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Monniot, Christophe & Grand Orchestre du Tricot: Jericho Sinfonia (Ayler)

A unique ensemble performing a long-form composition by French saxophonist Christophe Monniot with the 12-piece Grand Orchestre du Tricot, 12 movements that are punctuated by layered spoken words, a subtle and sophisticated work realized with performers including Roberto Negro, Florian Satche, Quentin Biardeau, Jean-Baptiste Lacou, &c.

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UPC: 7329470171593

Label: Ayler
Catalog ID: AYLCD-156
Squidco Product Code: 25742

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded at "La Fabrique", in Meung-sur-Loire, France, on December 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th, 2015, by Matthieu Pion.


Christophe Monniot-sopranino saxophones, alto saxophone, composition

Sylvie Gasteau-sound design, libretto

Roberto Negro-piano

Valentin Ceccaldi-cello, electric fretless bass, percussion

Adrien Chennebault-drums

Florian Satche-drums, percussion

Guillaume Aknine-electric guitar

Quentin Biardeau-soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone

Gabriel Lemaire-alto saxophone, baritone saxophone

Jean-Baptiste Lacou-trombone

Alexis Persigan-trombone

Yoann Loustalot-trumpet, cornet

Alan Regardin-trumpet

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"This recording is a real novelty. Not only chronologically. This is a novelty in the purest sense, in the sense of a genuine rarity. Here Christophe Monniot tries and succeeds in what has been little attempted in recent years in the world of jazz. What does this singularity consist of? We can mention three aspects that characterize it: a concept album, very rich materials and the spiritual dimension. Inspired by an inner necessity, Christophe Monniot and his collaborators have elaborated a very personal music, even revolutionary, and as such disturbing. It is a music that resists its own reification, it refuses to be an object and presents itself to us as a subject. It engages in an interaction, it solicits an answer and constitutes, by this personal challenge and this respect of the listener, a prophetic and essential voice in jazz today."-Michel Petrossian, from the liner notes

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Artist Biographies

"Christophe Monniot is a saxophonist in jazz born in Caen . He holds a first prize unanimously Jazz and improvised music CNSMD of Paris . He won the first solo prize at the National Jazz Competition of La Défense .

He began by studying the trumpet , before preferring the saxophone , all at the conservatory of Caen , and obtained a master's degree in musicology at the University of Rouen . He is noticed in the group of Laurent Dehors , Tous Dehors , then with the creation of the Campania of the music to hear , musico-rustic trio delusional with his companions Rémi Sciuto and Denis Charolles . His impressive solo qualities have earned him a place in Stéphan Oliva's , Daniel Humair's , Patrice Caratini's , and festive groups.Rite of Fred Pallem's eardrum .

Christophe Monniot will also be called by Paolo Damiani to participate in the adventure of the ONJ from 2000 to 2002.

His favorite saxophones are viola , baritone and to a lesser extent sopranino .

He adds to his iconoclastic side by titling his songs in an original way: Drama down (pun on Drum and bass ), Rhetoric for a barbarian , The walk muskrat , or completely deconstructing standards like Desafinado or Muskrat Ramble.

Christophe Monniot is not afraid of original projects: he created in 2001 Coutances a solo show on Tino Rossi , revisited in his own way. In 2007, he created Vivaldi Universal , control Rhino Jazz Festival, to reinterpret the Four Seasons of Vivaldi , in the light of climate change 1 . Martial Solal will describe this album as: "total success: everything is there: invention, technique, originality, madness, seriousness, lyrics, music, (...) 2 .

Christophe Monniot and Emil Spanyi, a well-known keyboard player, created Ozone in 2006 to offer a very personal, resolutely electric and electronic reading of jazz standards (from Duke Ellington to Antonio Carlos Jobim). Their first CD was hailed by the Charles Cros Academy. Their second album was released in September 2010 at BMC, a Hungarian label specializing in improvised European music, and was hailed by critics.

Christophe Monniot has also proven his talent in the field of music writing, whether for large training like JPOA 3 , or for smaller formulas (the trio Ozone or Moniomania). The saxophonist-composer has a pronounced taste for sound alloys strippers or unpublished.

A well-known composer, he shared his work with conservatory students in 2005, publishing "Duos pour 2 saxophones" 4 , published in February 2005, five emblematic compositions of his vast repertoire: Waltz for Alex - Twist - The redhead - Mechanics Samovar - The drunk of the Bride.

With Station Mir, a new project, he explores all the expressive facets of an acoustic trio whose instrumentation refers as much to chamber music as to imaginary folklore. This formula was inaugurated in Grenoble in April 2010, with accordionist Didier Ithursarry and violist Guillaume Roy."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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Sylvie Gasteau is a sound designer and electronic who has worked with groups, Kimono, Reggae La Campagnie Des Musiques A Ouir, Monio Mania, saxophonist Christophe Monniot.

-Squidco 9/20/2023

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"Although born in Torino to Italian parents, Roberto Negro grew up in French-speaking Kinshasa, in Zaire, which gave him his first musical experiences.

Through a multitude of inter-disciplinary collaborations, Roberto has flirted with theatre, poetry and theatrical song . In 2011, he also participated in creating the musicians' association project "TRICOLLECTIF", which became the main focus for his creations. He founded the La Scala quartet with Théo Ceccaldi on violin, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello and Adrien Chennebault on drums, all members of Tricollectif, then in 2012, Loving Suite pour Birdy So, a sort of mini-opera for a string quintet and singer, with the singer Elise Caron, developing a deliciously moving variation on the subject of love, hovering between song, improvisation and a new version of classical traditions.

Always on the look out for new opportunities, refreshing experiences and idiomatic experiments that know no boundaries, Roberto Negro is currently working on a number of projects. On top of them, his brand new trio Dadada with Emile Parisien and Michele Rabbia will be recorded for Label Bleu. But also Garibaldi Plop, with Sylvain Darrifourcq and Valentin Ceccaldi the Kimono quartet with Christophe Monniot; his duo with Emile Parisien, Les Métanuits - a playful adaptation for saxophone and piano of first György Ligeti's string quartet; the duo with Théo Ceccaldi, Danse de Salon.

Since 2013 he collaborates as a composer, pianist and musical director with the theatrical company Les Veilleurs, leaded by Emilie Leroux.

His versatile style allows him to play alongside vastly different musicians, including Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Daniel Humair, Laurent Dehors, Franck Vaillant, Andy Emler, Joce Mienniel, David Enhco, Luis Vicente, Nicolas Crosse and Eric-Maria Couturier from the Ensemble Inter-Contemporain.

In 2016, Roberto is one of the " young revelations " for the french review Jazz Magazine."

-Roberto Negro Website (

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Valentin Ceccaldi, born on February 3, 1989, is a French cellist, bass player, composer and improviser. He had the opportunity to study with Raphaële Semezis, Florian Lauridon, Joëlle Léandre, Vincent Courtois, Elise Dabrowski, Pascal Contet, PRINT and Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer. He is known for his own groups, and Chamber 4, Deux Maisons, Durio Zibethinus, EAT, Flo&Co, Grand Orchestre Du Tricot, Guillotine, In Love With, Joëlle Léandre 10, Kut, La Scala (2), Lent, Marcel Et Solange, MilesDavisQuintet!, Pelouse, Points), Qöölp, Théo Ceccaldi Freaks, Théo Ceccaldi Trio, Toons, and Walabix.

-Valentin Ceccaldi Website (

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"Adrien Chennebault - Drums, Percussion. He started playing drums at the age of 11 at Musique & Equilibre with Eric L'Heudé, who will introduce him in parallel to Afro-Cuban drumming. It is then naturally, the ears full of music of all horizons, that it rubs with the improvisation and integrates the Quartier Jazz group, with which it will make its first weapons on stage and in studio.

In 2003 he joined the group Minuit Guibolles, playing an original repertoire around traditional French music, and striving to make a point of honor to dance, he co-founded in 2006 the band Dites 34 (Laureat Orléans' Jazz 2008), extending this work, always seeking to mix improvisation and dance within an original music. In 2009, he graduated from the Didier Lockwood Music Center, where he has the chance to work with André Charlier, Franck Agulhon, Dominique Di Piazza, Pierre de Bethmann, Stephane Huchard, Stephane Guillaume... It's the same year that he joins Walabix.

Today he also performs regularly with the Roberto Negro Trio, the Bled'Art Acoustic Band, Roads Quartet "Riding with Jack". He has had the opportunity to play in various international festivals such as: Ollin Kan Festival (Mexico City), Noorderzoon Festival (Gröningen, Netherlands), Miri Jazz Festival (Miri, Malaysia), Centro Historico Festival (Mexico City), International Jazz Festival of Guatemala (Guatemala), Brosella Folk & Jazz (Brussels, Belgium), Santa Agatha di Puglia (Lecce, Italy)... and participate in creations with the following artists: Israel Moreno (Chiapas, Mexico), Silverio Pessoa (Recife, Brazil), Byron Sosa (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Mauricio Sotelo (Mexico City), João Frade (Albufeira, Portugal)..."

-Tricollectif (Translated by Google) (

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MARCEL & SOLANGEThe group was formed in 2009 and produced its first album in 2011 which received a very enthusiastic welcome from the press (Revelation Jazz magazine, Elu Citizen jazz ...)The trio was then laureate of the springboard jazz defense "3rd prize of band and Prix de soliste for Gabriel Lemaire " Marcel and Solange wins Jazz migration 2013

TOONSThis quintet brings together Théo Ceccaldi Trio and Marcel & Solange, 3 + 3 = 5Valentin Ceccaldi (cello, composition), Gabriel Lemaire (sax), Guillaume Aknine (guit), Théo Ceccaldi (vln)1st Prix of the Orléans'Jazz springboard 2013, Soloist Award for Florian Satche and Composition for Valentin Ceccaldi at the European Jazz Springboard 2013 in Avignon.

WHAT SAUCE? Roberto Negro and Florian Satche like to stir their eardrums and their taste buds. They emulsify, season, mince, sounds and melodies around culinary texts and recipes of Joëlle Léandre, Alexandra Grimal, Pierre Dodet, Xavier Machault, Dimitry Hatton ...The creation in the spring of 2014 is supported by Dynamo blue suburbs of Pantin.

ORCHESTRA DU TRICOTFollowing a carte blanche from the Moulin de la Vapeur, he composes this orchestra with the main intention of distilling the obsolete love of Lucienne Boyer's songs. He calls for arrangements to Roberto Negro, Theo Ceccaldi and Valentin Ceccaldi"Tribute to Lucienne Boyer"this great Tricollective orchestra consisting of 11 musicians. With Florian Satche (Batt), Stéphane Decolly (b), Eric Amrofel (guit), Christophe Legrand (trb), Sacha Gillard (clar), Gabriel Lemaire (sax), Quentin Biardeau (sax), Roberto Negro (paino), Valentin Ceccaldi (cello), Theo Ceccaldi (vln), Angela Flahault (vocals)

OTHER PROJECTSPETITE MOUTARDEThe 4tet of Théo Ceccaldi, a small form of L'ONJ Olivier Benoît premiered at the Atelier du Plateau in April 2014Théo Ceccaldi (violin, viola, compo), Alexandra Grimal (Saxs), Ivan Gelugne (Ctb), Florian Satche ( Batt)

CAN YOU HEAR METhe reformation of the tentacle of Joëlle Léandre creation 2014 (musica Strasbourg)Joëlle Léandre (ctb composition), Alexandra Grimal (sax), Christianne Bopp (Trb), Jean-luc Cappozo (trp), Franz Loriot (alt), Theo Céccaldi (vln), Valentin Céccaldi (vlc), Guillaume Aknine (gtr), Jean Brice Godet (clar), Florian Satche (Btr)

Company THE BADLY BABY BIRDSHe co- wrote and played with Quentin Biardeau the music of the show "The little story" Eugene Durif. As well as "on the Lande" with Gabriel Lemaire and Guillaume Aknine"

-Tricollectif (

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Guillaume Aknine is a French jazz guitarist, who is in the groups Joëlle Léandre 10, Théo Ceccaldi Trio, Toons.

-Discgos (

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"Quentin Biardeau is not old since he was born in 1988, he is saxophonist, composer, arranger, interpreter, improviser and co-founder of Tricollectif. He studied at the Conservatoire d'Orléans with F.Lecointe, F.Juranville, O.Perrin, and then at the Conservatoire de Paris for jazz with JC.Richard, E.Spanyi, J.Quitzke ... He studied writing At the conservatory of Aubervilliers near T.Lacôte."

-Tricollectif Website (translated by Google) (

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"Gabriel Lemaire is a French musician born March 8, 1989. He is a saxophonist (viola and baritone), clarinetist (sib and viola), improviser and composer.

His musical apprenticeship included Bertrand Dubreuil, Jean-Charles Richard, Francis Lecointe, Guillaume Orti and Hayden Chisholm.

He is currently involved in many projects ranging from SOLO to large orchestra. Among them, the YA SO MA trio, the ARQUES / LEMAIRE duo, the MACHAUT saxophone quartet, the MAÂT ensemble, MARCEL AND SOLANGE, WALABIX and the GRAND ORCHESTRE du TRICOT. In addition, he works according to the meetings in the theater (company THE BIRDS MAL HABILLES), the dance (BRUISSEMENT DE PELLES) and the performance (PETITE NATURE).

He co-founded the BATISSEURS DE PONTS collective, a collective organizing concerts of improvised music every week in Orléans, as well as the TRICOLLECTIF, bringing together musicians from Orléans and Paris around improvised music.

He plays and has played with Sophie Agnel, Guillaume Aknine, Eric Amrofel, Yves Arques, Jean Aussanaire, Quentin Biardeau, Samuel Blaser, Richard Bohringer, Joao Camoes, Theo Ceccaldi, Valentin Ceccaldi, Adrien Chennebault, Quentin Conrate, Fran Cossavella, Simon Couratier , Alexis Coutureau, Stéphane Decolly, Fidel Fourneyron, Anouck Genthon, Frank Gratkowski, Dimitri Hatton, Leo Jassef, Liz Kosack, Théo Lanau, William Laudinat, Nicolas Larmignat, Francis Lecointe, Bart Maris, Anton Mobin, Christopher Monniot, Roberto Negro, Satchie Noro, Poline Renou, Akosh Szelevényi Florian Satché Arthur Simonini, Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Luis Vicente, Luise Volkmann, Stephen Ziemniak.

He has performed in France and abroad on many stages, including the Théâtre du Châtelet, the festival Weather, Jazz à Vienne, Jazz Europa, Jazz Nevers, Detours de Babel, Petit Faucheux, Paris Jazz Festival, Jazz at La Défense, AJMI, Jazz Luberon, Jazzdor, Chinon Jazz Festival, Charlie Free, National Stage Malakoff, National Scene of Orleans, Ghent Hot Club, Porto Hot Club, Salao do Brazil in Coimbra, De Werf ..."

-Gabriel Lemaire Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Jean-Baptiste Lacou: trombonist. He began his musical studies at the Conservatory of Orleans where he obtained his DEM trombone in 2007 before joining the CNSMD Lyon in 2008. He received his Master's degree of musician performer in 2012. His strong taste for creation led him to specialize in contemporary music. He then worked with artists such as Pierre Boulez, Benny Sluchin and Peter Robinson. It is this same attraction for the new techniques that makes him cross the road of the Soundpainting in 2008 with the collective Orléanais "Paint Atonik". His meeting with Walter Thompson in 2009 led him to explore this mode of composition in real time in the most diverse forms, from trio to formations of more than 10 musicians, direction and trombone. He has also been invited since 2010 from the "Think Tank" (world meeting of Soudpainters) to contribute to the advancement of language.

At the same time, following his studies of classical music, he regularly collaborates with the French national orchestras (National Orchestra of Lyon, National Orchestra of Lorraine, Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, National Opera of Lyon, ...) Jazz as well as electronic music are also an integral part of his influences: he performs several times at the Orleans Jazz Festival and is currently working on a hybrid jazz-electro project aimed at making electronic music more lively on stage. All these experiences make Jean-Baptiste LACOU a complete and comfortable musician in the complex and volatile sound of SPANG! with which he has been working since 2012."

-Le Spang (Translated by Google) (

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"After obtaining a degree in musical studies and Classical trombone in the Conservatory of Nantes (France), Alexis Persigan was admitted to the Conservatory of Tours, where he studied composition and to " Jazz à Tours ", the Jazz studies department of the Con-servatory. He completed both degrees in 2010.

Alexis plays in a variety of styles with such formations as Air Brigitte (an electric Jazz quartet), Tower-Bridge (Marc Ducret), Fastorgan (an improvisational music trio), Oblik (improvisational Jazz, on the album Order/Disorder, 2014), Les Pompiers (incendiary Jazz), Je-richo Sinfonia (the orchestra formation of the musicians collective Tricollectif) and the Balkanic Orkestar.

Alexis is currently a member of the Capsul collective and plays reg-ularly with many musicians."

-Aut Records (

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"Singular voice of the trumpet in the hexagon, prolific and original composer, Yoann Loustalot is also very sought after as sideman as for example recently in the Palatino quartet of Aldo Romano. He leads various projects at the same time as the trio AEROPHONE atypical training - trumpet, drums, bass - devoid of harmonic instrument, working the raw sound material. AEROPHONE continues its quest for new spaces and the taste of the game dominates in the choice to try this bet, so rare in history, as nowadays, a basic trio with trumpet."

Yoann Loustalot was born in 1974. After studying classical trumpet in the Nantes region, then at the conservatories of Versailles and Bordeaux, he devoted himself fully to jazz. In Bordeaux, he founded the sextet "GRAND SIX" with the guitarist and trombonist Mr. Gadou, a multi-faceted group with which he scours the great South West. At the same time he works with the arranger Do Harson. It is also the time of the meeting with the old bluesman master Victor Brox (Aynsley Dunbar) that he accompanies regularly for several years.

Installed soon after in Paris, he is asked in many projects, his peers appeal to him, so he joins among others the VINTAGE ORCHESTRA, the group of Brisa Roché. In 2002, he won the first solo prize at the Sunside Trophy in Paris. His elders solicit him too. He is a member of the quintet drummer Fred Jeanne, with the harmonica player Olivier Ker Ourio. He plays and records alongside renowned jazz musicians such as Dave Liebman or Lee Konitz. Steve Williams, the drummer of the legendary singer Shirley Horn calls on Yoann to play in his quintet alongside Andy Mackee and Olivier Hutman."

-Yoann Loustalot Website (Translated by Google) (

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Trumpeter Alan Regardin lives in Nantes, France and has been in the groups Oblik, Pang Pung Trio, Raha, and Derby Derby.

-Squidco 9/20/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Veni Veni Emmanuel 3:16

2. Pre-Hymne 3:03

3. Hymne 1 - Fil Rouge 1 9:03

4. Paix Nombres 8:05

5. Hymne 2 - Fil Rouge 2 8:08

6. Sonne, Heure ! 5:44

7. Hymne 3 7:43

8. Fil Rouge 3 1:11

9. Ultime Atome 9:06

10. Dans Cite 11:21

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