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Kolibri, Mara / Fredi Proll: Primus 17 (Creative Sources)

A diverse set of conversations between Austrian improvisers, drummer/percussionist Fredi Pröll (Trio Now!, Lull) and free vocalist Mara Kolibri, recording in the studio for seven concise and far-ranging dialogs, from cantankerous interactions to controlled incoherence of absurdly implied vocalization punctuated with creative percussive reaction, often returning to lyrical jazz-influenced moments.

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Mara Kolibri-voice

Fredi Proll-percussion

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UPC: 5609063407105

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs710
Squidco Product Code: 30792

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in the basement studio, by Fredi Proll.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

A diverse set of conversations between Austrian improvisers, drummer/percussionist Fredi Pröll (Trio Now!, Lull) and free vocalist Mara Kolibri, recording in the studio for seven concise and far-ranging dialogs, from cantankerous interactions to controlled incoherence of absurdly implied vocalization punctuated with creative percussive reaction, often returning to lyrical jazz-influenced moments.

Artist Biographies

"Mara Kolibri
(Real name: Mag Martina Pröll BA.)

Date of Birth: October 17, 1980
Place of birth: Linz

Education and Universitärer career:
1986-1990 Volksschule Ulrichsberg (Upper Austria)
1990-91 June 1999 Bundesgymnasium Rohrbach (Upper Austria)
June 15, 1999 Matura
Autumn 1999 to June 2002, Pedagogical Academy of the Federation in Linz
from October 2004 study of musicology and European Ethnology in Vienna
September 07- July 08 academic year at the University François-Rabelais in Tours / France
from September 2008 Artistic Diploma program jazz and popular music at the Vienna Music Institute (Conservatory under public law)
December 11, 2009 completion of the degree course in Musicology in Vienna
April 19, 2010 completion of the bachelor's program in European Ethnology in Vienna
June 27, 2012 financial statements of the IGP-studies for jazz and popular singing at VMI with
June 27, 2012 completion of the diploma program for jazz and popular song on VMI
April / May 2013 speaker training

Work Experience and Internships:
School teacher (music coordinator and -referentin, choirmaster) at the Musikhauptschule Harbach,
Internship as assistant to the artistic offices (KAZ) at the Bregenzener Festival in summer 2005,
Internship in Vienna Volksliedwerk (Archives, preorder, computerized database and general organization),
Associate at the 39th World Conference of ICTM 2007
Participation in the jazz club "Petit Faucheux" (in Tours / France)
Internship in the Music Agency Culture Works in September / October 2008

Teaching activities:
Since 1996 private students in block and V. A. Flute (5 years in Upper Austria)
as a music school teacher (2003/2004) at the music school Harbach,
Since 2009 private students in Vienna (jazz and popular song, flute, piano)
Teaching at the University of Vienna - Department of Musicology

Experience abroad:
Excursion to S-India (Kerala, Tamilnadu) and the Institute of Theology, September 05,
Music Ethnological excursion (5-week field research) to Madagascar, April 07,
Academic Year 07/08 Erasmus studies at the University François-Rabelais in Tours / France

Musical activities and trainings:
Dancing (folk dance, Schuhplatteln, Standard dances and Latin, Boogie Woogie)
Recorder (2 years private lessons from the age of 6)
Flute (13 years Daily)
Piano (5 years, only classical music, then jazz)
Voice (about 3 years of classical singing lessons, first jazz vocals 2004 Nika Zach / Vienna,
Jazz and popular studies from 2008 to 2012 at VMI Claudia Cervenca, Leila Thigpen,
Veronika Schicho and Harriet Müller-Tyl
Private lessons with Marina Zettl, Isabell Kargl, Clemens Salensy, Angela Maria Reisinger, Heidi Krenn
Choir Member since childhood (children's choir in Ulrichsberg, Taufsängerin, youth choir in Ulrichsberg, Chor-i-feen in Rohrbach, Collegium Vocale in Linz, WU Choir Vienna, Vienna Stimmtoniker)
Choir founder and -leiterin of the youth choir Ulrichsberg (2002-2004),
Initiator of MUWI Choir at the Institute of Musicology Vienna (Autumn 2007)

singer in different bands:
Jazz Combo "a spoon of harmony", Hochzeitsduo "a spoon of magic"
Impro project "Quärfekt"
concert series: "Home Duo improv concerts"
own art project "Mara Hummingbird Quintet"
Dialect Band "Oaschpartie" and "Schmoiz" electronic music "zornmusic"
Duo with guitarist Clemens Wabra,
Guest singer in lîla - the indian jazz project and in the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra
Collaboration with Clemens Wabra (git), Lukas Schönsgibl (git), the poet George Harlekin, Gerhard Buchegger (piano) ...
Current work in the field of free improvisation and improvisation

"Quärfekt", Quärfekt, 2015
spontaneous songs", MaKi, 2015
"Earthgroove", Zornmusic, 2012
"Oaschpartie live from recording paradise", Oaschpartie, 2012"-Mara Kolibri Website (

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"Fredi Pröll: drums, percussion, born in 1969, Austria.

The merging of percussive expressions with the timbres of other instruments.The orientation towards the atypical, the other, the addition of different materials to develop the noise boundaries. Breaking away from conventional ways of playing and venturing into your own worlds in order to accept the endless offer, implement it and get rid of it in improvisations with other musicians.

born 1969 - lives in Ulrichsberg

Member of the Ulrichsberg jazz studio for 30 years. Drumming training

at the Schlägl music school.

Participation in various traditional jazz formations.

Since 1989 participation in various workshops and concentration on improvised music."


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Track Listing:

1. Primus 4:14

2. Ferdi 4:40

3. Chill 4:49

4. Avec Toi 4:04

5. Hei-o 4:46

6. Gonz Leicht 2:03

7. Jo Eh 2:05

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Improvised Music
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Percussion & Drums
Unusual Vocal Forms
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