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Boiron, Baptiste / Bruno Chevillon / Frederic Gastard: La [2 CDs] (Ayler)

During a residency in 2020 at the Domaine de Kerguehennec in Brittany, saxophonist and composer Baptiste Boiron developed this repertoire for the trio Lá of Boiron on soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, Bruno Chevillon on double bass, and Frederic Gastard on bass saxophone, Boiron's compositions applying a wealth of creative approaches merging contemporary and improvised playing.

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product information:

UPC: 3473351400251

Label: Ayler
Catalog ID: aylCD-166-167
Squidco Product Code: 30125

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at at Centre d’Art de Kerguehennec, in Bignan, France, from February to April 2020, by Fred Woff.


Baptiste Boiron-soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Bruno Chevillon-double bass

Frederic Gastard-bass saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

"Born in 1980, Baptiste Boiron is a saxophonist and clarinetist. He studied classical performance at the Conservatoires of Boulogne-Billancourt and Bordeaux with Jean-Michel Goury and Marie-Bernadette Charrier, and he obtained a DEM in 2007 and a Diplôme d'Etat in 2013. He also had masterclasses with Dr William Street (2002) and Dr John Sampen (2016).

He has collaborated on improvisation and jazz with Régis Huby, Médéric Collignon, Urs Leimgruber, Frédéric Gastard, Bruno Chevillon, Jacques Di Donato and Beñat Achiary.

He founded the jazz bands Ambroise and L'homme à la pioche, is a member of TRILUX, has performed and collaborated with Médéric Collignon and Manuel Adnot, and in Forêt Ivre with Louis Godart and Romain Ballarini.

He practiced a bit of Brittany traditional music thanks to workshops with Régis Huiban and Christian Faucheur.

His versatility made Baptiste Boiron found the Ensemble Chrysalide, a modular ensemble created to share and promote improvised and notated contemporary music. This objective led him to have meetings with living composers, and gave him the opportunity to premiere works from Yves Krier, Mauricio Meza, Mathieu Bonilla, Gérard Pesson, Jonathan Harvey, Giuliano D'Angiolini, Michel Boëdec, LL De Mars and to collaborate with Helmut Lachenmann to adapt his piece Dal Niente for the alto saxophone."

His studies (Baptiste Boiron graduated a Maîtrise of visual Arts at Rennes 2 University), made him keep in touch with many kinds of artistic expression : many of his performances, as a soloist or with the Ensemble Chrysalide, were in conjunction with works from Olivier Cazenove, Marcel Dupertuis, Nicolas Chatelain, Pierre Tal-Coat, Arnaud Vasseux, Jean-Jacques Dournon, Jean-Louis Gerbaud or Geneviève Asse.

He graduated a composition DEM in 2009 in the class of Jean-Yves Bosseur at the Conservatoire of Bordeaux, and had master classes from Yves Krier, Gérard Pesson, Alain Bioteau, Jonathan Harvey, Georges Aperghis, Bernard de Vienne and Roger Tessier, Baptiste Boiron composed for institutions like the ADDM 35, the Semaines Musicales de Quimper, the Tal-Coat art Center of Kerguéhennec, music school of Guichen, the Réseau des Saxophonistes Bretons, the FEPEM 35. His music has been frequently performed at the Festival Ebruitez-vous in Rennes.

​He has been Living in London Ontario in Canada between 2015 and 2019 and graduated a Master of music (saxophone) at the University of Western Ontario.

He conducted the canadian Ensemble Atlantica between 2017 and 2019.

Baptiste Boiron has been composer in residence at the Domaine de Kerguéhennec (Morbihan) between february and june 2020, to create and record the trio Boiron-Chevillon-Gastard, released by french Label Ayler Records, and to develop a cycle of chamber music about Pierre Tal-Coat begun in 2010.

Influenced by Anthony Braxton's concept of Global music, he focuses on creating demanding and singular works.

-Baptiste Boiron Website (

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"Bruno Chevillon (born 23 August 1959) is a French jazz double bassist who is well known in avant-garde jazz as well as in new improvised music.

Born in Valréas Vaucluse, Chevillon followed a double training since he graduated from the Beaux Arts in 1983 where he studied photography, and at the same time followed Joseph Fabre's classical double bass teaching at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional d'Avignon [fr]. He made his debut in jazz by following the class of André Jaume [fr], is a member of the Groupe de recherche et d'improvisation musicales (GRIM), then joined the Lyon collective Association à la Recherche d'un Folklore Imaginaire [fr] where he made a decisive encounter: that of Louis Sclavis. Chevillon was then associated with a large part of the clarinettist's projects.

In addition to his long collaboration with Sclavis, the double bassist plays with the main actors of avant-garde jazz and Free improvisation : Marc Ducret, Claude Barthélemy, Stéphan Oliva, François Corneloup, François Raulin, Joey Baron, Elliott Sharp, Franck Vigroux, Benjamin de la Fuente, Samuel Sighicelli, Laurent Dehors, Gerome Nox etc.

Essentially a sideman, Chevillon also flourishes as a soloist, however, notably in his performance on Pier Paolo Pasolini. Contemporary classical music is also part of his work.

In 2007, he recorded his only solo album Hors-Champ published on the label d'Autres Cordes, which mixes double bass and electronics. In 2014, he joins the [National Jazz Orchestra] as artistic advisor, alongside Olivier Benoit."

-Wikipedia (

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Frédéric Gastard is a French saxophonist and composer based in Paris. He is known for the groups Journal Intime, La Campagnie Des Musiques A Ouir, Les Dentelles À Mamie, and Melosolex.

-Discogs (

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track listing:


1. Malin Ne Delivre 4:22

2. La 5:54

3. J'etais Cet Homme 3:14

4. Trace De Fard Gris 6:11

5. Fleurette Africaine 4:21

6. Nus, MonolithTe Ok 5:06

7. B- Choir Nu, L'Envol 7:45

8. HAt Noyant Bronx 7:48

9. Avec StyLe 6:35


1. Bander BrutaL 5:16

2. Prayer 3:30

3. Dur Trac Mec 14:54

4. Le Sourire A Travers Les Larmes 6:39

5. Lonnie's Lament 7:18

6. Le Sourire A Travers Les Larmes (take 2) 7:09

7. Lonnie's Lament (take 2) 7:16
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"It is during a residency from February to April 2020 at the Domaine de Kerguehennec, in Brittany, that saxophonist and composer Baptiste Boiron composed and created the repertoire of the trio La. As a saxophonist, Baptiste Boiron has been navigating between jazz and contemporary music that he studied with Jean-Yves Bosseur. He has performed with many improvisers as much as he has interpreted the scores of Jean-Sebastien Bach, Claude Debussy, Edgard Varese, Georges Aperghis and many others ...

From the first track, our ears are caught by the superposition of ostinatos and proposals, as much as by the polyphonic abundance and the multiplication of modes of play, conventional or alternative. This diversity is only matched by the multiplicity of writing processes emanating from an artist whose pen, like saxophones, testifies to a long experience in the classical and contemporary field. These processes are relayed here by his two fellow musicians who, in addition to the spaces left to their own initiatives as improvisers, have contributed to the completion of these scores in which the boundary between the premeditated and the impromptui blurs.

The repertoire, all originals, except for three titles is dedicated to various artists (musicians or not, "who helped me build myself" says the composer) whose names are only delivered to our perspicacity in the form of anagrams. They say something more about this music where the narrative qualities and emotion show through beautiful instrumental and compositional techniques."-Ayler Records

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