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Gerard, Pierre: Cavite Aerienne (Not On Label)

Extremely patient compositions for electronics, cello, guitar and tenor sax from French sound and visual artist Pierre Gerard: "Air" using recordings from his duo partner of tenor saxophonist Bertrand De Lamalle with long sections of silence; "Cavity" employs previously recorded guitar improvisations that interact with Gerard's live electronic improvisations.

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Label: Not On Label
Catalog ID: None
Squidco Product Code: 29261

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded from 2009 to 2017.


Pierre Gerard-cello, electronics, guitar

Bertrand de Lamalle-tenor saxophone

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The sound work of Pierre Gerard (also a visual artist) is known for his discretion and his silences. These records are easy to listen to at night and the house creaks will appear as accompaniments to his compositions.

Matter in the auditory sense is always at the center of his compositions. Field recording, the use of objects or electroacoustics feed his universe.

He has been approaching the acoustic instrument since 2006.

Accustomed to collaborations - with Sylvain Chauveau or Jim Denley among others - he met Bertrand de Lamalle, all-terrain saxophonist former collaborator of Elephant Leaf, nowadays officiating within L'Oeil Kollectif and Grande Vacance."-PointCulture TV

Artist Biographies

"pierre gerard born in 1966 (BE)

i work minimalism with acoustic instruments and electro-acoustic guitar since 2006 ..the object always present was at the center of my first research ..added a new interest in abstract voice since 2017 ..

the improvisation in situ is the source of my music work (outdoor or architectural) ..over time i could describe this research more intuitive than minimalist my electroacoustic compositions i try not to lose sight of intuition, silence,and a certain form of minimalism ..

work on the object is strongly influenced by the presence of wood (assemblage/assembling, sculpture, installation _'the force fields of wood') but also glass, leather, felt and other natural materials (if possible found or recycled) ..

in objects we would sometimes see sound compositions in 3 dimensions ..besides the intuition present here too, i keep a special attention for the encounter between human gesture and the form (organic, natural, accidental ..& intuitive, minimalist) ..

each of these disciplines can occupy the architectural space,place par excellence of the gesture and the shape _'the gesture in the shape' ..

storage stolen images in the form of paint traces the human migrations mental and physical ..who can inspire my path or express my disagreement .."

-Pierre Gerard Website (

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"Bertrand de Lamalle leads a disorderly life in which music plays a central role.

Lover of baroque, noise, electro, jazz, improvisation in general, his research always tends towards intensity.

In squats or salons, he puts his sounds on poetry (Grande Vacance), sweet melodies (Sublimabim), the anarchist fanfare (Gogolgotha), French song (Donkey Shout), among others."

He is known for his duo with with Pierre Gerard, and appearanes on albums by Elephant Leaf and Helium Horse Fly.

-FiEstival Maelstrom reEvolution (

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Track Listing:

1. Air / Cavite Aerienne 1 21:58

2. Cavity / Cavite Aerienne 2 18:46

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