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Galiay, Frederick (Viard / Sebastien / Boudart / Galiay): Time Elleipsis (Ayler)

Dramatic, darkly thrilling music with moments of sheer beauty from French electric bassist Frederick Galiay and his Camaeleo Vulgaris ensemble, a sextet performing Galiay's compositions in a potent mix of electric guitar, electrified baritone sax, synthesizer, and two drummer/percussionists, recorded after a dozen live concerts honing the material to this riveting studio version.

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product information:

UPC: 7320470215661

Label: Ayler
Catalog ID: aylCD-161
Squidco Product Code: 28611

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in Moulins-sur-Ouanne, France, Summer 2019, by Antonin Rayon.


Antoine Viard-electrified baritone saxophone

Jean-Sebastien Mariage-electric guitar

Julien Boudart-analog synthesizer

Frederick Galiay-composition, direction, electric bass

Sebastien Brun-drums, acoustic percussion, electronic percussion

Franck Vaillant-drums, acoustic percussion, electronic percussion

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Artist Biographies:

Antoine Viard is a French saxophonist, known for the groups, Hippie Diktat, ITHAK, Pipeline, Urban Sax, and Umlaut Big Band. He is also a member of Frederick Galiay's Camaeleo Vulgaris.

"COAX Collective's Artistic Director, Antoine Viard develops a singular saxophone practical based on the sound and its componants. Electric or acoustic, he enforces his rough/free playing with bands like Hippie Diktat, Chameleo Vulgaris, Uns, in his solo project Tumulus or in improvising collaborations with Peter Brötzmann, Eve Risser, Frederick Galiay, Guillaume Orty..."

-Squidco, Hippie Diktat Website (

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"Born in Paris in 1973 and raised in the middle class suburbs, it's on the clotheslines at the end of the garden that Jean-Sébastien Mariage gets introduced to the guitar, well before the transmutation of his BEPC in black Stratocaster, changed very quickly for the Gibson Les Paul he has not dropped since. At 17 and up to 23, he follows the improvisation workshops of the one he still considers today as his music master, Patricio Villarroel. From his brief stint at the Sorbonne, a musicology course, he will remember little more than having heard, during the acoustics lessons, recordings of songs by Amazonian Indians or Vatican bells : it is that at the same time, true musical adventure began - first professional experience at age 19 with a dance company, then meeting at 20's Frederick Galiay, bassist with whom he founded Chamæleo Vulgaris, and first concerts under the aegis of Instants Chavirés. He goes on concerts, then thinks it would be good for him to enter the concervatory (sic), since that's where you learn to play concerts : he studied classical guitar for six years , until the national contest in 2000. There followed a good twenty recordings and hundreds of concerts, solo or in various formations, stamped free improvisation, free rock, even free jazz or noise, with the greatest achievements of French and international improvisers - not to mention collaborations with dance (Karol Armitage or Yukiko Nakamura), theater, poetry and visual arts, but also with composers such as Rhys Chattam, Elianne Radigue, Stephen O'Malley, Frederick Galiay, Peter Ablinger.... In short, a journey is, according to, purist or monomaniac : there has never been, there is, and there will never, probably, that the guitar, he can only do that, but knows how to do everything with it - especially what he is the only one who can do, of course. To know : calmly, with authority, to emerge from the chaos a matter, whatever it is to accept it, to welcome it even, then conscientiously to work it, to polish it... but always to the maximum, and then to a blow of one make him make throat. Leave the earth. Tear the time."

-Inversus Doxa (

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"Julien Boudart is born in Paris in 1978. In 1995 he began to experiment on analog synthesizers and DIY electronic instruments some specific mixture of techno, free jazz and cinematic narrative music. At the same time he also started a theorical activity that never stopped since then. In the following decade, he focused on improvisation, blending his electronic sounds with the ones of acoustic musicians. He developped on the Korg MS-20 (instrument he's playing since 1996) a very personnal, vocal, sound. He has since been involved in many kind of projects, from musical theater to radiophonic creation, from martian rockabilly to some energic though abstract free improvisation. The ceremonial, political and magical aspects of music are the main concern of most of his present projects and researches."

-Zip Event (

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Frederick Galiay is an electric bassist, composer and video director, based in Paris, France. He has been a member of groups Big (Drum & Bass), Chamæleo Vulgaris, and Pearls Of Swines.

-Discogs (

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"Seb Brun hits drums, metal things few buttons, merging acoustic textures and electronics effects with a singular and rough playing. He works on repetitions & stacking. Stacking universes, musics, spaces, speeds, images, rythmes, medias, sounds & energies.. Drummer, composer, producer, & programmer, he is an activist of an underground noise & jazz french scene.

He also spent time in Ethiopia, India (Rajasthan) & La Réunion to study traditional and classical music.

Since 2009 he drives is own label "Carton Records" and his own (often trans-medias) projects: Ar Ker, Parquet, Horns.

He used to play with IRèNE, Jeanne Added, Tilt's Joce Mienniel, Vincent Courtois, Le Bruit du sign, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Woland Athelic Club, OK, Batlik, Yasmine Hamdan, Liset Alea, Mamani Keita..."

-Sebastien Brun Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Franck Vaillant: Artist-musician


Self-taught drummer, Franck Vaillant is first and foremost, a musician who loves adventure in the broad sense.

.. ..

Also a composer and sound designer, he composed and produced 7 albums under his name which remain unclassifiable.

.. ..

He is an original and creative musician who adds his personal touch to all his collaborations. He knows how to use the different "colors" that a drum set can offer, because in addition to making us stomp while listening to it, he colors the music like a percussionist.


He likes to combine everything that is impactable, from traditional batteries to personalized, tampered with, electrified batteries.

.. ..

Franck has participated in more than 70 albums and performed around the world with a multitude of musicians of all stripes."

-Franck Vaillant Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Naga Convulsions 7:21

2. Sentence | Samsara 4:18

3. Luasamla | Points cardinaux 5:56

4. Saneu Kham Samout 11:24

5. Nirmanakaya | Dhyana 14:12

6. Dharmakaya | Oiseaux terrifiants 10:20

7. Sukha 3:58
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"In the fall of 2016, Frederick Galiay was a laureate for a "Hors les murs" residency program initiated by the French Institute. This residency took place in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. It was about immersion in the heart of millennial ceremonies of Theravada Buddhism as well as in animist celebrations practiced by people of varied ethnicities present. The composed work, Time Elleipsis, for six musicians, invents a poetic link between the mystical expressions of these regions and the resolutely contemporary compositional language used. Recorded during the summer of 2019, this version follows a dozen concerts where the sextet, as electric as it is electrifying, was able to refine its interpretation of the piece before entering the studio."-Ayler

"Frederic Galiay, who is new to me, presents a new album by his ensemble Chamæleo Vulgaris: Antoine Viard (electrified baritone saxophone), Jean-Sébastien Mariage (electric guitar), Julien Boudart (analogue synthesizer), Sébastien Brun & Franck Vaillant (drums, acoustic and electronic percussion sets) and Galiay himself on electric bass. Except for Franck Vaillant - a very active force in the French scene of experimental music - the names didn't ring a bell.

Galiay started Chamæleo Vulgaris in 1989. At the base, it is a duo with Jean-Sebastien Mariage, with different associated musicians over the years. Since 1997 they released three albums. Third album Reset (2011) had to wait a long time for its successor. But it was worthwhile waiting, as Time Elleipsis is an intriguing album. It is one lengthy composition, a suite in seven parts of 58 minutes length and composed by Galiay while travelling Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar during autumn 2016, taking inspiration from ceremonies of Theravada Buddhism and diverse animistic practices.

It is a work of orchestral proportions. It is a kind of doom drone jazz if this category exists. They are heading somewhere in the same universe as the long-defunct group Shub Niggurath. They create long extended noisy sound textures; slowly moving patterns, sometimes driven by a slow beat; very dark and sinister music of deep sonorities. They succeed very well in keeping the music captivating. Slowly but with a burning intensity, they built their massive constructions of multi-layered sounds and noise. Sometimes the music is almost 'ritualistic' - without the irritating pathos - what may be due to the Asiatic sensibilities Galiay integrated into his composition and it is truly fascinating and impressive work.

Released by the Swedish-French Ayler label focused on improvised music as well as other experimental music."-DM, Vital Weekly

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