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Eichler, Hendrick: Dimensions (Creative Sources)

Active in the modern creative music scene around Germany and The Netherlands, drummer/percussionist Hendrik Eichler explores a variety of "Dimensions" and "Transcendence" in solo percussive playing, using traditional and extended techniques, from highly active to deeply introspective moods, assisted at time through digital technology.

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UPC: 5609063406733

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs673
Squidco Product Code: 29762

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Fattoria Musica Studio A, in Osnabruck, Germany, in 2019, by Steffen Lutke.


Hendrik Eichler-drums, vocals, Micro Marvin, Compositions

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Hendrik Eichler is a drummer/composer based in Cologne (GER), who is active in the modern creative music scene around Germany and Netherlands, performing at major Dutch jazz festivals, like inJazz, Mondriaan Jazz Festival, Make it Jazz Festival, North sea Jazz Festival, and in clubs like domicil Dortmund, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, Loch Wuppertal, Jazzkeller Krefeld, Brebl Nijmegen (NL) and more.

On Dimensions he explores both tonal and active playing through two three-part works, bridged by two standalone works. Using both extended and traditional techniques, Eichler evolves his larger works, using diverse approaches to his playing from enigmatic environments using bowed cymbals and recessed rhythms, augmented by percussive elements and spacious reverb, to extremely active and assertive playing based around solid rhythmic foundations. Electronics and voice occasionally intervene, for effect and drama, reminding at times of Paul Loven's work on White Noise.

Mysterious with a dark twist to his compositions, there is much to find fascinating in Eichler's work.

Artist Biographies

"Hendrik Eichler is a drummer/composer based in Cologne (GER), who is active in the modern creative music scene around Germany and Netherlands. He performed at major Dutch jazz festivals, like inJazz, Mondriaan Jazz Festival, Make it Jazz Festival, North sea Jazz Festival, and in clubs like domicil Dortmund, Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf, Loch Wuppertal, Jazzkeller Krefeld, Brebl Nijmegen (NL) and more. 2019 he got choosen to be part of the "international Jazz Platform" in Lodz, Poland, which gave him the possibility to get workshops by Jim Black, Marius Neset, John Escreet, Veneri Pohjola and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten.

Study years

In 2013, Hendrik started his Jazz/Pop studies at the Artez University of Arts in Arnhem, with René Creemers and Etienne Nillesen as Docents. In this studies, he learned a lot about different musical styles and technique, finding better ways of expressing and projecting his deep love to music through the drumset and compositions. He developed his own style, which reaches from modern Jazz music, influenced by Mid-east Odd meters, to improvised music, inspired by paintings.In 2016 he also started having lessons with Jeroen van Vliet, where he played with him in a Duo to discover more complex aspects in rhythm and improvised music.

2017 he graduated with Bachelor of Music at the Artez University of Arts and continued with the Master of Music, which he achieved 2019. This Master gave him the possibility to get workshops from Omer Klein Trio, Jonas Burgwinkel, Frans Petter Eldh, Felix Lehrmann, Bill Laurance, Juha, Stephane Galland etc... and to take single private lessons with Jim Black, Jonas Burgwinkel, Stephane Galland, Christian Lillinger, Bodek Janke, Ivo Neame, Barak Schmool, Kit Downes, Amir Bresler, Michael Vatcher, Joost van Schaik, Andre Groen and composition lessons from Dolf de Kinkelder.

Years before studies

Hendrik Eichler, son of the Jazz Piano player Wolfgang Eichler and music teacher Doris Eichler, was born 1993 in Wuppertal, Germany. This family setting musically influenced Hendrik already, because he was educated with a lot of music around him. At the age of 5 he got his first drumkit and started right away learning it autodidactically. Finally in 2006 he got his first drum lesson at the "Bergische Musikschule" with Jörg Hedtmann and already after 6 Months he was playing in a Junior Big Band in Schwelm and the pop band "perforated".

Because of his fast progress Hendrik got into the scholarschip programm for study preparatory at the "Bergische Musikschule", which included more Drum lessons, theory class and piano lessons with René Pretschner. He also invested a lot in different Jazzworkshops in Germany, for instance in: Hilden, Burghausen, Solingen, Hagen and Remscheid. 2012 he won the second Price at the competition "Jugend Jazzt NRW".In the years before his studies he was involved in projects, like Choir Project "A Jazz Mess", Musical Project "Die beste Schule Deutschlands", Big Band "The Real McCoy" and different rock/pop bands.

He also regularly played with his Father, who guided him early into Jazz music."

-Hendrik Eichler Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Dimensions: I. Distancy 4:07

2. Dimensions: II. Morph 5:36

3. Dimensions: III. Density 6:19

4. Strings 6:18

5. 224 Digits Of Pi 4:35

6. Transcendence: I. Spirit 2:38

7. Transcendence: II. Vortex 6:50

8. Transcendence: III. Ascent 4:54

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