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Louis Minus XVI: De Anima [VINYL] (BeCoq)

With a decade of experience, the Flandres, Netherlands free jazz quartet of Adrien Douliez on alto saxophone, Jean Baptiste Rubin on tenor saxophone, Maxime Petit on bass, and Frederic L'Homme on drums blend ethnic and world music with assertive playing, from groove oriented to more aggressive forms, a unique voice in free playing.

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product information:

Label: BeCoq
Squidco Product Code: 26440

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: France
Packaging: LP
Recorded at White Noise Studio, in Winterswijk, The Netherlands, on January 27th and 28th, 2017, by Marlon Wolterink.


Adrien Douliez-alto saxophone

Jean Baptiste Rubin-tenor saxophone

Maxime Petit-bass

Frederic L'Homme-drums

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Artist Biographies:

Adrien Douliez is a French saxophonist, known for the band Louis Minus XVI.

-Squidco 6/15/2022

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"Jean-Baptiste Rubin, saxophones. Jean-Baptiste Rubin plays in: Feldspar , The Octopus , Bi-Ki? , The Great Muzzix Orchestra. Initiated to the joys of music at the age of 12, JB Rubin abandons the saxophone for the benefit of the drums at the age where we like to play hard, to resume a few years later while exiled to Lille in 2001

He then meets improvised music and jazz thanks to Olivier Benoit in particular and begins a curriculum at the conservatories of Tourcoing and Lille. He is passionate about noise music, free improvisation, but also for more written forms, notably with rock. He currently plays in several formations: Bi-Ki?, Unik Ubik, Cheikh de Stael, Octopus, Woodish, Louis Minus XVI, Ventilo, etc.

He has also collaborated on projects that mix music with theater or dance."

-Muzzix (Translated by Google) (

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"Obnoxious bassist since 1984.

Somehow got a degree in philosophy and studied with musicians such as Olivier Benoit, Jean-Luc Guionnet...

Likes to think he's a pop musician, always ends up doing weird stuff.

Has been playing in various free/punk/noise bands, touring french freaks scene extensively.

Also performed at venues/events such as Stadtgarten (Köln), Les Ateliers Claus (Brussels), Incubate (Tilburg), Kill The Silence (Hong Kong), Jack (New York), Cave 12 (Genève), Météo (Mulhouse)........

Has been lucky enough to play with : Will Guthrie, Ava Mendoza, Pascal Comelade, Julien Desprez, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux, Lahcen Akil, Daniel Carter, Shane Parish, Jasper Stadhouders, Anaïs Maviel, Bertrand Denzler, Brandon Lopez, Barbara Dang, Brandon Seabrook, Renya Ketoglo, Ron Anderson, Enzo Zbiegiel, Fapy Lafertin, Ryan Oslance, Carlo Costa, Jean-Baptiste Rubin, Adrien Douliez, Frédéric L'homme, Marco Moercant, Pierre Toys, Quentin Conrate, Pierre Denjean, René Aquarius, Otto Kokke...

Artist-in-Residence at La Malterie (Lille)"

-Maxime Petit Website (

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Frederic L'Homme is a drummer who lives in Lille, France. He studied at Jazz at Conservatoire de Tourcoing. He is associated with SaSo, Drummer at Monsieur Thibault and Drummer at FLUO Sauvage, JFC Big Band, Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai and IUT A Lille 1.

-Squidco 6/15/2022

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track listing:


1. Lustig Traurig 08:56

2. Violence Gratuite 02:21


1. I Want You Lemchabeb 09:26

2. Une Certaine Dose De Tendresse 08:51
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"It's been almost 10 years since Louis Minus XVI reigned over the free jazz of the Flandres. Fortunately for us, his reign is not ready to stop with this new album "De Anima".

This Art Ensemble of Lille is hyperactive. In addition to three albums and a split with the Berber artist Lahcen Akil, we find members of the quartet in equally ambitious projects, such as Unik Ubik, M.Thibault, Hook, L'Atelier d'Education Musicale du Centre Social Raymond Poulidor, but also in the company of avant-garde cult figures such as Daniel Carter or Pascal Comelade.

The music of Louis Minus XVI is revolutionary, humanist scaffold jazz whose alto and tenor saxophones Adrien Douliez and Jean Baptiste Rubin are the breath of life. They mix, accompany each other, clash stereophonically, and systematically fall back on their legs like a gutter cat skirmish.

Frederic L'Homme's abrasive drum play, from which chaos emanates, adds depth to this dialogue, and airs the space with world music incursions reminiscent of Okay Temiz's work.

This twilight jazz, sometimes composed of afrobeat, is led by the stretchy and incisive bass of Maxime Petit, whose aggressiveness fades with a soft groove finesse, evoking the chaâbi sounds.

The experience is total live, in perfect symbiosis, Louis Minus XVI guarantee a trance at the crossroads of Post-Punk and Be-Bop.

The icing on the cake, they happen mostly in small places, close to people, reflecting the state of mind that unites them. "-Sam Nolin

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