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Gianfratti, Antonio Panda / Marco Scarassatti / Otomo Yoshihide / Paulo Hartmann: Psychogeography, a (Not Two)

Recorded at the 2017 Improfest (Festival Internacional de Improvisacao e Arte Sonora) in Sao Paulo, the quartet of Marco Scarassatti, Antonio Panda Gianfratti, Paulo Hartmann, & Otomo Yoshide bring viola de cocho, percussion, self-made instruments, turntable, guitar, and prepared chiquita to a superb concert of wide-ranging improvisations named by geographical location.

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product information:

UPC: 5906395187416

Label: Not Two
Catalog ID: MW981-2
Squidco Product Code: 27319

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Poland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at RedBull Studios for Improfest 2017, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by Alejandra Luciani and Rodrigo Funai Costa.


Antonio Panda Gianfratti-contemporary percussion, drums

Marco Scarassatti-viola de cocho, self made instruments

Otomo Yoshihide-electric guitar and bass, turntables

Paulo Hartmann-prepared guitar, fretless prepared chiquita, Gambelao, effects

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Artist Biographies:

Antonio Panda Gianfratti: "Contemporary percussionist dedicated to free improvisation music for many years, reflecting both in Brazil and abroad. He is, in his 67 years, the dean of the Brazilian improvised music, as he was before in the free jazz. He founded the free improvisation collective Abaetetuba in 2004. He also left his mark on jazz "mainstream" and played rock, bossa nova, traditional music of Brazil. Always looking for something more, something new and different, even accompanied leading artists, attended a Billy Hart project and has shared the stage with a host of improvisers from across the world as Hans Koch, Phil Minton, Sabu Toyozumi, John Russell, John Edwards and many others. His work consists in the timbre development through the use of bows in cymbals over drums, prepared vibraphone, cello and also his own designed musical instruments. Interacts with cinema, theater, poetry, visual arts and multimedia. Has developed a parallel work as a teacher of improvisation in several projects across Brazil in Universities, Schools, Music Institutes, Cultural Centers."

-ABAETETUBA collective (

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"Composer graduated by Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp, where have had the following professors:

Livio Tragtenberg; Almeida Prado; J.A.Mannis.

Also were student of composer Florivaldo Menezes in Winter Festival of Campos de Jordão 1994, Brasil.

Master in Multimeans, also by Unicamp, has researched the creative process of composer Walter Smetak, builder of hybrids objects that join plasticity and sonorous production. In Process of achieving Doctor Degree by Faculdade de Educação da Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp, researching alquemic representations in music and preparing publishing of "Smetak e Suas Plásticas Sonoras".

Cineast self-didactic, its short "A Terra do Silêncio" won 12 awards in 2002 and 2003.

At present, develops research, creation, and build of sonorous sculptures and environment, besides working as University Professor.

Trustee of exposition "Paisagens Plásticas e Sonoras", that got together works of several composers, that in searching new sonorities came to new forms of conventional musical instruments.

In this exposition, have participated:

Tom Zé, Livio Tragtenberg, Wilson Sukorski, Chelpa Ferro, Marco Guimarães, Fernando Sardo, Paulo Nenflídio, Carusto Camargo, Marcelo Petraglia, besides the participation of 14 Sonorous Plastics of Walter Smetak, and for the first time in Brasil, the work of French brothers - Bernard and François Baschet.

(Mostra Sesc de Artes/ 2005 - Sesc Pinheiros Brasil) "

-Creative Sources (

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Otomo Yoshihide - born in 1959 in Yokohama, Japan. As a teenager, he spent time in Fukushima. Staying independent, he has consistently composed a wide range of music from improvisation to noise music and pop, and his music talent has spread all over the world. He has a successful career as a film score composer and has produced more than 70 movie soundtracks. In recent years, he has produced special type of concerts and musical works in collaboration with other various artists under the name of "ensembles". In addition, one of his priorities is,producing musical workshop projects involving handicapped children. In 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake , he started "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!" along with people in various sectors. He has been active beyond the music scene and this is the reason that he has attracted a great deal of attention. In 2012, he received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in the category of Promotion for "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!". In 2013, he received various prizes including the Japan Record Award for his accomplishments, such as composing the theme music for the TV drama "Amachan".

"I use my real name "Otomo Yoshihide" as my stage name. When you write your Japanese name in English alphabet, many people often write their given names first, then their family names, following in the Western traditional culture. But originally, some Asian countries, including Japan, write their family names first, and then their given names follow after that. In my opinion, there is not only one standard for people's names and we should respect the values each person attaches to their name. Calling someone by his first name is a wonderful custom in Western culture to express familiarity with each other but that custom is not necessary in Japan because nobody has ever called me by my first name. It does not mean that people are unlikely to become close friends with me. It is just that calling me "Otomo" seems easier. There are some places with such customs in the world; where people friendlily call you by your family name. I am definitely not a nationalist but I have a feeling that something is wrong with those people who do not only disregard the tradition I am familiar with, but would rather follow Western standards.

For this reason, I would like to continue using the notation "Otomo Yoshihide" as before. When you call me, please call me "Otomo" as before. This will not cause any problems in its use. Until now, many people have written my name "Yoshihide Ōtomo" or "Yoshihide Otomo" but please understand those notations are not my intention. I am sincerely grateful for your consideration."

-Otomo Yoshihide Website (

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"Biography: born in São Paulo, Brasil, in 1970, Paulo Hartmann is a multimedia artist, musician and independent researcher. Creator of MOBILEFEST- INTERNACIONAL FESTIVAL OF MOBILE CREATIVITY.

Graduated in Advertising and Marketing, for 10 years he's been engaged as a multimedia designer and art director developing internet, e-learning, design instructional, sound designing, cross-media projects, for clients such as ABN-Amro Bank, Unibanco AIG, Grupo VR, BCP-Telecomunicações, Globocabo ( NET), Investshop, HP do Brasil, Fundação Victor Civita and Instituto Itaú Cultural (Itaulab) Emoção Art.Ficial 1.0 - Descendo a Escada, Regina Silveira.

As a musician, he's involved in researching prepared electric guitar and creation of soundscapes generating real time loops, as well as tele-performance presentations.

Since 2004 he's represented MEMEFEST, International Festival of Radical Communication, originated in Slovenia , which discusses the concepts and influence of the mass media production and its consequences. At present , he's part of a group of multimedia, advertising and art-technology professionals that develop several projects to foment and discuss the impact of new technologies in our society and culture."

-Mediamatic (

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track listing:

1. -23.555884,-46.6374735 7:41

2. -23.6027967,-46.6619298 12:031

3. -23.5681348,-46.522029 7:491

4. -19.8708043,-439667332 10:281

5. -23.5496581,-46.6389519 12:541

6. -19.9359989,-43.9201107 9:24
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"When an improvised experimental music record is found to have the support of the Japan Cultural Affairs Bureau, which supported Otomo Yoshihide's trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2017 for a participation in Improfest, and that it was recorded in a studio of Red Bull, there is reason to consider that, after all, this aesthetic trend does not necessarily have to live on the bank. In fact, when it comes to a group that brings together three Brazilians, it is also worth noting that its publisher, NotTwo Records, is based in Krakow, Poland, being one of the most relevant internationally in this chain. Although Paulista improvisation deserves it, even if the name of the special guest of this session, said Otomo, was fundamental for such doors to open: the work that figures like "Panda" Gianfratti, Marco Scarassatti and Paulo Hartmann, among some others have been developing has a singularity in the circuits of improvisation that it is important to make known outside doors.

Gianfratti's percussion, Yoshihide's turntables and other audio-production features are felt throughout the six tracks of "Psychogeography", but this album comes primarily as a treatise on the immense possibilities afforded by the unorthodox use of instruments of strings that go from the tassel viola of Scarassatti to the electric guitar of the Japanese musician, with passage through the prepared little one of Hartmann. This is a song of progressive discovery, a song in the form of a bunch of grapes, with each fruit to be invited to the tasting of the next, not to rediscover the same flavor, but to discover others, in the inheritances and the unveiling that are happening. The strummed, pinched, percussed and shaved strings introduce us into a vibrational universe of "DIY" in which the sound is more important than any concept of "music" and yet the resulting musicality does not cease to amaze us. Geography as a mental place, is what we find on this CD ..."-Rui Eduardo Paes, (via Google Translate)

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