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Kilian, Benoit  / Jean-Luc Petit : La Nuit Circonflexe (Fou Records)

A magnificent album of sound-oriented free improvisation from the French duo of Jean-Luc Petit on bass clarinet, alto saxophone and sopranino sax, and Benoit Kilian on the horizontal bass drum, a beast of an instrument that create massive tones over which Petit employs an incredible array of techniques and tones on his reeds, creating other-worldly sonic environments.

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product information:

UPC: 3491570054529

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD25
Squidco Product Code: 24798

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Moulsins sur Ouane, on December 9th and 10th, 2016, by Antonin Rayon.


Benoit Kilian-horizontal bass drum

Jean-Luc Petit-bass clarinet, alto saxophone, sopranino saxophones

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Artist Biographies:

"Benoit Kilian, plays the drums from a concert in the west of La Grosne, with the late Jacky Barbier.... who did not want his shit (set of percussion biggest rotten case of the time) on his small scene !! Thanks Jacky!

The sound, the sound matter never ceases to attract it, and thus improvisation imposes itself as the evidence of its practice.

And that's why, the idea to electrify a BERIMBAU, then to make one boxwood..... it will be BrmB, played in GHOTUL, and sometimes solo.

No more codes, no definite place, no accompanist, no soloist, no leader, no performer, just fraternal Utopia and spirit.

It finds itself fully in the creation and the life of the collective GEX, it is good for the new experiences!

He collaborates with Laborintus, creates sustainable unions, plays with Jean-Luc Petit, Jérôme Noetinger, Benjamin Duboc, Jean Marc Foussat (Red Hammer...) rides NÜK, NÜK ELEKTRIK, KOD B, and embarks on an ambitious project and exciting around HDThoreau: LAND SURVEYOR.

More recently, the solo, on a bass drum of 36 ": GCH36 "

-Benoit Kilian Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Jean-Luc Petit

Saxophones sopranino, alto and baritone, clarinet double bass

Born on 22 November 1954

Alongside his studies at the School of Art in Angoulême, he began learning saxophones and clarinets in a self-taught way. His decisive encounters with first the composer Etienne Rolin and later Kent Carter reinforces him in the idea of ​​becoming a musician. He collaborated for a long time with Etienne Rolin and founded the Trio EVER with him and participated in his many other projects. He meets composer and improviser François Rossé , plays quartet with Kent Carter and meets Kent Carter , musicians like Olivier Johnson , Jean-Jacques Avenel , Takashi Kako , Carlos Zingaro , Glenn Ferris ...

He composes music for the theater and participates with the actor and poet Daniel Crumb in several shows "The small studies of self" , "Love is a dog of hell" on poems of Charles Bukowski , ...

From the beginning improvisation is at the center of his practice and his preoccupations. He performed solo and formed several duets with Benjamin Duboc , Mathias Pontévia , Didier Lasserre , pianist Didier Fréboeuf , trombonist Christiane Bopp , founded with Fabrice Favriou and Adrien Monteiro "Rossignol Genocide", participated in the Orchestra "Le Lobe" Directed by Claire Bergerault , has multiplied the recontres with musicians such as Eric Brochard , Louis-Michel Marion , Claude Parle , Daunik Lazro , Jean-Marc Foussat , Joel Grip , Makoto Sato , Jean-Luc Cappozzo -Brice Godet , etc ...

"I believe that music is formed in time and finds its fulfillment. Programming, defining, schematizing, improvising are the different and not contradictory ways of accompanying the growth of an organism that, like every living thing, is born, grows , Becomes individualized and extinct.The necessity of the ephemeral is the credibility of the form: I do not know the aesthetics of the piece globally, but only the form of a fragment which reproduces constantly as it transforms itself. "

Franco Donatoni"

-Jean-Luc Petit Website (translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Gazouillis Fragile d'Inconsoles Soleils 10:51

2. Remous Des Dunes 7:36

3. Alluvions Des Graves 6:37

4. Au Tourment Du Desert Oxyde 3:46

5. La Nuit Circonflexe 8:01

6. Les Boreales Saignees 14:13
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"A large bass drum maneuvered by Benoit Kilian with additional and additional percussion instruments to insensibly change the timbre, vibrations by contact, friction, tremors, serious waves that propagate in space, in and around the frequency field of the bass clarinet by Jean-Luc Petit. Silence is always present, the deep sounds of percussion coexist even in the vibration of the reed in the enormous column of air, a monstrous cavity.

Moving Landscape, Nothing but these fragile warblings of inconsolated suns are worth for them alone the displacement. Listening is as intense as the movement of the game is slow, very slow. Remous dunes confirms the quality of inspiration: the continuous sound emission develops the metamorphosis of the sound in the extreme slowness, a point of harmonic moves and dies in a dilated time, a suspended duration. The rumbling of the drum re-sounds the same glissando towards the low alternating with a sustained metal treble. Joining him, the blower creates a worried structure in the high, surreptitious, sensitive impression on the parchment of a seismograph out of time. We must listen to reach the limit of the audible by feeling that they play beyond our reach.

The succession of pieces (6), all equally haunted but harmoniously co-ordinated, make this encounter recorded in the studio by Antonin Rayon, a rare, infinitely subtle listener of those who invent us a new and unheard of story. With thin and ultimately extreme materials, the two artists express the indispensable, the necessary and a real pleasure."-Fou (via Google translate)

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