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Bopp, Christiane / Jean-Marc Foussat / Emmanuelle Parrenin: Nature Still (Fou Records)

An immersive record of free improvisation from the French trio of analog synth player Jean-Marc Foussat, trombonist Christiane Bopp, and vocalist Emmanuelle Parrenin, 4 works inspired by a still life painting by Duane Keiser, each an impressive evolution and transmutation of sound in dream-like environments that envelop then surprise its listeners.

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UPC: 3491570055724

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD 40
Squidco Product Code: 29894

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live in concert at La Generale in Paris, France, on February 1st, 2018, and in La Garenne-Colombes, France, on April 26th, 2018, by Jean-Marc Foussat.


Christiane Bopp-trombone, voice

Jean-Marc Foussat-snyth, voice

Emmanuelle Parrenin-vielle, voice

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Jean-Marc Foussat is a real character who, in an interview, admits to having created a label to listen to his music rather than to sell it, like a jazz columnist officiates, for love of writing more than in the often vain hope of to be read. Jean-Marc was also a sound engineer for prestigious labels like Hat Hut Records, without remuneration except to receive the albums, as a columnist.

It is therefore no coincidence that so many great musicians like to meet him, from the American Joe McPhee to Jean-Luc Cappozzo or Urs Leimgruber.

JM Foussat plays the AKS synth, an analog synth which appeared in the 1970s with a keyboard and sequencer which it accompanies by vocal effects. Among the latest productions of the dynamic label ...

Classically trained trombonist, who studied at the Paris Conservatory, Christiane Bopp was interested in early and contemporary music as well as in free improvisation, notably during an internship with Yves Robert. She has led projects with Dominique Pifarély like Marc Ducret, recorded Barbares with Foussat, Makoto Sato (dm) and Jean-Luc Petit (sax) and she is part of the current ONJ directed by F. Maurin for the Rituals and Dracula. She had already recorded for Fou Records Noyau de lune, a solo album in which, off the beaten track, she mixes trombone (What burns, Gitane), "ends" of trombone, devious mutes and vocals in a very free spirit of research new sounds.

Emmanuelle Parrenin, born in 1949, has mainly dedicated herself to traditional music, the hurdy-gurdy, the dulcimer or the harp. She was part of the Mélusine group, recorded with Dan Ar Braz, Alan Stivell's guitarist and recently recorded Pérélandra with Didier Malherbe and the bandoneon of JM Mosalini.

Jean Marc Foussat is, as usual, on AKS synth and voice.

An album inspired by still life (beautiful cover with painting by Duane Keizer ), with four improvisations: Nature Morte, Nature Live, Still Morte and Still Live (puns around Still live, "encore en vie" and, Still Life, "calm life" which designates the still lifes in the Germanic world).

Tracks that begin in the tremor, develop around the screeching and explode at times in a register very concrete contemporary music."-Claude Loxhay, Jazz Halo (translated by Google)

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Artist Biographies

"Born in 1971 in Mulhouse, from the musical milieu of harmony orchestras, she studied at the Conservatory of Mulhouse, then at the CNSM of Paris (1st Prize of trombone 1992 and chamber music 1991) and Univer- sity Paris X Nanterre (Bachelor of Modern Letters). Attracted by the exploration of new repertoires, she completed her training by studying saqueboute with Franck Poitrineau, and followed some courses of contemporary improvisation notably with Yves Robert. Since 1997, she plays the old repertoire with ensembles La Fenice (Jean Tubéry), Concerto vocale (René Jacobs), Elyma (Gabriel Garrido), Akademia, Il Giardino Armonico, Doulce Mémoire, the Versailles Baroque Music Center, The Talens lyriques (Christophe Rousset), Les Meslanges (T.Van Essen). At the same time, she plays music today (creations by Vincent Bouchot, Etienne Rolin, Martin Matalon, Claude Barthélémy, Jeunes compositeurs concerts at Radio France, ensembles Ars Nova, Zellig, Berson-Aschour duo, Orchestra Poitou Charentes) . It finds more and more in the music resulting from the jazz and the improvisation a space of privileged expression. She plays in the projects of Dominique Pifarély (Dédales), Marc Ducret (Chronicles of the frozen sea and Real thing 3), Joëlle Léandre (Can you here me), Kent Carter (oratorios). She also accompanies poets on their texts, (Lucien Suel, Emmanuel Laugier, Claude Favre, Valerie Rouzeau). She develops personal and collective projects such as "Les Cannibales" with Vincent Boisseau and Julien Padovani (2005-2008), and currently the Quartet Tenements of clover (on poems by Emilly Dickinson) Merch "with Jean-Luc Foussat, Makoto Sato, Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc Mousset, Lucas Mousset and Jean-Luc Petit. Small.

Holder of the C.A. obtained at the age of 21, she teaches the trombone at the Conservatory with Regional Radiation of Poitiers"

-Christiane Bopp Website (

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"Jean-Marc Foussat (born March 19, 1955 in Oran ) is a French composer and improvisational musician ( guitar, piano, live electronics ).

Since the mid-1970s, Foussat had belonged to groups such as Lézard Marçio, in which he contributed the sounds of concrete music with magnetic tapes. In 1981, he finished his first solo album, Abattage, which was released in 1983. In the ensemble Marteau Rouge (with the guitarist Jean-François Pauvros and the drummer Makoto Sato), he also collaborated with Evan Parker. Together with the saxophonist Sylvain Guérineau, he formed the duo Aliquid, which also appeared with Joe McPhee ( Quod, 2014). In addition to soloprograms, he also starred with Noël Akchoté / Roger Turner, Samuel Blaser, Émilie Lesbros, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Sophie Agnel, Daunik Lazro and numerous other musicians, as well as the Fortuna 21 Octet of Raymond Boni and the department of education psychique on."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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"Emmanuelle Parrenin is a French folk singer, harpist and hurdy-gurdy player who was first active in the late 1960s and 1970s as part of "le mouvement folk".

Parrenin was born into a family steeped in classical music: her mother played the harp and her father the violin, and studied ballet as child. She expanded her musical horizons during her teenage years, and was influenced by meeting Eric Clapton and The Yardbirds, during a visit to England while a teenager. At age 19, she met the hurdy-gurdy player Christian Leroy Gour'han, René Zosso [Wikidata], and Alan Stivell at Le Bourbon folk club. She and others travelled to remote regions of France and other Francophone countries including Canada to record folksongs. The recordings were donated to the Musée de l'Homme and the Musée National des Arts et Traditions Populaires. In 1974 Parrenin released an album with Phil Fromont called "La Maurmariée", developing a "reputation for stark and intelligent interpretations of traditional music."

With Fromont and Claude Lefebvre, Parrenin released a second, more progressive, album "Chateau Dans Les Nuages" in 1976, with included "Eastern elements and general strangeness".

Her only solo album, "Maison Rose" was released in 1977. The title refers to the house she grew up in, and the musical influences she imbibed there. The album took "the revived instruments of le mouvement folk out into new territory". The album was re-released in 2001 developed an international cult following.

After the album's release, Parrenin moved away from folk music. She later explained "It was a time when, firstly, it [folk music] was becoming very fashionable and there wasn't the same spirit as there had been at the beginning. There was a lot of what we call in France 'un esprit de chapelle'; it was very purist and I don't think I'm like that. I liked it when it felt alive, and when that went I was bored." She began writing music for contemporary dance, and returned to dancing. She also taught herself to play the harp.

In 1993, a fire damaged her hearing, and she was no longer able to perform. Told that she had lost her hearing permanently, she moved to the Alps, and as self-therapy she began playing and singing again. As her hearing improved she used the techniques she had learned with others including with people with autism and psychiatric disorders.

In March 2011 Parrenin released a new album, "Maison Cube". The title refers to the cube-shaped house where it was recorded."

-Wikipedia (

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Track Listing:

1. Nature Morte 10:04

2. Nature Live 8:21

3. Still Morte 22:45

4. Still Live 10:09

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