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Nanimo  (Area / Torres / Sarramian / Gris): Hapax (Creative Sources)


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David Area-electronics

Guillermo Torres-guimbri, flute

Mario Sarramian-objects

Tomas Gris-guitar

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UPC: 5609063404296

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs429
Squidco Product Code: 24249

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard foldover
Recorded at 'Detruita Sonon' in Madrid, Spain, in February, 2017.

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Artist Biographies

"David Area enters the Spanish underground scene in 2010 with the creation of the portal "Fungus Cerebri", which almost immediately becomes the information referent of the national noise-industrial movement. Following the success of that work creates Mattoid Records, label focused entirely on the most abrupt sides of noise genre.As a musician, he starts with small projects following the noisy line being Catatonic State the most relevant of this slope, in which combines the essence of the Harsh Noise Wall with live performance. In 2014, he began to enter the scene of free improvisation in Madrid and began to forge projects such as Hashigakari (with Tomás Gris, reductionist improvisation) or Nebelmeer (with Marta Sainz, atmospheric and dark electronics).

Since then, he faces his musical activity entirely as an improviser without seeking any stylistic result, covering aesthetics that flow from reductionism to drone environments using various types of electronic elements (sinusoidal waves, noise synthesizers, software ...). He is part of other projects like Nanimo, Opera Im Keller or La Nueva Iglesia.During these years, he has shared stage with artists as diverse as Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Johnny Chang, If Bwana, Antoine Beuger, Rally! (Javier Piñango & Edu Comelles), Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Persona or Guillermo Torres in spaces such as Cruce, Naranjo, Antic Forn de Vallcarca, La Central del Reina Sofía, Medialab Prado, Teatro la Puerta Estrecha or the Creative Fest in Portugal. He is a member of the maDam improvisation group and the Grupo de Resistencia Sonora de Madrid. Coordinates the label Ex-Nihilo with Tomás Gris.nto a Tomás Gris el sello Ex-Nihilo."

-Gruppo Ungido Website (

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Guillermo Torres plays trumpet, flugelhorn and flute, he is a member of Colectivo maDam, Nanimo, and Variable Geometry Orchestra.

-Discogs (

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"Tomás Gris (1980, Madrid, Spain)

Bachelor and Máster of Philosophy.

In his artwork the influence of his other occupations (Phd on Philosophy, painting,...) and, specially, the field of cinema, are always present.

Tomás Gris doesn´t plays fixed instruments: He just plays.

Tomás Gris also manages Ex-Nihilo records (Improvisation / Noise Label) with David Area.

Tomás Gris develops (or has developed) his work with people like: Alberto de la Hoz, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Tim Olive, Miguel A. Garcia (Xedh), Artur Vidal, David Area, Johnny Chang, Antoine Beuger, Sebastien Branche, Javier Pedreira, Taku Sugimoto, Wade Matthews, Lali Barriere, Tom Soloveitzik, Guilherme Rodrigues, Prague Improvisation Orchestra conducted by George Cremaschi (PIO), Petr Vrba, Gino Robair, maDam Collective, Marina Adeva, Xabier López, Miguel Angel de Blas, Lucie Pachova, Mikulas Mrva , Nau (dancers), Manuela Lucia Tessi, Eva Susova, If bwana, Jana Novorytova, Marta Sainz, Katerina Dieztova, Cristina Subirats, Lee Noyes, Loty Negarti, Marta Sainz, Maryah Marymotto, Claudia Faci, Yolanda de la Hoz, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, Fernando Romo, Xus de la Cruz, Felipe Araya, Iber de Vicente, Niña Jonas, Dr. Kurogo, Daiben, Catatonic State, Brutalism, Ricardo Lobato,...

... in places like: Cruce (Madrid), Espacio Menosuno (Madrid), Pecena Brambora (Prague), Matadero (Madrid), Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain), Skolska 28 (Prague, Czech Republic), UCM (Facultad de Filosofía, Madrid), ArpHouse (Madrid), MeetFactory (Prague), Larraskito (Bilbao, Spain), Divus (Prague), Indigo Cafe (Prague), Dejvicka Klubovna (Prague), Studio Alta (Prague), OpenAir Festival (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic), Festival Escucha (Madrid), Com a Minim Festival (Barcelona), Liceo Mutante (Pontevedra), Zarata Fest (Bilbo), Labranza Bar (Pontevedra), Espacio Naranjo (Madrid), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), DT Espacio Escénico (Madrid), Artescopio (Madrid), RESAD (Madrid), RNE (Madrid), Creative Sources Festival (Lisboa), Tokyo, ...2011 • Miguel A. García & Tomás Gris"

-Tomas Gris Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Amnion 19:17

2. Main No 26:23

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Creative Sources
Improvised Music
Electro-Acoustic Improv
Free Improvisation
Quartet Recordings
Objects and Home-made Instruments

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Creative Sources.

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