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Killing Spree (Metzger / Daniel / Galichet): Boko Boko Tour (Ayler)

A heavy album merging free improvisation, blues and rock forms from the French Killing Spree trio of Matthieu Metzger on alto saxophone & electronics, Sylvain Daniel on electric bass & effects, and Gregoire Galichet on drums, living up to the band name in dark malice captured live at Club Soto in Kyoto, Japan during their 2018 Japanese tour; vengeful.

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Matthieu Metzger-alto saxophone, electronics

Sylvain Daniel-electric bass, effects

Gregoire Galichet-drums

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UPC: 7320470215654

Label: Ayler
Catalog ID: aylCD-160
Squidco Product Code: 27203

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded live at Club Soto, in Kyoto, Japan, in April 2018.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Recorded live at Club Soto in April 2018 during Killing Spree's "Boko Boko Tour" in Japan [UrBANGUILD (Kyoto), Club Stomp (Osaka), Soto (Kyoto), Kirchherr (Hamamatsu), FSN Bar Chez Philippe (Kyoto), Iyoyaka no Sato (Kishiwada)]."-Ayler

"Recorded in concert at Club Soto in Kyoto on a Japanese tour that also went through Osaka, Hamamatsu and Kishiwada, this will be the ultimate Ayler Records reference that will not produce new releases after a worthy contribution to creative music (but will continue to market its catalog). The formidable "Lady M" by Marc Ducret will be published by another truly independent musician: Philippe Ghielmetti's no less worthy of [Illusions] ( ) . This disc is deliberately raw formwork: soundcheck atmosphere in short first beach, and hubbub after concert in conclusive beach. The music is unvarnished: energetic to the extreme, but not without subtlety, because its craftsmen are goldsmiths. The site refers to the genre as 'avant-jazz-metal', which is pretty good. This is the second opus of the group and it is a killing, as the name suggests. Violent, turbulent, sweet sometimes, refined too. It is a dive into a music that is not prohibited, provided that the musical art is at the rendezvous. Ideas fuse, avoid collision and collusion, and so much the better! Plunge head first into this experience of really lively music, you will come out as a bath of youth ...."-Xavier Prévost, Rhizottome (translated by Google)

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Artist Biographies

"Discreet saxophonist or virtuoso, composer and director with personal sound, musicologist and electronic luthier.

Sixteen years of studying saxophones with Philippe Di Betta gave him a taste for music beyond aesthetics, and his interest in the analysis materialized at the University of Poitiers by obtaining the Meshuggah mastery, an atypical metal formation.

In addition to the institutional framework, he is involved in projects of contemporary music, Mandingo, dance, Marc Ducret's Sense de la Marche, Anthurus d'Archer and the metal collective Klonosphère.

In 2008, he will join Louis Sclavis ' quintet and shortly thereafter Daniel Yvinec' s National Jazz Orchestra. Other collaborations will be born, notably with François Sarhan, the whole Ictus, Amarillis, the company of the Musiques à Ouïr. He performs solo, duo in Rhizottome, in his power-trio Killing Spree, with Kino-Sounds, XXO, Coronado...

Attracted just as much by the poetic and social aspect of the music as the technical means to give him life, it is in self-taught that he was trained in the electronic lutherie, the acoustics, the recording, realizing in particular the five albums of Archer's Anthurus, those of Rhizottome, his productions as a leader or the six discs Tower of Marc Ducret."

-Systle (Translated by Google) (

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"Sylvain Daniel (born 1979) is a French pop and jazz musician (electric bass, electronics, also flugelhorn).

From the age of seven, Daniel had music lessons at the CNR in Nantes. After ten years of studying classical music, he began to study the electric bass self-taught. In 1999 he went on tour with Julien Lourau and worked on his album Gambit. After moving to Paris, he worked with the group of artists Les Falaises and u. a. with Maxime Delpierre, Philippe Gleise and Laurent Bardaine, resulting in the formation Soulreactive, which recorded an album for the label Chief Inspector. In 2005 he worked with pop and chanson musicians such as Piers Faccini, Alice Lewis and Kent, in the following years he toured with Olivia Ruiz (album La Femme Chocolat, 2005). In addition, he played in various projects with Elise Caron (Euridyce To 2006), Thomas de Pourquery and Daniel Zimmerman and in the formation Electric Mop. In 2008 he recorded the album Brighter Day with Julien Lourau and Jeff Sharel and in the following years became a member of the Orchester National de Jazz under the direction of Daniel Yvinec, listening to albums like Around Robert Wyatt (2009), Shut Up and Dance (2009). 2010), Piazzolla! (2012) and The Party (2014). In 2014, the trio album Killing Spree with Matthieu Metzger (saxophone) and Gregoire Galichet (drums), which appeared on Ayler Records."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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Gregoire Galichet is a French drummer known for the band Killing Spree with bassist Sylvain Daniel and saxophonist Matthieu Metzger

-Squidco 4/17/2024

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Track Listing:

1. No Title 0:55

2. Stinky Flower 7:39

3. The Brain Sucking Exercise 5:14

4. This Song Begins Like A Hit 10:35

5. Parler A Un Homme Qui Marche 4:05

6. Ibliss 4:42

7. Our Endless Boring Loop 4:31

8. Dismembered Carmen Vs Emma Peel 4:51

9. No Title 2:23

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