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Schmid, Silvan Quintet: At Gamut (Hatology)

Swiss trumpeter Silvan Schmid is a cofounder of the Gamut Kollektiv, organizing festivals and concerts, here caught live in 2016 at Gamut Series No 1 at Amboss Rampe in Zurich with his own quintet of Tapiwa Svosve on sax, Silvan Jeger on cello, Vincent Glanzmann on drums, and Lucas Wirz on tuba performing 6 Schmid compositions of profoundly lyrical free jazz.

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product information:

UPC: 752156075127

Label: Hatology
Catalog ID: hatOLOGY 751
Squidco Product Code: 25044

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: Austria
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Recorded live at Ambose Rampe, in Zurich, Switzerland, in April, 2016, by Leandro Gianini.


Silvan Schmid-trumpet

Tapiwa Svosve-alto saxophone

Silvan Jeger-cello

Vincent Glanzmann-drums

Lucas Wirz-tuba

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Artist Biographies:

"Silvan Schmid is a trumpet player from Zurich, Switzerland. He plays live and did recordings with Bands such as Silvan Schmid Quintett, Silvan Schmid Trio, Hum, Schmid/Svosve/Scott/Prévost, This difficult Tree, KvG's Bottom Orchestra, Urs Blöchlinger Revisited, Billiger Bauer, Hans Kennel's Wood&Brass, Marshall/Schmid/Fairhall/Fairhall, The London Improvisers Orchestra, Schmid von Werra, Floor Poodle.

In August 2017 he released his debut album 'Spartituren' and in June 2018 he will release with his quintet a live record on Hat Hut Records, worldwide in June 2018. In March 2018 he won the price of the BeJazz TransNational Festival with the collective Hum. In 2017 he holded a Aargauer Kuratorium residency in London for six month.

He is Co-Founder of the Gamut Kollektiv, wich is a collectiv consisting of eight musicians from Zurich, who organize a yearly festival and concert series for improvised music and jazz. He studied from 2008-2014 at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and Hochschule für Musik Dresden bei Malte Burba, Till Brönner, Daniel Schenker and Matthieu Michel."

-Silvan Schmid Website (

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"Tapiwa Svosve's (born 1995) interests move between improvisation, electroacoustic composition and contemporary music. From 2014 to 2017 he studied at the Zurich University of the Arts. Explorations of abstract sounds, the relations between sound and space and/or time are topics he's always trying to address in his various projects. Furthermore he is also active as an organiser, f.e. the Gamut Kollektiv and the Taktlos Festival."

-Iklectik (

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"Born in 1985 in Olten. As a child and teenager cello lessons. E-Bass and vocals in punk band. After graduation first double bass lessons. From 2005 to 2010 Bachelor and Master studies in jazz double bass at the Zurich University of the Arts under Dominique Girod, Rätus Flisch and Heiri Känzig, as well as lessons with Jan Schacher (interfaces / software programming), Daniel Pezzotti (cello) and Rahel Hadorn (vocals).

In addition to the concert activity as Kontrabassist appearances as a singer, guitarist, cellist, e-bassist and operator of various electronic devices. Stylistically, the interest spreads to a broad horizon of jazz and free improvisation, film and theater music, folklore imaginaire and country to electronic music, post-rock and ambient. Among others as a dedicated sideman in bands like DAY & TAXI, the Reto Suhner Quartet, PLANNT * and One Tfu, as co-leader in Uassyn, cold voodoo and Ehythm as well as in this jazz quartet This Difficult Tree, in the concept pop song Kingdom statement and in the solo project publish / perish .

Club and festival appearances at home and abroad. Theater music for Tell / Zahhak by Mass & Fieber 2012/13 in Altdorf, Zurich and Tehran. Theater Music for The Wall, Theater Aachen in autumn 16.

Silvan Jeger teaches double bass, electric bass and ensemble in Dietikon and Frauenfeld.

In October 2017, Silvan Jeger was artist-in-residence at Zurich Jazz Club moods."

-Silvan Jeger Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Vincent Glanzmann, *1983 Tokyo (Japan), is a Zurich, Switzerland based drummer. As a performer and composer he is involved in a multitude of collaborations with artists from various fields. His playful way of working conceptually makes him an active part of the progressive Swiss improvisation, pop and jazz scene. With his distinctive sound, creative energy and physical playing style, which often includes preparations and alternative techniques, he colours a broad spectrum of contemporary Zurich music.

Working together with other percussionists is one of his special interests. The most prominent example of this is his work with the New York drummer Gerry Hemingway: Composition O. This collaboration directly arose from Glanzmann's solo work, in which he is primarily interested in cultivating a personal and intimate musical language.

Be it in self-initiated projects or in commissioned work, his focus is on the processing of intramusical and extramusical themes through conception, composition and the use of his instrument. Past composition commissions include a concept for a "100-year-old mill, vocals & drums" and a solo composition for the dance piece "Up/Beat", which he performed as a soloist together with the Lucerne Ballet at the Lucerne Theatre. He finished another composition commissioned by the Lucerne Theatre's dance ensemble in 2017 and released his second album under his own name in the beginning of 2018.

He obtained a Master of Arts degree in music (performance jazz) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2012 and has operated as a freelancer and independent artist in Switzerland and Europe ever since. In December 2016, he was the artist in residence at the jazz club Moods in Zurich and in 2017 the city of Zurich honored him with the cultural award "Werkjahr".

Apart from this he is co-organiser of the Zurich concert series Seismogram and works in a voluntary capacity as a member of the Moods Musicians Council and the Unerhört festival's Advisory Board. In these contexts, he considers it important to support and present the improvising and progressive musicians of Switzerland."

-Vincent Glanzmann Website (

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"In 2007 I started studying music at the Music Academy of the City of Basel, Department Jazz. During this time I was able to benefit and learn from musicians such as Adrian Mears, Jorge Rossi, Guillermo Klein, Larry Grenadier, Malcolm Braff, Julio Baretto, Matthieu Michel and many other lecturers at the jazz school. In addition to my skills on the tenor trombone, I also gained experience on the bass trombone, tuba, piano and drums.

In June 2010, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Music at the Music Academy of the City of Basel, Jazz Department.

For the master's degree course - also in Basel with Adrian Mears - I finally devoted myself completely to the bass trombone and from then on I worked intensively on improvisation techniques for this rather unknown jazz instrument. In August 2012, I successfully completed my Master of Arts in Music.

Today I play in over ten bands (including the Lucerne Jazz Orchestra and the Swiss Army Big Band) and I am still discovering and getting to know new music, new people and new challenges."

-Lucas Wirz Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Motten 5:24

2. Spartitur II 6:52

3. Ins Leere 7:27

4. Turn Into 7:27

5. Spartitur I 4:28

6. In Bocca Al Lupo 10:58

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Renowned trumpet player Hans Kennel writes of this new release:

"As a trumpet player with many years of experience I am still interested in the music of younger colleagues. In the summer 2016, by pure coincidence I met and heard Silvan Schmid play and I was both impressed and touched by his very special playing. I was pleased to hear a trumpet player who plays "different". Silvan does not sound "out of a school". In his early years he already has his musical dialect... His beautiful tone, his very sensitive articulation and phrasing are an earcatcher. Brilliant technique, but no "flasher". He integrates, without giving any of his personal assets away, into a given situation. Great fulfillment he obviously finds in an ideal way in his GAMUT projects. A fascinating group of astonishing young musicians that creates an ambient where improvisation and composition mutually dissolve into a resolution."

-Hat Hut

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