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Rollet, Quentin / Jean-Marc Foussat / Christian Rollet: Entree Des Puys De Grele (Fou Records)

The french electroacoustic improvising trio of synth player and engineer Jean-Marc Foussat (Fou Records) with the father/son pair of saxophonist Quentin Rollet (Workshop De Lyon) and drummer/percussionist Christian Rollet (Rectangle Records, Bisou), in a rich, intensifying and often enthusiastically exploding set of extended and masterful improvisations.

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UPC: 3770001097046

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD30
Squidco Product Code: 25660

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Lac de Malaguet, in Auvergne, France, on February 4th, 5th and 6th, 2017, by Jean-Marc Foussat.


Quentin Rollet-alto clarinet, sopranino saxophone, electronics

Christian Rollet-drums, percussion

Jean-Marc Foussat-synthesizer, voice

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"[...] The improvisations by this trio have interesting and original sound - musicians like brave and innovative experiments, search and extract new and extraordinary timbres, use inventive musical decisions. Their improvisations are very dynamic and expressive. Various elements of avant-garde and modern jazz, academical and electronic music intonations and other music styles are synthesized together in one place. Different styles, musical expressions, original and unique playing by each musician gently fit in one place and make the whole album sound expressive, dynamic and vivacious. All three musicians have been playing, collaborating and recording albums with many avant-garde jazz masters of France, Europe and America jazz scene - it's Eugene Chadburn, Noel Akchote, Augustin Brousseloux, Colin Potter, Ramon Lopez, Roger Turner, Joe McPhee, Jamai Moss and many others.

This album compositions are based on synthesis of various music styles. Avant-garde jazz and experimental music - these two different music styles are the main styles of these compositions. There's also are heard many elements of bebop, hard-bop and other modern jazz styles, intonations of contemporary academical music, electronic music and free improvisation. Compositions have free structure, polyphonic and rich musical pattern, which is contained of many different musical expressions. Expressive and vivacious saxophones melodies played by Quentin Rollet make a high effort to whole sound. Saxophonist improvisations are full of wild fast and furious solos, has sharp, aggressive, extraordinary and striking sound. Spontaneously made solos, evocative, especially expressive, passionate and vivacious improvisations, unusual timbres and other elements gently fit together with electronics. Improviser inventively and creatively use and combines together unusual timbres of acoustic instruments and various playing techniques of electronic music. His improvisations are dynamic, full of sudden changes, concrete and electronic music sounds, academical music intonations are masterfully fused together with expressive, wild fast, contrasting and extravagant saxophones improvisations. Jean-Marc Foussat synth and voice improvisations highly effect the improvisations sound and make it sound more effective and interesting. He try out many different playing techniques - field recordings, nature and street sounds, wide range of electronic music playing techniques are masterfully combined with voice improvisations. Jean-Marc Foussat and Quentin Rollet electronic music instruments improvisations create and keep solid, interesting and gorgeous background. Voice and saxophones duos have effective and expressive sound, are based on individual playing style and manner. Saxophones melodies are very energetic and passionate, voice improvisations have calm, peaceful and monotonic sound for the most of the time. Compositions also have very dynamic and strong rhythmical section which is leaded by Christian Rollet. Percussionist and drummer try out many different playing techniques - his music for the most of the time is very expressive, dynamic, active and extremely energetic. Powerful, vibrant, energetic and active drum solos are fused with unusual, extraordinary and gorgeous percussion sounds. Rhythmical and melodic sections are independent and highly differ from each other. All three musicians are improvising marvelously, inventively, free and spontaneously - collective trio improvisations are the most effective, passionate and interesting episodes of the album. Rich and evocative musical language, inventive and masterful improvising make original and interesting sound of this album."

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Artist Biographies

"Sax player (alto and sopranino), improviser, producer (Bisou Records, reQords, Rectangle Records). Plays with many bands. Among them are The Red Krayola, Nurse With Wound, Prohibition, Thierry Müller, Mendelson, Davis Grubbs, Rubin Steiner, Akosh S. Unit, Herman Dune, Cyann & Ben, Charlie O, Eugene Chadbourne, Jac Berrocal, Phoebe Killdeer..."

-Quentin Rollet Soundcloud Page (

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"Christian Rollet, Drums, Percussion, was born on 13/10/1948 in Nice, France.

Professional musician since 1968, He has participated in more than 50 records.

In the 70s, he plays in concert with the Workshop de Lyon, a few seasons with François Tusques and a summer with Steve Lacy.

He is one of the founding members of the ARFI (Research Association of an Imaginary Folklore) in 1977.

With the Workshop de Lyon, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, it has made 12 albums and more than 1000 concerts in Germany, Italy, Russia, Baltic States, USA, Canada, Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa.

He plays also in different ARFI bands : he is drummer for La Marmite Infernale (9 albums and many tours in France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Morocco, South Africa), member of the group of percussion Baron Samedi (creations, live music on movies, concerts and tours in France, Brazil, Ukraine), member of E'Guijecri, Palace d'Arfi, Villerd / Ayler Project, Vollat ​​3, etc.

Apart from ARFI, he regularly collaborates with Daunik Lazro (Daunik Lazro Quintet, And His Orchestra, Radical Roots).

In addition to his musical activities, he founded La Carrérarie, a musical theater company with Maurice Merle and Steve Waring (tours in France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Japan).

He staged " Le Roi démonté ", opera of Alain Gibert and Steve Waring, " Le carnaval des petits trottoirs " at the Cité de la Musique in Paris with more than 150 children and the group Baron Samedi.

Co-Author / Artistic Director of Nuit Arfi: Bobigny, Bath Festival, Kiev Palace of October, Inauguration of the Cité de la Musqiue in Paris, Inauguration of Le Parvis in Tarbes, etc.

Since 2014 he is also one of the storytellers / musicians / artistic directors of Auvergne Imaginée."

-Bisou Records (

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"Jean-Marc Foussat (born March 19, 1955 in Oran ) is a French composer and improvisational musician ( guitar, piano, live electronics ).

Since the mid-1970s, Foussat had belonged to groups such as Lézard Marçio, in which he contributed the sounds of concrete music with magnetic tapes. In 1981, he finished his first solo album, Abattage, which was released in 1983. In the ensemble Marteau Rouge (with the guitarist Jean-François Pauvros and the drummer Makoto Sato), he also collaborated with Evan Parker. Together with the saxophonist Sylvain Guérineau, he formed the duo Aliquid, which also appeared with Joe McPhee ( Quod, 2014). In addition to soloprograms, he also starred with Noël Akchoté / Roger Turner, Samuel Blaser, Émilie Lesbros, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Sophie Agnel, Daunik Lazro and numerous other musicians, as well as the Fortuna 21 Octet of Raymond Boni and the department of education psychique on."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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Track Listing:

1. Piste 01 10:58

2. Piste 02 27:17

3. Piste 03 5:00

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Improvised Music
Free Improvisation
Electro-Acoustic Improv
European Improvisation, Composition and Experimental Forms
Trio Recordings

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