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Platform (Xavier Charles / Katrine Schiott / Jan Martin Gismervik / Jonas Cambien): Flux Reflux (Clean Feed)

The 2nd recorded outing of this Oslo based improvising quartet, comprised of 3 young Norwegian players -- Katrine Shiott (cello), Jan Martin Gismervik (drums), and Jonas Cambien (piano & keys) -- with French clarinetist Xavier Charles, performing subtle collective improvisation using extended techniques, eclectic percussion, and piano preparations.

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UPC: 5609063004366

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF436
Squidco Product Code: 24455

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded by Morten Qvenild at Det Gronne Rommet


Xavier Charles-clarinet

Katrine Schiott-cello

Jan Martin Gismervik-drums

Jonas Cambien-piano, casio SK1

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Flux Reflux is the second recorded outing of this improvising quartet, and the first one for Clean Feed. While Platform's first album Anthropocene, was recorded right after the French clarinetist Xavier Charles joined three young musicians from Oslo to form a quartet, Flux Reflux is the result of several years of live experience.

The album consists of 6 acoustic, improvised pieces, and contains no compositions in the traditional sense of the word. Yet all tracks have a clear direction, with few, well balanced musical elements packed into each piece. Parallell to Darwin's discovery of how life can develop without intelligent design, this music organizes itself without a composer. Every piece composes itself through the individual decisions of the musicians. And in the same way, Platforms style has developed clear esthetics through the years, without intentional steering from above.

This focus on collective listening is already apparent from the dreamy opening track 'début', and is intensified on the second track 'Flux', where percussive sounds on prepared piano and drums are placed along repetitive cycles of breathing sounds on cello and clarinet, creating dense polyrhythmic layers. From there, the album is all about incantative repetition and mutation of musical ideas, where each addition of elements is significant.

The exuberant track 'Reflux', contrasts with the sacral sound sculptures on 'Interlude', where time seems to stand still. On these meditative sheets of sound everything is slow, minimal and tightly united, in a kind of cinematic music approaching the static condition of photography. The effect is mesmerizing and strangely beautiful, in such a way that you become a listening statue.

All of this acoustic details are beautifully captured by the unconventional methods of recording engineer Morten Qvenild, then mixed by Johnny Skalleberg and mastered by Christian Obermayer into a dense yet transparent sound image."-Clean Feed

Artist Biographies

"The work of clarinetist Xavier Charles ranges from noise to electro-acoustic via sound poetry. He has played in numerous new music festivals in France and abroad. In his work with groups and collectives, he has also collaborated with Martin Tetrault, The Ex, Ingar Zach, Pierre Berthet, Axel Dörner, Ivar Grideland, John Butcher, Jacques Di Donato, Frédéric Le Junter, Otomo Yoshihide, Getachew Mekuria, Christian Wallumrod, Emmanuelle Pellegrini, Lionel Marchetti, Jean-Philippe Gross, Michel Doneda and Frédéric Blondy. Different collectifs (Dans Les Arbres, Ouie-Dire, ONCEIM, No Spaguettitti Edition, Chris Burn Ensemble, Atmosphérique). Currently his musical research ranges from performance on the clarinet to the installation of vibrating speakers, at the edge of improvised music, noisy rock and electro-acoustic sound. He's deeply involved in the music world as an organizer of the festival "Densités". "

-Xavier Charles Website (

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"Exploring and experimenting with her cello, Katrine Schiøtt has made her own unique sound. She appears in many different music and constellations, projects and collaborations.

Katrine is born in 1987, and started playing cello 8 years old. She is classically educated at The Norwegian Academy of Music. Although she´s a classical cellist, she also work creatively in other directions such as free improvisation, contemporary music, classical, jazz, chamber pop, indie, electro pop and other art forms.

She contributes in over 40 albums/recordings and with different artist and constellations, such as award winner and nominated albums; ANGUS STONE - "Broken Brights" (AUS/US), EMILIE NICOLAS - "Sky", MODDI - "Unsongs", "Kæm va du?", "Set The House on Fire", "Floriography".

Katrine has been working in well reputed studios all over the world, in USA, Europe, Australia, New York and Norway. To mention a few; Rainbow Studios (ECM Records, Munich/ Oslo), Valgeir Sigurðson's Greenhouse Studios (Reykjavik, Iceland), Studio G (USA, Brooklyn, New York) , Domicile/ All Things Audio (USA, New York), Desert Harvest Studios (Byron Bay, Australia), Plug & Play Studios (Nyon, Switzerland), Propeller Recordings (Oslo), Kirkelig Kulturverksted / KKV (Oslo), Ocean Sound Recordings (Giske), Is It Art Studio (Sweden), Boulder Studios (Bern, Switzerland).

Even though based in Oslo, Norway, the music has also taken her touring with amongst other Angus and Julia Stone from Australia (winner of ARIA awards and Triple J's awards).

Cooperating with Moddi, she's been participating huge achievements; receiving the A-HA million in 2010, 1 nomination in 2016, 5 nominations + winner of the category "Årets Vise" in Norwegian Grammys "Spellemannprisen" in 2013, and double Norwegian Grammys nominated in 2011.

Slagr received a Grammy/ Spellemannpris in the category Åpen klasse in 2015, the same year Katrine also was in the jury of the category Samtid / Contemporary Music.

Katrine also works with Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, winner of Spellemannpris in 2013 (category contemporary music).

Other projects Schiøtt also collaborates with: Live Maria Roggen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Kammerkameleonene (classical chamber music series), Marte Wulff (Propeller Recordings), Lars Jakob Rudjord (Fyrlyd Records, jazz).

With over 600 concerts in Norway and abroad, Katrine has been touring in countries such as: USA, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Tunisia, Lebanon, Portugal.

Katrine has also performed at major festivals around the world; SXSW (Texas, USA), CMJ (New York, USA), Folk Alliance International (Kansas City, USA), Iceland Airwaves (IS), Eurosonic (NL), Optimus Alive (PT), Green Man Festival (UK), Haldern Pop (GE), Ghent Jazz (BE), Paleo (CH), Best kept secret festival (NL) One of a Million Festival (CH), Vielles Charrues (FR), Musilac (FR), Nuits de Fourvière (FR), Six Fours les Plages (FR), Gurtenfestival (CH), Caprera (NL), Into the Great Wide Open (NL), Wujek Jazz Festival (PL), ØYA festivalen (NO), Molde Jazzfestival (NO), Oslo Jazzfestival (NO), Trænafestivalen (NO), Slottsfjell festivalen (NO), Hove (NO), Pstereo Festivalen (NO), by:Larm (NO), Festspillene i Nord-Norge (NO), among MANY others."

-Katrine Schiott Website (

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"Jan Martin Gismervik (born 1988 in Avaldsnes, Karmøy, Norway) is a Norwegian jazz musician (drums), known from bands like Monkey Plot, PGA, Wolfram Trio.[1

Gismervik was raised in Avaldsnes, where he played in local groups. He cooperated within the duo "PGA" on the debut album Corrections (2012). On Corrections the "PGA" duo is assisted by Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone) and Thorsten Lavik Larsen (trumpet) on two tracs."

-Wikipedia (

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"Jonas Cambien (b.1985) is a Belgian pianist and improviser, active on the Norwegian scene for improvised and contemporary music since he moved to Oslo in 2008.

Jonas Cambien leads his own trio, which released its debut-album 'A Zoology of the Future' on the portuguese label Clean Feed Records.

He has also released albums within Platform (Vafongool 2015) and Karokh (Loyal Label 2015, No Forevers 2016), with whom he performs regularly in Norway and abroad.

He also performs solo and within Aksiom, an Oslo-based ensemble for contemporary music.

Jonas Cambien is known for using prepared piano and extended techniques as well as analog synthesizers and electronics in his music.

Jonas holds a Master's degree in classical piano from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels where he studied with Jan Michiels, and holds a Master's degree in Jazz and Improvised music from the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo."

-Jonas Cambien Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Debut 3:10

2. Flux 12:30

3. Reflux 6:33

4. Interlude 4:31

5. Ce Que Le Vent D'ouest N'a Pas Vu 11:24

6. Fin 1:30

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