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PLASMA 8 (Reuter / Krennerich): Porphyr (Creative Sources)

Active since 2008, the PLASMA 8 duo of German pianist & vocalist Thomas Reuter and saxophonist Andreas Krennerich explore the geological deposits of porphyr, a hard igneous rock containing crystals, through free improvisation, expressed here in 20 concise interactions of piano keys & strings, soprano & baritone saxophones plus unusual vocal utterance.

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Thomas Reuter-piano, voice

Andreas Krennerich-soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone

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UPC: 5609063406962

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs696
Squidco Product Code: 30690

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Mastered by Andrew Levine in 2020.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Active since 2008, the PLASMA 8 duo of German pianist & vocalist Thomas Reuter and saxophonist Andreas Krennerich explore the geolocial deposits of porphyr, a hard igneous rock containing crystals, through free improvisation, expressed here in 20 concise interactions of piano keys & strings, soprano & baritone saxophones, and unusual vocal utterance.

Artist Biographies

"Thomas Reuter (born 20 January 1952) is a German composer, choral conductor, and a pianist focused on Free improvisation.

Reuter was born in Eisenach in 1952, the son of the conductor Rolf Reuter and the singer Anemone Rau. In his childhood he received piano and violin lessons. After the Abitur at the St. Thomas School, Leipzig he studied music at the Musikhochschule Leipzig from 1970 to 1976. His teachers included Fritz Geißler and Siegfried Thiele in composition, Hans Volger in piano and Rolf Reuter in conducting. He received further inspiration from the composer and priest Lothar Reubke and took private singing lessons in Dresden.

He then worked as a lecturer for choir, music theory, composition and improvisation at the Spezialschule für Musik [de] in Halle/Saale. He composed works for the Staatskapelle Dresden and the Dresden Philharmonic, and chamber music. His pieces were performed in the GDR and in the so-called Eastern Bloc. In 1989, his father conducted the orchestra of the Komische Oper in the premiere of the Cello Concerto, with soloist Jan Vogler, as part of the Berliner Festtage festival. He was awarded music prizes in the GDR.

In 1977, Reuter co-founded the Gruppe Freie Musik Dresden. He was active as an improvisor in many ways. From 1998 to 2011 he formed IndiviDuo with the violinist Rike Kohlhepp. In 2003 both formed the nu ART trio (a wordplay of "new art") with saxophonist Andreas Krennerich. In 2008 he formed PLASMA 8 with Krennerich. In 2012, he formed the SELBANDER duo with the singer Angelica Remlinger. In 2013 he formed the trio jo.FEUERBACH with Remlinger and Krennerich. Reuter is also conductor of the women's chamber choir vocaLumen in Hannover creating settings of several poems by Paul Celan for them. He is also active in The Christian Community."

-Wikipedia (

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"Andreas Krennerich (* 1963). Studied saxophone at the Stuttgart Music Academy. Concert activity as a saxophonist with improvised and composed music. Recordings with the SWR and numerous CD productions. Collaboration with artists from other art fields such as literature / language, dance, performance and visual arts

current ensembles:

PLASMA 8 with Thomas Reuter (piano / voice), Hanover

degrees above with Frank Paul Schubert (soprano, alto), Berlin, Hartmut Oßwald (tenor, bass clarinet), Saarbrücken and Nils Fischer (baritone, double bass clarinet), Lucerne

undertone project with Christof Thewes (trombone), Schiffweiler, Martin "Schmiddi" Schmidt (Mandonline), Schiffweiler and Dirk Peter Kölsch (drums / percussion), Traben-Trarbach

Hölderlin spoken word band with Timo Brunke (word), Stuttgart, Boris Kischkat (guitar), Stuttgart and Peter Perfido (drums), France

gramss / krennerich / levine with Sebastian Gramss (double bass), Cologne and Andrew Levine (theremin), Hamburg

VEKTORFELD with Ulrike Stortz (violin), Stuttgart, Ulrike Brand (cello), Berlin, Frank Paul Schubert (saxophone), Berlin

jo.feuerbach with Angelika Remlinger (voice), Kassel and Thomas Reuter (piano / voice), Hanover

monkolog 16 with Christof Thewes (trombone), Schiffweiler and Boris Kischkat (guitar), Stuttgart

kischkat / perfido / krennerich with Boris Kischkat (guitar), Stuttgart and Peter Perfido (drums), France

poetry & sax with Timo Brunke (word), Stuttgart

heartbeat with Herbert Walser (trumpet), Austria, Florian King (bass), Wangen and Helge Norbakken (percussion), Norway

krennerich / vierkötter with Gerd Vierkötter (drums), Hamburg

mandel / krennerich / levine with Anna Mandel (voice), Hamburg and Andrew Levine (theremin), Hamburg

Co-initiator of the Stuttgart Saxophone Festival (

Co-initiator of nu ART, platform for improvised art (

-NuArt (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Continua And Episodes 8:55

2. Axolotl Suite I 1:39

3. Axolotl Suite II 3:27

4. Axolotl Suite III 1:28

5. Axolotl Suite IV 3:03

6. Intermezzo 2:46

7. Salamander Suite I 1:52

8. Salamander Suite II 1:59

9. Salamander Suite III 2:22

10. Salamander Suite IV 2:01

11. Salamander Suite V 2:35

12. Holy Wasteland I, II 3:26

13. Holy Wasteland I, II 4:24

14. Plasma 4:24

15. Five Nocturnes I 2:42

16. Five Nocturnes II 2:35

17. Five Nocturnes III 1:45

18. Five Nocturnes IV 2:56

19. Five Nocturnes V 2:04

20. Be Going To Be 8:44

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