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#128 Summer/Fall 2017 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Musicworks: #128 Summer/Fall 2017 [MAGAZINE + CD] (Musicworks)

Summer 2017 issue of Canada's premiere new music magazine, with a CD featuring tracks from selected artists covered in the magazine; Bekah Simms; Senyawa; Pantayo, HanHan, and Luyos MC; Brodie West; Artificiel; Another Timbre's Canadian Composers Series; Vicky Chow; Festival de International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, 33rd Edition reviewed; &c. &c.

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Label: Musicworks
Catalog ID: #128
Squidco Product Code: 24803

Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Canada
Packaging: Magazine and CD

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

Sound notes

Bekah Simms' Music of Discomfort

Bekah Simms likes music that challenges. "I don't want to ever get too comfortable," she tells me, as we sit down to talk about her work. "I don't want it ever to [...]

Senyawa plays the music of the universe


On a chilly, rainy Thursday May night, a crowd of sixty or so people, spread unevenly around the pews of Halifax's Fort Massey United Church, is waiting. OBEY Convention creative [...]


Gong Punks and Culture Bombs

Pantayo, HanHan, and Luyos MC are introducing traditional Filipino kulintang to twenty-first-century Canada in very different ways.

Gentle and intense, soothing and exhilarating, traditional Filipino kulintang music provides the kind of richly immersive experience that makes an hour go by in what seems like a minute.[...]

The Aural Perspectives of Brodie West


People love a good Jekyll-and-Hyde story, and when it comes to artists, the extreme disparities between their personal and creative lives offer endless fascination. These supposed[...]

Visions of sound

Artificiel's "Three Pieces With Titles"


"I had never seen such new things before. I didn't even know what a new object could be," the poet and art critic André Salmon wrote, after visiting the studio of [...]


Joni Void. Selfless.

Constellation, CST125.

Kelly Moran. Bloodroot.

Telegraph Harp Records, TH 011.

Philippe Lauzier. A Pond in my Living Room.

Sofa, SOFA556.

Eyvind Kang / Jessika Kenney. Reverse Tree.

Black Truffle, BT025 (LP).

Harris Eisenstadt Canada Day. On Parade in Parede; Harris Eisenstadt. Recent Developments.

Clean Feed, CF 413 CD; Songlines, SGL 1620-2.

Paul Dolden. Histoires d'histoires.

empreintes DIGITALes, IMED 17142.

Dario Calderone. James Tenney Bass Works.

Hat[now]ART 197.

OBEY Convention X.

Halifax, Nova Scotia. May 25-28, 2017

Festival de International Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, 33rd Edition.

Victoriaville, Quebec. May 18-21, 2017.

Artist Biographies

Track Listing:

1. Duyug (2015)
Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo: Joanna Delos Reyes (babandir), Kat Estacio (dabakan, kick drum, synth), Marianne Rellin (sarunay), Christine Balmes (gandingan), Eirene Cloma (synth bass), Michelle Cruz (agong), and Katrina Estacio (kulintang).

This is one of our first songs, and the one we've done the most versions of, here recorded in concert the first time we used electronic instruments. We've modified the song further for an upcoming release.
© Pantayo

2. Bahala Na (2015)
Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo: Joanna Delos Reyes (babandir), Kat Estacio (dabakan, kick drum, synth), Marianne Rellin (sarunay), Christine Balmes (gandingan), Eirene Cloma (synth bass), Michelle Cruz (agong), and Katrina Estacio (kulintang).

Bahala na is a Tagalog expression for leaving things up to fate, which is generally how we started adapting Maguindanaon kulintang music. It's still pretty central to our process, but is also guided by each member's songwriting experience.
© Pantayo

3. Binalig (2015)
Maguindanaon folk music, adapted and performed by Pantayo: Joanna Delos Reyes (babandir), Kat Estacio (dabakan, kick drum, synth), Marianne Rellin (sarunay), Christine Balmes (gandingan), Eirene Cloma (synth bass), Michelle Cruz (agong), and Katrina Estacio (kulintang).
© Pantayo

All Pantayo tracks from the album Live at X Avant X (self-released, 2016). Recorded in concert at The Music Gallery, Toronto, October 2015. Recorded and mixed by Paul Hodge.

4. Resilient Grandmothers (para sa Apu Liling version) (2016)
Composed and performed by MaryCarl Guiao (Moro kulintang, gandingan a kayo, vocals).
Mixed and arranged by MaryCarl Guiao. Produced by MaryCarl Guiao and Reila Ceh.
© Guiao

5. World Gong Crazy (2014) 4:19
Composed by Alexander Punzalan, Haniely Pableo, Christine Balmes, Romeo Candido, and Rudy Boquila.
Performed by Alexander Junior, Romeo Candido (kulintang), Rudy Boquila (percussion), and HanHan (vocals).
From the album HanHan (self-released, 2014).
Recorded at LiveFromtheBasement and Ju$tUnlimited in Toronto, with executive producer Alexander Junior and mixing engineer Jed Harper.

Trap beat mixed with gongs, English hooks, and Tagalog and Visayan fierce raps.
-Han Han
© Punzalan, Pableo, Balmes, Candido, and Boquila, SOCAN


6. Bekal Ilmu (2015) 5:57
Written and performed by Senyawa: Rully Shabara (vocals) and Wukir Suryadi (bambuwukir).
Produced by Rabih Beaini.
From the album Menjadi (Morphine Records, doser025LP).
© Morphine Records

7. Ej, na tej skale vysokej [Seven pairs of eagles] ( 2017)
Traditional, arranged by Dálava.
Performed by Dálava: Julia Ulehla (vocals), Aram Bajakian (acoustic & electric guitars), Peggy
Lee (cello), Tyson Naylor (keyboard instruments), Colin Cowan (double bass & electric bass), and Dylan van der Schyff (percussion). Archival recording of Jiří Úlehla with Antoš Frolka (cimbál).
From the album The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines, SGL 2408-2, 2017).
Recorded at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver by John Raham. Produced by Aram Bajakian and Julia Ulehla.

I know this song from a recording my grandfather Jiří made of it in the 1950s. The words are stunning and startling, portending the ominous fate of battle, or of a journey from which one does not return. The version we recorded was realized just days before we went into the studio, and we decided to keep it shocking and brief, like the version sung by my grandfather. Through our performances, it has grown into another beast entirely, like a horse careening around and galloping in full force.
-Julia Ulehla
© Songlines Recordings, ASCAP


8. Dyby ňa moja maměnka star [Grass] (2017)
Folk song collected and transcribed by Vladimír Úlehla in his book Živá píseň (Living Song, originally published in 1949), arranged and performed by Dálava.
From the album The Book of Transfigurations (see previous track credits).

Vladimír Úlehla believed you could hear the expansive alluvial fields of the Strážnice landscape in the melody itself. I feel it stretching out to the horizon in its long lingering phrase ends, and quivering, hovering melodic arcs. This song is a beautiful example of a táhla píseň-literally, a drawn-out little song, so characteristic of Moravian folk song.
-Julia Ulehla

© Songlines Recordings, ASCAP

9. Jammers (2017)
Composed by Brodie West.
Performed by the Brodie West Quintet: Brodie West (alto saxophone), Tania Gill (piano), Josh Cole (bass), Evan Cartwright (drums), and Nick Fraser (drums).

From the album 17Ep (Lorna Records, 09, 2017).
Recorded in concert at the Tranzac Club, Toronto, March 2017.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Fedge.
© West, SOCAN4:32

10. The Horizon (2017)
Composed by Brodie West.
Performed by the Brodie West Quintet: Brodie West (alto saxophone), Tania Gill (piano), Josh Cole (bass), Evan Cartwright (drums), and Nick Fraser (drums).

From the album 17Ep (Lorna Records, 09, 2017).
Recorded in concert at the Tranzac Club, Toronto, March 2017.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Fedge.
© West, SOCAN

11. Vick(i/y) (2008), excerpt
Composed by Andy Akiho.
Performed by Vicky Chow (prepared piano).

From the album A O R T A (New Amsterdam Records, NWAM083, 2016).
Recorded by Patrick Higgins at Future-Past Studios, Hudson, NY. Edited by Will Stanton and Jeff Svatek. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Svatek.
© Akiho

12. microlattice (2016) 6:57
Composed by Bekah Simms.
Performed by Toy Piano Composers Ensemble: Anthony Thompson (bass clarinet), Adam Scime (double bass), Wesley Shen (piano), Dan Morphy (percussion).
Recorded in concert by John Gray at Heliconian Hall, Toronto, March, 2016.

This piece was performed at the Toy Piano Composers' Curiosity Festival as part of its instrumental concert Metal. There are obvious stylistic references to various heavy-metal genres, most notably doom metal, as well as the use of acoustic distortion and other spectral textural techniques. There is a sneeze in the middle of this performance.
-Bekah Simms
© Simms

13. Matrix of Glass (2017) 5:29
Composed by Evangelos Lambrinoudis II and Mark Limacher.
Performed by Corinthian (Evangelos Lambrinoudis II) (Drums: Elektron Analog RYTM, Linn Drum, Electribe 2, Roland Tr-909. Synth pads: Access Virus A, Waldorf Q, SCI Prophet 5. Bass: Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar) and Mark Limacher (Yamaha C7 David Foster Foundation Grand Piano signed by Oprah).

From the album A Concurrent Absence (Deep Sea Mining Syndicate, forthcoming).
Recorded at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta, with engineer assistant Jason Tawkin, April 2017.

Written, recorded and mixed in only ten days, A Concurrent Absence presents the results of my residency at the National Music Centre, using instruments from its world-class collection. The mixing and effects were done live on the Trident A console, giving the record a very loose feeling. Mark Limacher, who studied piano and composition at New School University in NYC, is known for his work with atonal experimentation, found sounds, and repetition.
-Evangelos Lambrinoudis II
© Corinthian

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