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Buechi, Sarah

Contradiction Of Happiness

Buechi, Sarah: Contradiction Of Happiness (Intakt)

An engaging set of modern jazz songs from Swiss singer Sarah Buechi in a septet of primarily string players + drums, expanding her more typical quartet, each composition imbuing a lyrical sense of drama and expressiveness around sophisticated and cosmopolitan themes, her seductive voice interacting with the band and giving her players space to improvise.

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product information:

UPC: 7640120192990

Label: Intakt
Catalog ID: INT299
Squidco Product Code: 25461

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded at Hardstudios , in Winterthur, Switzerland, on June 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017, by Andy Neresheimer*.


Sarah Buechi-voice

Stefan Aeby-piano

Andre Pousaz-double bass

Lionel Friedli-drums

Estelle Beiner-violin

Isabelle Gottraux-viola

Sara Oswald-cello

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Artist Biographies:

"Sarah Buechi was raised in a musically active family and started playing the violin and piano at the age of five. After an award for a self-written musical theater she decided to take music as a profession. After graduating from Lucerne's prestigious Musikhochschule with two distinctions, she took a lengthy sabbatical in Bangalore immersing herself in South Indian Classical Music and Rhythm with concerts on festivals, radio and television. The results are apparent in her use of its demanding rhythmic and vocal techniques in a Jazz context. Out of her own projects THALi (Unit Records, 2010) is the first one that brought Sarah Buechi to the attention of the Swiss Jazz Scene and intern to international musical collaborations with outstanding personalities like Steve Coleman, Dave Liebman, Lucas Niggli, Nils Wogram, Ronan Guilfoyle, Christy Doran, Christoph Haberer and Christoph Stiefel. This brought her onto concerts, workshops and tours within Europe, South Amercia, USA, Canada, China and India. Sarah has been head of the Jazz vocal department at Newpark Music Centre, Dublin for four years (2008-2012), lived after that in London (2013-2015) and studied at the Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen (2012-2015). In Switzerland in 2005 she was awarded the Friedl-Wald-Foundation prize and three times she was awarded the Irish Travel and Training award for musical researches in Ghana, Paris, New York and Copenhagen.

Back in Switzerland, she taught at the MKZ, Zurich (2015-2018). Currently she is working at the Jazz vocal department of the WIAM, Winterthur (since 2016) and will start teaching at the vocal department of the Musikhochschule, Lucerne (HSLU) in September 2018.

In 2018 she is releasing her fourth album as a band leader on Intakt Records and collaborates with established musicians in various other projects."

-Sarah Buechi Website (

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"piano / rhodes / composition

born / né / geboren: 1979

some lessons with /quelques cours avec / einige lektionen bei: jean christophe cholet, marc copland, patrick müller, don friedman, art lande.

master of arts in: art history and musicology / histoire de l'art et musicologie / kunstgeschichte und musikwissenschaft

plays or played with / joue ou a joué avec / spielt oder spielte mit: Frank Tortiller, Gabriele Mirabassi, Rory Stuart, Bob Mintzer, Chris Potter, Claudio Puntin, Clarence Penn, David Pouradier Duteil, Yves Torchinsky, Bänz Oester, Samuel Rohrer, Lisette Spinnler, Claudio Pontiggia, Marcel Papaux, Samuel Blaser, Popol Lavanchy, Gustav, Julien Charlet, Rick Margitza, Patrice Moret, Stéphane Belmondo, Oscar D'Leon, Tom Harrell...

sideman for / membre des groupes / sideman bei: christoph irniger's pilgrim, lisette spinnler 4, sarah büechi shadow garden...

teaching at / enseigne à / unterrichtet in: hemu lausanne / conservatoire de fribourg

touring in / en tournée en / auf tour in: germany, france, ireland, switzerland, holland, belgium, poland, italy, austria, bulgaria, japan, south corea, china, malaysia, senegal, argentina, chile, uruguay, venezuela, haiti...

actually playing with / joue actuellement avec / spielt aktuell mit:

stefan aeby trio (feat stefan aeby, andré pousaz, michi stulz)christoph irnigers pilgrim (feat christoph irniger, dave gisler, raffaele bossard, michi stulz)sarah buechi shadow garden (feat sarah buechi, andré pousaz, lionel friedli)lisette spinnler 4 (feat. lisette spinnler, patrice moret, michi stulz)"

-Stefan Aeby Website (

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"André Pousaz was born on 14 July 1983 in Visp (VS). Since the age of nine, he is dedicated to the double bass playing. After 10 years teaching in the field of classical music with solo double bass player Christian Geiser followed the Matura diploma with a focus on music. Afterwards he started his studies at the Lucerne School of Music Lucerne, where he graduated with honors 4 years later. His teachers were Heiri Känzig, Wolfgang Zwiauer and Herbie Kopf."

-Andre Pousaz Website (Translated by Google) (

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Lionel Friedli (born 1975 in Moutier) is a Swiss jazz percussionist. He has performed with Christoph Stiefel Inner Language Trio, Christy Doran's Bunter Hund, Christy Doran's New Bag, Heiri Känzig Quintet, Le Pot, Lucien Dubuis Trio, Manuel Mengis Gruppe 6, Nicolas Masson Parallels, OZMO, Qoniak, Sarah Buechi's THALi, Vera Kappeler Trio, Whisperings

-Squidco, Discogs 3/1/2021

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Violinist Estelle Beiner has been a member of The Ocean and Spacetet.

-Squidco 3/1/2021

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Isabelle Gottraux is a violist known for groups The Spacetet, The Ocean, Lucien Dubuis Trio & The Spacetet, and has recorded with Sarah Buechi.

-Squidco 3/1/2021

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"Sara Oswald was born in Fribourg and began playing the cello at the conservatory with Simon Zeller. In 1998, she entered the Lausanne Superior Conservatory in the class of Marc Jaermann, where she obtained her teaching diploma in 2002. She then took lessons in improvisation at the EJMA with Popol Lavanchy. In parallel, she obtained a Masters in baroque cello at the Geneva Conservatory with Bruno Cocset, having studied with him for a long period in Paris and Barcelona. She is a member of several pop-rock, electro and singing groups, notably Mmmh!, Goodbye Ivan, La Compagnie Eustache, François Vé, Pascal Rinaldi, La compagnie de l'Ovale and Pascal Rinaldi. She collaborates with numerous artists including Sophie Hunger, Olivia Pedroli, Stress, Jérémie Kisling, Yvette Théraulaz, etc. She also composes music for the theatre." (

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track listing:

1. Child Of Our Times 4:42

2. Never Enough 5:49

3. After We've Kissed 8:01

4. Fahamore (Paradise) 8:25

5. Wheel Of Temptation 5:23

6. Here And Now 5:25

7. The Word 7:21

8. Snow Trail 7:20

9. Schonschte Obigstarn 5:01

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"After Flying Letters and Shadow Garden, Sarah Buechi is releasing her third album on Intakt Records, Contradiction of Happiness. She has seized the opportunity to take her music in a new direction, and has augmented her superb quartet - with pianist Stefan Aeby, bassist Andre Pousaz and drummer Lionel Friedli - with the addition of three string players. "The results are extremely convincing." writes Manfred Papst in the liner notes. "She demonstrates once again that her compositions are far more than run-of-the mill songs with verses, rhymes and a chorus. They are ingeniously structured mini-dramas in which complex stories are told in a confined space. They are poetically dense, with vocal beauty and an enormous spectrum of expression. Their music is sophisticated, thoughtful, but also very sensual. The wonderful 'After We've Kissed' on the new album is the best example of this."-Intakt

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