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Favriou, Fabrice  / Jean-Luc Petit  / Julien Touery : S/T (Fou Records)

Translating to "Fever Counts" and "At Lightening", the trio of Jean-Luc Petit on bass clarinet and alto & sopranino sax, Fabrice Favriou on electric guitar, and Julien Touery on piano and objects create impressive improvisations, the first a disruptive piece of detailed electracoustic colective interaction, the second a swelling work of sonic landscape.

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product information:

UPC: 3491570054321

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD27
Squidco Product Code: 24800

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded on Janurary 19th, 2017 by Michael Goupillaud and Carre Bleu.


Fabrice Favriou-Electric Guitar

Jean-Luc Petit-bass clarinet, alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone

Julien Touery-piano, objects

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Artist Biographies:

"Fabrice Favriou is a trained drummer who has become a guitarist by occupational hazard, and who has also endeavoured thus far to learn to don't play harmonium decently, with some success.

Influenced by contemporary music from the future, impossible musics and decadent rock music, he composes, improvises and actively plays live on survivor scene. Mindful of placement and the relationship between space and silence, he regularly creates music for contemporary dance.

Fabrice Favriou is an attentive rambler, attracted to the sounds of an urban environment, such as the noises of power transformers, all types of turbines, used neon tubes, or the palpitations of controlled mechanical ventilation systems which inspire his work with drones, undulations, dephase vibrations, cyclical, off-centre gestures and continuums..."

-Fabrice Favriou Website (

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"Jean-Luc Petit

Saxophones sopranino, alto and baritone, clarinet double bass

Born on 22 November 1954

Alongside his studies at the School of Art in Angoulême, he began learning saxophones and clarinets in a self-taught way. His decisive encounters with first the composer Etienne Rolin and later Kent Carter reinforces him in the idea of ​​becoming a musician. He collaborated for a long time with Etienne Rolin and founded the Trio EVER with him and participated in his many other projects. He meets composer and improviser François Rossé , plays quartet with Kent Carter and meets Kent Carter , musicians like Olivier Johnson , Jean-Jacques Avenel , Takashi Kako , Carlos Zingaro , Glenn Ferris ...

He composes music for the theater and participates with the actor and poet Daniel Crumb in several shows "The small studies of self" , "Love is a dog of hell" on poems of Charles Bukowski , ...

From the beginning improvisation is at the center of his practice and his preoccupations. He performed solo and formed several duets with Benjamin Duboc , Mathias Pontévia , Didier Lasserre , pianist Didier Fréboeuf , trombonist Christiane Bopp , founded with Fabrice Favriou and Adrien Monteiro "Rossignol Genocide", participated in the Orchestra "Le Lobe" Directed by Claire Bergerault , has multiplied the recontres with musicians such as Eric Brochard , Louis-Michel Marion , Claude Parle , Daunik Lazro , Jean-Marc Foussat , Joel Grip , Makoto Sato , Jean-Luc Cappozzo -Brice Godet , etc ...

"I believe that music is formed in time and finds its fulfillment. Programming, defining, schematizing, improvising are the different and not contradictory ways of accompanying the growth of an organism that, like every living thing, is born, grows , Becomes individualized and extinct.The necessity of the ephemeral is the credibility of the form: I do not know the aesthetics of the piece globally, but only the form of a fragment which reproduces constantly as it transforms itself. "

Franco Donatoni"

-Jean-Luc Petit Website (translated by Google) (

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"Julien Touéry was born in Auch on March 2, 1982. After practicing the classical piano in his childhood, he joined the college of Marciac in the Ateliers (AIMJ). There he discovered jazz and met his future traveling companion, Emile Parisien. After obtaining his jazz DEM from the Conservatory of Toulouse, he became a professional musician at the age of 20.

Shortly after, he co-wrote the music for the Hip 11 show (CNCDC of Châteauvallon / Théâtre Chaillot) for musicians and dancers, which he performed on national stages in France and Europe.

It was in 2004 that the Emile Parisien QUARTET (Parisien / Darrifourcq / Gélugne / Touéry) was created, a group with whom he developed the idea of ​​collective composition while freeing himself from style and form. With this project, he personalizes his approach to the piano and asserts himself in a collective music navigating between free jazz, improvised music and contemporary music. The quartet distinguished itself by winning the Victory of the Jazz 2009 in the category young talents or by performing alongside Michel Portal.

In 2010, he founded the Farm Job group with Robin Fincker (Out House), Fabien Duscombs (The Platoon Tiger) and Maxime Delporte (Stabat Akish), with whom he experimented with other equally singular musical worlds and recorded two albums .

More recently, he is at the initiative of a trio joining the improvisatory clarinettist Sylvain Kassap and the drummer Fabien Duscombs in order to develop a freer sound exploration.

At the same time, Julien Touéry has performed in more classical jazz ensembles such as Le Tourtiers and Us is Five, always with the same commitment and artistic rigor."

-Julien Touery Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. La Fievre Nous Denombre 22:05

2. Au Coucher De L'Eclair 25:32
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Untitled, two pieces of 22: 00 (fever counts us) and 25: 32 (at lightning). Fabrice Favriou plays the electric guitar, Jean-Luc Petit of the bass clarinet, sopranino and alto saxophones and Julien Touery of the piano and objects. Recorded at Carre Bleu.

The music evolves like a noisy continuum, the sounds of the guitarist and the pianist interpenetrate, electronic sounds, motor vibrations, triturations of effects, storm sounds in the distance, haggard hissings vaguely differentiating from a striking rain of keys , hammers and mechanisms on the strings blocked while the blower plays on the extremes of his sax sopranino. The fever we count passes very quickly like a train between two distant stations in a half sleep. It is with the gritty bass clarinet and a haunted strand of Jean-Luc Petit that the lightning is gradually moved in a half-silence. Like a light wind of evening wind, the amp vibrates hardly and the bass clarinet moves on the tips of the toes alternating silences and discreet rumblings, which suggest a melodic element while the piano case resonates in space and some slight notes on the keyboard ring in the distance.

The ensemble is magnificent by its quality of development of sounds and stamps. The blower rises in an unreal high-pitched - the lightness of the harmonics, the rush of thunderstorm that is shaking trembling behind the backs of the touches touched and the breath that dissects the vagaries of the column of air. The hammers chanted like a machine that turned crazy as if the CD player was blocked, the installation of the guitar seems in full fog, the giant clarinet barely floats. A static maelstrom moves all sounds confused, the breath comes back to the alto sax, crazy furious and snapped by the elements and the pianist embraces the whole keyboard following him. A few inexorable moments, when the saxophonist slices the phrasings and hears himself on bristling harmonics in front of the piano twirling while the electric guitar is twisting completely.

A beautiful slice of radical improvised life. Three decided improvisers, shouting their hatred of the void and the semblance."-Fou (via Google Translate)

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