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Free Pantone Trio

A Blink Of An Eye To The Nature Of Things

Free Pantone Trio: A Blink Of An Eye To The Nature Of Things (FMR)

Free Pantone trio is a Portuguese musical group recently created in Lisbon by bassist Rui Sousa, pianist Manuel Guimaraes and drummer Joao Valinho, using a trans-idiomatic and experimental approach they seek to exploit diverse musical genres and sub-genres from jazz and contemporary music using improvisation and real-time composition as their uniting principle.

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product information:

UPC: 748079797291

Label: FMR
Catalog ID: 496-0618
Squidco Product Code: 26448

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: UK
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Diogo Sotto-Meyer Estudio, in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 23rd, 2018, by Diogo Sotto-Meyer.


Manuel Guimaraes-piano

Rui Sousa-bass

Joao Valinho-drums, objects

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Artist Biographies:

Portuguese pianist Manuel Guimarães is a member of Variable Geometry Orchestra, and Vitor Rua & The Metaphysical Angels. He has also released a solo album on the Creative Sources imprint.

-Squidco 5/25/2022

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"I was born in December 1969 in Lisbon. The first contacts I had with the arts began around the age of 5 in the holiday camps of (CRGE) the current EDP, and it was certainly this exhibition until the age of 12 which led me to develop a taste for music and also by the theater that I did in an amateur way but with some cadence during my childhood, my starting point, an awakening in this case for the music that has accompanied me throughout life. Much later I attended 2 training courses at UNL directed to early childhood and preschool with the theoretical basis and practice of Edwin Gordon's Musical Learning Theory (Musical Orientations for children from 0 to 9 years of age / Musical Orientations 1st Childhood and preschool) with teachers Edwin Gordon, Helena Rodrigues, Ana Paula Almeida and António Rocha. Later I developed the (PIS) Project Infante Sonoro - Musical learning for newborns and children of preschool age to put into practice what I had learned, I loved this project. I also attended the electric bass course of EJMA - Ecole de jazz et Musique Actuelle de Lausanne (Switzerland) 1992/1995. I have had some experiences as a monitor in activities related to children and music, various musical activities, and construction of musical instruments from waste. Also in this journey I wrote and played the puppet and marionettes theater piece "A trip of Dream" that toured the Algarve in 1999. I played in several original musical projects such as the IRS band and many others covers bands like, (JAB) that would later start my original band with 11 musicians the project (Adão & Elas). Still in the covers ... I was founder of the group (Zappanoia), project to pay homage to the work of Frank Zappa) with which I played in and out of Portugal doors, I participate in several activities and cultural events such Biennial Chaves / Vigo, Zappanale Music Festival (Germany) just to mention a few.

At the moment I am going through the meanders of the free improvisation music, but I worked last year with the guitarist Fernando Guiomar in his project (TRAPE-ZAPE) nevertheless I am always open for new experiences. I participated several times in (MIA) Encontro de música improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia. the larger event produced in Portugal related to free improvisation music.

Discography: Zappanoia - Portuguese Extraction 2003 (Portugal) / Participations: Miosótis - O Monstro e a sereia 2005 (Portugal) / Paulo Chagas - Songs From the books 2013 (Portugal) / Collecta: ZAPPANALE XIV 2004 (Germany) / ZAPPANALE 14 - Bad Doberan July 2003 (Germany) / You Can not do that In Spanish Anymore Vol.7 2004 (Spain) Videography: Zappanale 2003 Retrospective DVD 2004 (Germany)."

-Rui Sousa Website (

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"João Valinho is a percussionist and Visual Artist based in Lisbon, Portugal."

-Soundcloud (

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track listing:

1. Pantone A 5:18

2. Everything 11:04

3. Pantone B 9:25

4. Evaporates 5:53

5. Pantone C 8:41

6. Pantone D 6:56

7. Pantone E 8:29
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The promotion of the Free Pantone Trio, a Portuguese group formed by Manuel Guimarães (piano), Rui Sousa (bass guitar) and João Valinho (drums), presents the project as a trans-idiomatic experience, but if indeed the music we listen in this debut album incorporates aspects of several musical languages ​​(those of contemporary music, especially by the pianist, and rock, via the bassist, who once dedicated himself to interpret / convert Frank Zappa), something that is immediately evident in the themes of The Blink of an Eye to the Nature of Things is the jazz affiliation. The strategies are those of improvised music, but the matrix is ​​undoubtedly in jazz. Still, it is not the coordinates of the "piano jazz trio" that we find here: quite simply, the formation does not accept the hierarchical organization that comes with this model, preferring the equality and autonomy of the instrumental roles, as a result of the harmolodic games proposed by Ornette Coleman.

The influence of this is out there and also not because we are in the presence of a bass guitar, and not the usual (in jazz) bass, that there is some ancestry of a Steve Swallow, the main reference when we come across a situation. Fortunately, the avoidance of this disk is the application of stereotypes. Sousa and Valinho are very well in this "debut", but what most charms us is the work developed by Guimarães. Always with a free approach, congregated on the heritage of free jazz, what we hear has more connections with Paul Bley than with Cecil Taylor, which is not at all customary in the present scenario. The lyricism and the delicacy of its pianistic constructions coexist with a very rhythmic and even percussive sense, appearing this with weight, account and measure, albeit in a very natural way. And yes, decisively contributing to the immense pantone color catalog that music gives us."-Rui Eduardo Paes, Jazz.PT

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