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Angelo, Miguel

I Think I'm Going To Eat Dessert

Angelo, Miguel : I Think I'm Going To Eat Dessert (Creative Sources)

Porto bassist Miguel Angelo's solo release is an album of pure improvisation, unrepeatable takes, which, for the artist, makes musical and emotional sense as a satisfying moment of musical sensation, through 11 tracks on the double bass of powerful playing, creative impulse, lyrical and rhythmic inventiveness, and ultimately, great satisfaction.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063404791

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs479
Squidco Product Code: 25031

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Studio Casa Do Miguel, in Portugal, by the artist.


Miguel Angelo-double bass

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Artist Biographies:

"About Miguel Ângelo

He started his musical activity with the "Tuna Musical de Fi?es", where he attended lessons in music education, guitar and double-bass. He initiated a project in the area of rock, called "Curtes Baldei-me", in which he played bass guitar. He continued his musical studies at Escola de Jazz do Porto, learning electric bass with the Professor Alberto Jorge. Although rock music had been his field of artistic interest during some time, it was undoubtedly the Jazz music that conquered all of his attention. He resumed his bass studies under the guidance of the bassist Alberto Jorge, and had combo lessons with pianist Paulo Gomes, at Escola de Jazz do Porto. Later, he continued to study with the bassist Pedro Barreiros, and afterward he received support from the bassist António Augusto Aguiar. He attended the Official Music Course with the Professor Alenxander Worf up to the 5th degree. Some years after completing his degree in Computer Science / Applied Mathematics at Universidade Portucalense, he returned to higher education to study Double-Bass.

In 2008, he completed his Degree in Double Bass / Jazz at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo, where he had the opportunity to work with António Augusto Aguiar, Damien Cabaud, Carlos Bica, Zé Eduardo, Michael Lauren, Nuno Ferreira, Carlos Azevedo, Pedro Guedes, Telmo Marques, among many others. He participated in several workshops under the guidance of the bassists Carlos Bica, Zé Eduardo, Thomas Morgan, Dan Weiss,...

He has participated in several concerts in Portugal and abroad, among which he emphasizes the Angrajazz, 6º Kriol Jazz Fest (Cabo Verde), Porta Jazz Festivals, Jimmy Glass Jazz Club (Valência - Spain), Hot Clube - Lisboa, Douro Jazz, Viseu Jazz Festival, Jazz Marin Festival (Spain), Pontevedra Jazz Festival (Spain), Antena 2 Open Concert, São Luís Jazz Festival, Avante Festival, Europarque, CCB, Vilar de Mouros Festival, Paredes de Coura,...

In the sequence of the release of his first album as leader and composer, the GDA Foundation gave him a support for live shows and Tour.

He played with many musicians, standing out Ohad Talmor, Dan Weiss, Frank Vanagee, Virxílio Silva Yago Vasquez, Max Gómez, Vicente Macian, Miguel Fernandez, Carlos López, Voro Garcia, Maria Viana, Fátima Serro, Mário Santos, Carlos Mendes, Paulo Barros, Paulo Gomes, Carlos Azevedo, Sofia Ribeiro, Miguel Martins, Zé Pedro Coelho, João Guimarães, André Fernandes, Jeff Davis, Óscar Graça, Marcos Cavaleiro and many others.

Currently, he leads his own quartet, with which he released the album "BRANCO" in 2013, in 2016 "A VIDA DE X", considerer by national and international press as one of the best jazz albuns of the year, both on the label of Porta-Jazz. In 2917 he releases in first doublebass Solo album "I think I´m going to eat dessert" (Creative Sources Records). Integrates, among others, Ensemble Super Moderne (best Pt jazz album of 2014), MAP, Pedro Neves Trio, Bruno Macedo Quartet and Jogo de Damas."

-Miguel Angelo Website (

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track listing:

1. I Have A Dream 4:59

2. Politics Talk 3:12

3. Never And Ever Again 4:02

4. Meditation #1 3:45

5. Alliens Exists! 1:51

6. Just Go 1:21

7. Meditation #2 2:06

8. Farewell Song 5:00

9. Meditation #3 4:40

10. Lullaby 3:55

11. Children's Playground 4:23

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"I think I'm going to eat dessert refers to that moment after the main course, in which we have to decide whether to eat that additional dish which, although it is dispensable in nutritional terms, it is justified only by the pleasure of satisfying our need for sugar or additional taste sensations. This album is a bit of this, they are mostly moments of pure improvisation, unrepeatable, which, for me, make musical and emotional sense."-Miguel Ângelo

"We can all agree that music is perceived and enjoyed through the sensory faculty known as hearing. Certainly, but a musical performance is enhanced when an additional sense is summoned, like the visual when attending a production. In the case of this solo performance by bassist Miguel Ângelo, that additional sense is touch. With I Think I'm Going To Eat Dessert, sound is just one element that is shared equally with the sensation of touch.

Ângelo can be heard in the octet Ensemble Super Moderne, Bruno Macedo Quartet, Pedro Neves Trio, the quartet MAP, and leading his own quartet, which released A Vida de X (Porto Jazz, 2015) and Branco (Porto Jazz, 2013). I'd wager a guess that the title I Think I'm Going To Eat Dessert refers to a listener's anticipation of Ângelo's solo during an ensemble performance, calling it dessert. Whereas, by presenting a solo recording we get dessert, not at the end of the meal, but as the main course.

The tactile experience of this recording includes the resonant sounds Ângelo's double bass generates in the listener's chest. There is a synergy between the bassist's fingers and the sympathetic response it evokes. The disc opens with "I Have A Dream," a brooding composition in which Ângelo leaves sufficient space between notes, always returning to his theme. He has the ability to apply heavy bottom notes on "Never And Never Again" and surf the upper register, as in "Meditation #1," with equal discipline. With any double bass performance pulse is paramount. Ângelo never neglects tempo, like the thudding "Aliens Exists!" or the classically inspired "Farewell Song." He applies some well crafted multi-tracking with "Politics Talk" and "Children's Playground," the latter piece a persistent sculpture of sound that, like all the tracks, makes a connection through the proximity of contact."-Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

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