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Gonzalez, Dennis Ataraxia Trio+2 (w / Phelps / Lakpriya + Derek Rogers / Jess Garland): Nights Enter (Ayler Records)

Unlike anything in trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez's discography, this album was developed from Moog recordings by Derek Rogers, whose shifting tonalities and colors led Gonzalez to a Jon Hassel-influenced approach, adding a rhythmic basis of tabla and djembe from Jagath Lakpriya and sitar-inspired harp from Jess Garland, underpinned by the rich bass work of Drew Phelps.

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UPC: 347335400336

Label: Ayler Records
Catalog ID: aylCD-171
Squidco Product Code: 30209

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at Klearlight Studio, in Dallas, Texas, on August 23th, September 27th, October 11th and December 6th, 2020, by Jimi Bowman.


Dennis Gonzalez-treated C trumpet, percussion, conch shell

Drew Phelps-electric bass, acoustic bass

Jagath Lakpriya-tabla, djembe

Derek Rogers-Moog

Jess Garland-harp

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The music on Ataraxia Trio's second offering "Nights Enter" (after their first "Tsiiibil Ch altun" from 2016) is unlike anything else in Dennis Gonzalez substantial discography. The confluence of organic and electronic elements is seamless, and the swirling blend of textures has a dreamlike quality. Derek Rogers shimmering electronic beds contrast with the earthiness of Jagath Lakpriyais percussion and the muscularity of Drew Phelps' deep song. Jess Garlandis harp adds dazzling points of light, and Dennis proves himself once again to be a master of melody, a trait he shares with the greatest jazz musicians. On "Nights Enter", Ataraxia and friends provide a healing balm for troubled times."-Ken Shimamoto, liner notes

Artist Biographies

"Dennis González, often credited Dennis Gonzalez (born 1954) is a jazz trumpeter, artist, and educator from Texas.

González' primary musical instrument is the trumpet (including B♭, C, and pocket trumpets), though he has also played drums, flute, synthesizer, and baritone saxophone. Allmusic describes González as "[a] talented trumpeter who has recorded a consistently rewarding string of lesser-known dates," whose "playing falls between advanced hard bop and free jazz."

The Penguin Guide to Jazz notes that González' recordings during the 1980s for Silkheart Records represented "part of a determined effort to wrest creative initiative back from New York and the West Coast." The Penguin Guide further notes that one of González' greatest achievements is having coaxed saxophonist Charles Brackeen out of retirement during the late 1980s, and that by the early 1990s, González "more than ever before... seems the heir of Don Cherry." González was also instrumental in double bassist Henry Grimes' return to performing and recording. Grimes' November 2003 appearance on González' Nile River Suite was the bassist's first official recording in more than thirty-five years.

During the late 1970s, González started the Dallas Association for Avant-Garde and Neo Impressionistic Music, or daagnim, at the suggestion of Anthony Braxton and Art Lande. The daagnim organization, which functioned both as a group of musicians and as a record label, was based on and named after the AACM.

In 1978, González began working for Dallas radio station KERA-FM, where he hosted a music program, Miles Out. He worked with KERA for 21 years, but left after the station had largely shifted from music programming to a news and talk format.

For several years during the 1990s, González retired from jazz performance and recording. In 2001, he formed a trio, Yells at Eels, with his sons Aaron (double bass) and Stefan (drums, vibraphone). In 2010, the trio recorded with Ariel Pink, appearing on the song "Hot Body Rub" on the album Before Today, and on a vinyl EP, Ariel Pink With Added Pizzazz. González's most recent offering with Yells at Eels is a collaboration with Fort Worth experimental drone rock outfit Pinkish Black Vanishing Light in the Tunnel of Dreams released May of 2020."

-Wikipedia (

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"Bass player Drew Phelps grew up in North Texas -- in Denton to be exact. Playing bass guitar while in junior high school, he was tuned onto the music of the Allman Brothers and Freddie King. It wasn't until he entered college that he turned to bass. During the 1980s, he hooked up with veteran modern jazz musicians like James Clay and Nuradeen Fameen. Awarded a scholarship to the School of Fine Arts at the Banff Centre in Canada, he went on to study with modern bass player Dave Holland. Along the way, Phelps has recorded with a variety of groups, playing a variety of musical styles -- the Dixie Chicks, Dallas jazz pianist Dave Zoller, and fusionist and hard bopper Ronald Shannon Jackson. He released his debut album Round to It in 2000."-Dave Nathan

-All Music (

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Jagath Lakpriya is a Dallas, TX-based tabla player, known for the Ataraxia Trio and his work with Dennis González

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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" (b. 4 September 1980) is a musician active in electronic composition, drone, free-improv, ambient, and noise textures. He utilizes computer processes as well as traditional instrumentation and field recordings to create emotionally resonant work, tending toward long forms and soundscapes."

-Derek Rogers Bandcamp 5/31/2023

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"Jess Garland is a Dallas based singer/songwriter, recording and performing artist.

She is a multi-instrumentalist, using a combination of harp and guitar loops evoking elements of ambient folk and celestial tones. Jess most recently opened for Madame Gandhi at Babes Fest 2019 in Austin on September 7th. Jess co-produced the film and composed music for Their Lives Mattered: A Dialogue Honoring Stolen Lives by Dallas law enforcement on September 5th at Texas Theatre, the project funded by the City of Dallas' Office of Cultural Affairs.

Jess most recently received a grant from The Nasher Sculpture Center to record her single "Live Again" and create a music video on Fair Park grounds. Jess performed in Austin on July 5th for New Media Art and Sound Summit sponsored by Church of The Friendly Ghost. Jess received a grant from the City of Dallas' Office of Cultural Affairs for her performance "Take Me Oya" in April 2019 for Dallas Arts Month at South Dallas Cultural Center. Jess received a grant for Aurora's 2018 Future Worlds theme for her performance "Resurrecting Gaia" in October at Kettle Art Gallery.

Resurrecting Gaia was featured in New York's Vulture Magazine and also listed as a top pick of events to see by KERA's Art and Seek and D Magazine. Jess opened for The Academy member, Gingger Shankar for Fortress Fest Presents Modern Music Series at The Modern Museum of Ft. Worth. She has composed music for Art Pena's play, "Nameless/Endless" where she also performed at The Reading Room Gallery. Jess is also the harpist with Sunshine Village Band.

Jess is an educator and has a non-profit free music education program, Swan Strings that has been featured in Dallas Morning News, Advocate Magazine and D Magazine."

-Jess Garland Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Rain Storm 10:36

2. The Yendi 03:03

3. Cromlech 03:35

4. Drift 05:29

5. Sita 08:47

6. Gobelki Tepe 04:00

7. The Loop 06:17

8. Approaching Dawn 02:53

9. Nights Enter 06:48

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