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Miele, Lucio: Kalpa (Creative Sources)

A solo album from Italian percussionsit Lucio Miele, presenting six works of layered percussion with live electronics and, on three tracks, recitation from actor Simona Fredella, each piece sound-oriented with an incredibly diverse set of percussive variety, detailed atmospheric settings and diverse rhythmic foundation; a remarkable and sometimes hair-raising album.

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Lucio Miele-percussion, live electronics

Simona Fredella-voice recited

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UPC: 5609063406846

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs684
Squidco Product Code: 30353

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at RECOA studio in Pontecognano, Italy, in January, 2020, by

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Kalpa represents the synthesis of my life's work, a condensation of music, sounds, emotions, vibrations of the air into which all the knowledge accumulated over the course of my experiences flows."-Lucio Miele

Artist Biographies

"Lucio Miele studied at the "Giuseppe Martucci" Conservatory of Salerno, graduating in percussion instruments. He improved his studies by attending the advanced training course in percussion at the Academy of Santa Cecilia, in Rome. He has participated in various drum and percussion masterclasses and collaborated with numerous orchestras, chamber music and jazz ensembles both in Italy and abroad, also participating in numerous Percussion Festivals, including "Days of Percussion" in Fermo and the "Europees Muziekfestival" in Neerpelt (Belgium). Winner of European and National competitions for percussion instruments for both solo and chamber music. In 2013 he began his collaboration with various contemporary composers , with whom he took part in many pieces of the solo / contemporary repertoire. He played with the Batucada Percussion ensemble, with which he obtained various international awards and worked on the recording of some CDs. He collaborates with various jazz bands performing in numerous festivals and contests (Pozzuoli Jazz Festival, Jazz in Laurino, San Leo Music Festival, Fara Jazz Festival, Bucharest Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Saint Germain de Pres, Jazz Alguer Festival). There are also many experiences in contemporary music, including those with the Scarlatti Association as part of the "MusicLab", the International Festival of Contemporary Music. He plays and collaborates with the Ensemble Dissonanzen too. He has participated in various European and world tours in China, Germany, France, Belgium."

-Lucio Miele Website (

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Simona Fredella is an actor and artist living in Salerno, Italy. She studied at Università degli Studi di Salerno and works at Teatro Felino.

-Simona Fredella Facebook Page (

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Track Listing:

1. Enlil 7:38

2. Kali Yuga 3:16

3. Mbombo 8:36

4. Apsu E Tiamat 2:45

5. Pralaya (Si Dolce Il Tormento) 3:54

6. Yaatana ( III ) 7:36

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