmented points of view of these first 5 years, rather than ahomogeneous sum. We hope you can share the pleasure we had in meeting,and perhaps arouse the desire to join us, one way or another. DO AS THOUWILT"-E42.A8

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