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FCT Trio meets Carlos Atti (Atti / Graziano / Evangelista / Cusa): From Sun Ra to Donald Trump (Clean Feed)

With humorous titles referencing everything from Sun Ra to Donald Trump, Italian drummer Francesco Cusa's quartet with Carlo Atti (sax), Simone Graziano (piano) and Gabriele Evangelista (bass), reimagine the concepts of traditional jazz standards and formats into contemporatry approaches of composition and playing, in a serious and lyrical album of modern creative jazz.

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Carlo Atti-tenor sax

Simone Graziano-piano

Gabriele Evangelista- bass

Francesco Cusa-drums

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UPC: 5609063004496

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF449
Squidco Product Code: 25204

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio Ermes in Vignola, Rome, Italy, on November 23rd, 2016, by Marco Ferri.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"With the kind of humouristic approach characteristic of all things Italian, drummer Francesco Cusa turned the band he founded to play jazz standards into a project dealing, through his original compositions and orchestrations, with the search of the existing possibilities to "re-evoke an epoch and transpose it into the contemporary". And here are the first consequences, maintaining the "identity process" of the "fervid creative moment in black culture" which was defined 50 years ago by Sun Ra.

For this endeavour, he invited Carlo Atti, a tenor saxophonist with an acclaimed career in the mainstream of Italian jazz. The music is less funny, or crazy, than the titles of the pieces suggest (for instance: "Fiscal Regime in the Life of a New York Taxidriver-Jazzman" or "Keynes and the Macro-Theory of the Structural Implosion of the Standard"), but the FCT Trio and their guest manage to surprise us, subverting the most obvious aspects of the standard jazz format (or the fake of it, because there's no "real book" on sight).

There's an overall idea that music can change what nowadays is politically, socially and economically wrong, backing off to more happy days, but if the concept is debatable, because of the nostalgic element and because it gives to much responsability to the art of sounds, the result is a marvelous record. In this case only, the means amply justify the purposes."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"Carlo moves first in the world of music, accompanies a flute across, at the age of six, attending classical studies under the guidance of Prof. Ivano Melato (the first flute of the Bologna orchestra) in the town of Molinella where and He is born and still alive. He continues to study music at the Conservatory of Ferrara by flanking the flute to the tenor sax , which immediately recognizes " the medium with which he is better able to communicate ".

Just as eleven, he takes the role of saxophonist tenor in the dance band of Master Alberto Masotti, where he comes into contact with the atmospheres of the jazz standards and boogie woogie, with which he stops focusing on the score only, beginning to experiment as an improviser.

In adolescence he approaches the insatiable listening of vinyls of classic and contemporary jazz musicians from Coltrane to Rollins to Bob Berg and Steve Grossman, and now seventeen he decides to move to neighboring Bologna to face a period of study with master Giorgio Baiocco . Baiocco introduces him into the entourage of promising musicians and students who animate Bologna for those years and prepares him for his debut as a leading band at Milan's "Capolinea".

From this moment Carlo starts to attend concerts and concerts, get the first gigs and, above all, collaborate with musicians such as Steve Grossman, Larry Nocella, Sal Nistico and Massimo Urbani, who has a very important musical growth and with whom he shares intense human experiences. In this frame of music and life of Bologna, Sandro Berti Ceroni (who with the late Alberto Alberti gave birth to the Jazz Festival in Bologna in the 90's) notes and gives him the opportunity to record his first album "Straight Ahead "In quartet with Fred Henke, Massimo Dall'Omo and Luciano Milanese. Preparing for the record debut recording in 88 "Yell" with Massimo Urbani ,participate in Umbria jazz with "the new Italian sextet" ?? (Tamburini, Odorici, Cazzola, Vaggi, Tonolo, Acts), winning the Four Roses prize and in the 1990s he joined Steve Grossman at the opening concert of the Biennial of Young Artists in Europe in Marseille.

The nineties are for Charles time for important collaborations. Incorporated in '94 "Lucky Serenade" with Luciano Milanese, Andrea Pozza and Bob Braye, performs in '95 at Ronnie Scott's of London with Rossi, Pozza, Tavolazzi and Bandini (it is the first Italian formation to perform in this legendary London club). with Bob Mover with "Sweet Beat" in 1997 with the formation of Steve Ellington, Jeff Johnson, Hal Galper.

At the end of ninety Charles, he senses the need to know the overseas musical environment and here it is, and still continues, to spend short and long periods in New York. In the years 2000, when he is not in NYC, Carlo often performs at "Gregory's" in Rome, at this time goes back to "The best thing for you" recorded in 2008 with guitarist Emanuele Basentini. A couple of years later, fascinated by his style and sound, Frank Morocco contacted him to engage "Changes".

In the same year he participated in the Abu dhabi festival with the quintet of Bobby Dhuram. Eclectic and curious personality, Carlo, although indisputably linked to the jazz language, collaborates and works with Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Rossana Casale, Neffa and Skiantos.

At the moment (in the last gloss for accuracy) Carlo, though not neglecting the concert activities, dedicates himself to a project of intimate bond with the instrument. Assuming in good manual , in the passion for the mechanics handed down by his father Umberto formerly by his grandfather Ubaldo and in the aerodynamic knowledge of twenty years of aeromodellism, he concentrated on the search for the dynamics of the passage of air within the mouth of the sax and as a result of obtaining the sound or the sounds sought for the best."

-Carlo Atti Website (Translated by Google) (

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"In recent years, Simone Graziano is chiefly involved in his talent as a bandleader and composer, creating a kind of music that is influencing the new generation of Italian musicians.

Born in Florence, he graduated with the highest grade in classical piano under the guidance of Master Stefano Fiuzzi at the Conservatory "Luigi Cherubini" in Florence. At the same time as classical music, he deepens the study of jazz language by attending Boston's Berklee School of Music. He has worked with masters such as John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Mulgrew Miller, Riccardo Fassi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Stefano Bollani, Franco D'Andrea and Aaron Goldberg. In these years he has had the opportunity to play and record with many musicians including Ares Tavolazzi, Tim Berne, Chris Speed, David Binney, Stefano "Cocco" Cantini, Gilad Atzmon, Battista Lena, Paul McCandless, Stefano Bollani, Nico Gori many others.

In 2009 he recorded his first record work "Lightwalls" with Ares Tavolazzi at the double bass and Stefano Tamborrino on the drum published by Dodicilune label.

In 2013 comes the first record of his quintet Frontal, published by Auand Records, with which he plays in the most important Italian festivals such as Umbria Jazz, Vicenza Jazz Festival, Roccella Jonica, Torino Jazz Festival, Correggio. The first album received unanimous consensus on Italian critics, and Simone Graziano was voted in Top Jazz 2013 and 2014 by the magazine Musica Jazz among the best new talents, while the Frontal group was voted among the top 10 Italian groups.

In 2015, Trentacinque is released, according to the work of the quintet Frontal, also published by Auand Records, voted among the top 10 albums of 2015 by the music magazine Jazz. With that album he made a long tour of Asia playing in major venues such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Changsha.

Since 2014 she holds the piano chair at the Siena Jazz University."

-Simone Graziano Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Born in Poggibonsi (SI) in 1988 and raised in Livorno, he graduated in double bass in 2006 with the highest marks, praise and ministerial honorary mention at the "P.Mascagni" Music Institute in Livorno in the class of M ° Paolo Tommasi, then studying with M ° Alberto Bocini.

Prior to exclusively devoting to jazz, between 2002 and 2007, Gabriele has played in orchestras and classical classical music groups, also as a solo bass player, obtaining prestigious awards and major scholarships

In 2007 he attended the International Academy Gustav Mahler for young musicians under the guidance of M ° Wolfram Christ and M ° Alberto Bocini.

Gabriele then discovered a natural disposition to creativity and improvisation, and found jazz the most congenial genre, beginning to cultivate it with great passion. His jazz education started through the Jazz's Cool High Course in 2008 where he had as teachers Scott Colley and Salvatore Bonafede.

Between 2008 and 2010, during the high education course In.Ja.M. Siena Jazz, Gabriele followed the lessons of Rufus Reid, Paolino Dalla Porta, Riccardo del Fra, Furio Di Castri, Eddie Gomez, Drew Gress, Piero Leveratto, Hein Van de Geyn, Enrico Rava, Jeff Ballard, Tim Berne, Billy Hart and many others.He was also selected among the best students of the course to attend the Panama Jazz in 2010.

Among the awards he won in the jazz competitions he has participated, the first place in the international jazz competition of Moncalieri (2005) with the Quartet Formica (Gabrio Baldacci, Daniele Paoletti and Giacomo Riggi) and the first prize of the Elba Jazz Contest component of the Teen Quartet led by Alessandro Lanzoni (2008).

Since 2010 Gabriele is Enrico Rava's contrabbassist in the quintet "Tribe", with whom he has performed numerous concerts in Italy and abroad. Always from 2010, he plays in the new trio by Roberto Gatto along with Alessandro Lanzoni.

He is also a stable member of Simone Graziano Quintet (David Binney, Chris Speed, Stefano Tamborrino), Riccardo Zegna Trio, POV Quintet by Alessandro Paternesi, Ada Montellanico's new group etc.

In the jazz field, today Gabriele, despite the young age, boasts a number of collaborations from longtime career musicians: Enrico Rava, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Chris Potter, John Scofield, Dave Douglas, Seamus Blake, Bill Stewart, Dave Kikosky, Gianluca Petrella, Roberto Gatto, Billy Hart, Rita Marcotulli, Luciano Biondini, Giovanni Falzone, Chris Speed, David Binney, Giovanni Guidi, Simone Graziano, Fabrizio Sferra, Danilo Rea, Alessandro Lanzoni, Nico Gori, Riccardo Zegna, Javier Girotto, Mirko Guerrini, , Joel Holmes, Jason Marsalis, Garrison Fewell, William Tatge, Dan Kinzelman, Fabrizio Puglisi and many more."

-Correggio Jazz (Translated by Google) (

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"Drummer and composer, Francesco Cusa was born in Catania in 1966.

He played with well-known musicians such as Paolo Fresu, Tino Tracanna, Attilio Zanchi, Marco Micheli, Bruno Tommaso, Larry Smith, Walter Schmocker, Lauro Rossi, Gianni Gebbia, Fabrizio Puglisi, Stefano De Bonis, Guglielmo Pagnozzi, Domenico Caliri, Luigi Mosso, Edoardo Marraffa, Cristina Zavalloni, Lelio Giannetto, Alberto Capelli, Riccardo Pittau, Mirko Sabatini , Jay Rodriguez, Butch Morris, Jon Rose, Michel Godard, Kenny Wheeler, Garbis Dedeian, Steve Lacy, Tim Berne, Stefano D'Anna, Pietro Ciancaglini, Paolino Dalla Porta, Roy Paci, Elliot Sharp, Saadet Türköz, Flying Luttembachers, Andy Sheppard, Michael Riessler, Yves Robert, Giorgio Conte, Fred Giuliani, Zu, Mohammed El Bawi, E. Glerum, Assif Tsahar, Natalia M.King, Lionel Rolland , Dj.Pushy, Christophe Monniot, Tanja Feichtmair, Manu Codjia, Emil Spany, Arrington De Dionyso, Gianluca Petrella, Claudio Lugo, Marco Cappelli, Jean Marc Montera, Ab Baars, Ig Henneman, Danilo Gallo, Beppe Scardino, Francesco Bigoni, Stefano Senni, Piero Bittolo Bon, i Robotobibok, Giovanni Falzone, Tito Magialajo, Enrico Terragnoli, Carlos Zingaro, Gianni Lenoci, ecc. the dancers Cinzia Scordia and Florence La Porte , the visual artist Fred Gautnier, and the writers collectif Wu Ming.

He was the promoting partner of Bassesfere's collective and actually is envolved in the cultural association for improvised and avant-garde music Ex B. and with the project/label Improvvisatore Involontario.He performed in several international music festivals in France, Romania, Croazia, Slovenia, Bosnia/Erzegovina, Holland, Germany, Switzerland , Austria, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Belgium.

He's leader of the trio Skrunch and of the re-sonorization project for the movies Aurora, Solomovie plays Buster Keaton, Per un Pugno di Dollari and co-leader of The Body Hammer, Switters, Altomaria, Negri Volanti.

He collaborates with the following groups: Cristina Zavalloni Open Quartet, Trinkle Trio (feat. Michel Godard), Paolo Sorge Jazz Waiters, Feet on Mud the drums duo Complexe Machine."

-Amirani Records (

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Track Listing:

1. Adam Smith Counts Every Penny 11:01

2. Economic Boom And Stasis In The Capitalistic Illusion 15:58

3. Deficit In The Economies Of The Black Jazzman In The 'Sixties 5:55

4. Delivering A Load Of Musical Boxes To Wall Street 8:22

5. Fiscal Regime In The Life Of The New York Taxidriver-Jazzman 8:31

6. Keynes And The Macro-Theory Of The Structural Implosion Of The Standard 5:29

7. Sun Ra Vs Donald Trump (Wrestling Bout, Refereed By Roland Barthes) 11:12

8. Accelerating: From The Global Society To The Foamed Society 5:57

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