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Nordstrom, Fredrik : Needs (Clean Feed)

An all-star octet of Swedish improvisers is actually a double quaret with two reed players (Nordstrom & Ljugkvist), two brass players (Aleklint and Barno), two double bassists (Augustson and Zetterberg) and two drummers (Cantillo and Rundqvist), creating a powerful rhythmic foundation for a lyrical set of Nordstrom compositions and conductions.

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UPC: 5609063004964

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CD496
Squidco Product Code: 26505

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at BAS, Bandhagen Sweden, on March 23, 2018, by Mats AAleklint.


Fredrik Nordstrom-tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Mats Aleklint- trombone

Filip Augustson-double bass

Christopher Cantillo-drums

Fredrik Ljungkvist-clarinet, tenor saxophone

Niklas Barno-trumpet

Torbjourn Zetterberg-double bass

Fredrik Rundqvist-drums

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"In his new album, saxophonist and composer Fredrik Nordstroom deals with a format that reminds of a double quartet of the same type as Ornette Coleman recorded in the early 1960's. For someone always interested in exploring different possibilities of group interaction, the decision isn't really a surprise in itself: what surprises us are the results. Instead of acting as a double quartet, Nordstroom and his fellow Swedish musicians sometimes acts as an octet or as a trio, a quintet, or, you name it!

The (double) rhythm section shows off some groovy and hard swinging parts as one unit, but the freedom to contribute individually in this collective of great improvisers is fundamental. Nordstroom's writing and conduction of the improvisational developments are, as always, subtle and meticulous, like hidden geometrical forms in an (apparently) abstract canvas. And if the double quartet matrix is generally connoted with the free jazz subgenre, in Needs something else is in equation, coming from the bop and hard bop traditions (Nordstroom's tenor style owes something to Dexter Gordon) adding adventurous compositions with dazzling improvisations and giving expression to what the leader of this one day session calls "progressive jazz with unquestionable influence of contemporary classical and rock music". A must."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"Fredrik Nordström (1974) is a Swedish saxophonist. He made his debut album Urgency in 2000, and since than many albums were released. Nordstrom was member of a lot of different groups e.g. trio with Palle Danielsson and Fredrik Rundqvist, the band VIBB, and co-leader for Dog Out and SURD. In 2002 Nordstrom was elected in Sweden the Jazz -artist of the year. He contributed to many artists and bands like Bobo Stenson, Mat Maneri, Gerald Cleaver, Tim Hagans, Björn Yttling and Lindha Kallerdahl."

-Theovaneldik (

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"Mats Aleklint is a freelance trombone player, born 1979, that lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

I work mostly in the fields of improvisation and jazz, but also blues, soul, theater music, pop and rock. I have been working as a freelance since the year 2000, and touring in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Slovenia, Portugal, England, Germany, and many other countries. Toured with/Recorded with: Alberto Pinton Quintet, YunKan10, Torbjörn Zetterberg Octet, Norrbotten Big Band, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Dave Holland, Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra, The Thing XXL, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Brus Trio+2, Big Band Splash, Per-Henrik Wallin, Harmonica Henry, Lisa Ullén Quartet, Blacknuss, Angles, Je Suis!, All Included, LED, and many many others. I also have a band of my own, Mats Äleklint Kvartett."

-Mats Aleklint Website (

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"Filip Augustson was born in 1973 near Jönköping in Sweden. From 1989 until 1991 he attended the music high school in Jönköping and from there he moved to Stockholm where he continued his studies at the Royal College of Music, from which he graduated in 1996. During his studies he began to work as a freelance bassist playing with many different groups including Fredrik Norén Band and Fredrik Ljungvist Quartet. Since then he has become one of the busiest bass-players on the scene and gone on to perform and record with notables such as Mattias Ståhl's Ståhls Blå, Fredrik Nordström Quartet, Karl-Martin Almqvist Quartet, Mathias Landaeus, Mats Öberg Trio and many others.Filip has performed on the stages of many venues throughout the world and has also taken part in around eighty recordings. In January 2004 Filips first CD as a leader "Ich bin Filip Augustson" was released by Moserobie Music Production. In januari 2006 the CD Box "Moserobie Jazz Manifesto" was released which also features Filip Augustson Quartet.

In 2013 Filip started his trio Viva Black, a group featuring Eva Lindal on violin and Christopher Cantillo on drums. Their first CD "Viva Black" was released 2015 and the CD recieved critical praise in Downbeat, All About Jazz and Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's biggest newspaper.

"Minsta gemensamma nämnaren" their second CD was released 2016. Orkesterjournalen, the main swedish jazzmagazine, called the group "one of the most interesting groups on the swedish jazzscene"

In 2015 Filip Augustson's Viva Black started a collaboration with the duo Gretli & Heidi. The duo play assorted glass instruments and the result of the collaboration can be heard on the album "Mal Sirine" released 2017.

Filip presently plays in such Swedish groups as Mats Öberg Trio, Velodrone, Le Jazz Cool, Monica Borrfors Quartet, Örjan Hultén-Orion, Katzen Kapell, Johan Berke Upstairs Five, Sven Berggrens ROOM 8."

-Filip Augustson Website (

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"Born in Gothenberg and now resident in Stockholm, drummer Chris Cantillo lists his musical interests as "experimental/jazz", and moves seamlessly between the worlds of experimental rock and free improvisation. He works regularly with bassist Joe Williamson, and has also collaborated with such major figures as saxophonist Fredrik Nordström and iconic guitarist David Stackenäs."

-Jazz Northeast (

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"Håkan Fredrik Ljungkvist (born 29 November 1969 in Kristinehamn, Sweden), is a Swedish jazz musician (saxophone and clarinet), the son of saxophonist Håkan Ljungkvist and married to the jazz singer Lina Nyberg.

Ljungkvist was raised in Lidköping, and studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (1989-93). As jazz student he played with jazz bands in Stockholm, like Fredrik Noren Band, Lina Nyberg Group and Per "Texas" Johansson band. In 1993 he formed his own Quartet with whom he released two albums.

In 2000 he composed a 30 minutes long piece for the Pipeline project, a collaboration between 16 Swedish and American musicians on initiative by the Svenska Rikskonserter. The piece was performed in Chicago and Sweden."

-Wikipedia (

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"Niklas Barnö

Probably the best trumpeter player from Sweden.

Best, just simply because he is the musician most far away from defining something with being best, or worse for that part.

Pure honesty, in its best way. Or worse way. As honest is neither good or bad.

Niklas is. And is becoming.

Niklas is human. This is heard in his playing; the haunting crescendo of thoughts, spanning over 50.000 years, blown out through the mouthpiece of his trumpet.

Why? What? Who? How? Now?

He is his own foghorn (Mistlur). Clearing out the dim and artificial with ignited instinct.

He is the leader of the herd of musicians, Je Suis!. And active in groups like Kege Snö, Snus, Se&Hör...

Niklas Barnö and Joel Grip has known each other since they learned how to crawl musically and have been crucial for the development of their music as heard playing together as well as in the music organized together; Umlaut Records Sweden and unique festival Hagenfesten in Dala-Floda."

-Umlaut Records (

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"Torbjörn Zetterberg (born 10 May 1976) is a Swedish jazz musician (double bass) and composer, known from collaborations with Jonas Kullhammar. Zetterberg attended Södra Latin och Fridhems Folkhögskola in Svalöv but was first recognised as bassist when he studied at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm still very young. Here he studied bass under guidance of Jan Adefelt. Soon he joined drummer Fredrik Norén's band together with the saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar. Already at this point one could sense that he would become a prominent figure in the Swedish jazz scene. Now his name is firmly rooted in the vibrant progressive selection as the new jazz generation.

He went through a personal crisis and did not record as a bandleader for more than seven years. Zetterberg was uncomfortable with his career and in 2010 he decided to leave the urban life including his bass, and moved to a Buddhist temple. There he resided for a year and still spends half of his time there in 2016. This existential crisis led to the production of the album Och Den Stora Frågan ("And the Big Question" in Swedish) in 2014. Here he collaborated with well known musicians from his earlier career, like the Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva and drummer Jon Fält, known from albums with pianist Bobo Stenson's trio. The album is "charged with joyful urgency, shiny optimism and confident flowing energy, despite the doubts and uncertainties that accompany any creative, artistic process", the reporter of All About Jazz stated in 2014."

-Wikipedia (

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"Fredrik Rundqvist was born in central Sweden but he has been living in Stockholm since 1994. Back in 2000 he won the Ronnie Gardiners Drummers Award, and he has been playing in an impressive number of albums and gigs in all continents both as member and guest of so many important Swedish bands like Velódrone, Håkan Goohde Trio, Johan Berke Upstairs Five, Karin Hammar Quartet, Sarah Blasko, Fredrik Nordström Kvintett/Trio, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Kvintett, Örjan Hultén Trio / Fakir & Karlsson, Gösta Rundqvist Trio, Yttling Jazz, Lina Langendorf Quintet, Berit Andersson-Göran Strandberg Quartet and, of course, Daniel Karlsson's Trio. " He is the son of pianist Gösta Rundqvist.

-Daniel Karlsson's Videos (

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Track Listing:

1. Needs 7:37

2. Fake Face 4:34

3. House of Tales 7:10

4. Hometown Prophet 5:51

5. Hope 7:29

6. Brand New Dollars 6:14

7. Morning Bliss 9:02

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