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Davis, Emily / Christopher Riggs / George Romaine: Extinction Burst (Bug Incision Records)

Chicago-based guitarist Christopher Rigg, founder of the Holy Cheever Church Records, developed this set of pieces called "extinction bursts", performed with Emily David on drums and George Romaine on piano, a work he refers to as "maximalist harsh free jazz wall", using a lurching and squealing guitar figure over which David and Romaine overlay slow progressions.

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product information:

Label: Bug Incision Records
Catalog ID: bim-82
Squidco Product Code: 29666

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Canada
Packaging: Plastic Sleeve
No recording data listed.


Emily Davis-drums

Christopher Riggs-electric guitar

George Romaine-piano

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Artist Biographies:

Emily Davis is a American Southwest drummer, known for the band Emily Davis and The Murder Police are an alt-folk-punk band.

-Squidco 8/10/2022

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"Christopher Riggs is autistic and plays free improvisation on the electric guitar. Without the use of processing or FX, Christopher squeezes sounds from his instrument the Chicago Reader has called "unapologetically ugly". Riggs received his Bachelor of Music in 2007 from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and his Master of Arts in Music Composition from Wesleyan University in 2012. He studied guitar and composition under Marc Michaud, Ross Feller, Randolph Coleman, and Ronald Kuivila. Christopher Riggs teaches 4th grade for Chicago Public Schools. He lives on Chicago's southside with his wife and two daughters."

-Elastic Arts (

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track listing:

1. Extinction Burst 01:00:44
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"Guitarist Christopher Riggs was one of the earliest non-Calgarian facets of Bug Incision Records, and quickly became one of the more frequently-appearing names in the catalog over the years. About a decade ago, Riggs was based in Detroit, running the amazing Holy Cheever Church Records and churning out a seemingly endless spiral of excellent, head-scratching collaborations with the likes of Mike Khoury, Joe Morris, Ben Hall and Hans Buetow (in the excellent Traum(a) trio/duo), Tuba with Tony Gordon (aka Freebass), Andrew T. Royal, and more.

After some communication between mutually-affiliated combos was established, he appeared in the first wave of non-Calgary artists released on the label, and went on to issue some choice duo and solo albums over the next few years. These albums documented Riggs' rapidly-developing approach to a highly extended style of guitar improvising, as well as his fascination with creating challenging and unique ways in which to present them.

After a move to Chicago and half-decade or so later, Riggs was back in touch with a crispy new trio recording, an installment of a series of pieces called "extinction bursts". Abetted with drums (Emily Davis) and piano (George Romaine), Riggs runs down a strangely static - structurally speaking - yet thoroughly kinetic slab of what he calls a "maximalist harsh free jazz wall", a description that does not disappoint.

The activity between the players here has less to do with conversation and more to do with simultaneity; imagine if three of the pieces from Remko Scha's classic Machine Guitars were transposed to this trio format and layered. A typically strange and welcome return from Riggs and his new cohorts."-Benoit Hughes

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