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Frith, Fred Trio

Another Day in Fucking Paradise

Frith, Fred Trio: Another Day in Fucking Paradise (Intakt)

Proclaiming that he had nothing more in mind then getting together with a couple of formidable musicians, guitarist Fred Frith and Mills College alumni Jordan Glenn on drums and Jason Hoopes on electric and double bass take their listeners through 13 connected pieces that reference rock, jazz and ea-soundscape in an impressive album from a remarkable new group.

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product information:

UPC: 7640120192679

Label: Intakt
Catalog ID: INT267
Squidco Product Code: 24114

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded at Sharkbite Studios, in Oakland, California, in January, 2016, by Scott Evans.


Fred Frith-electric guitar, voice

Jason Hoopes-electric bass, double bass

Jordan Glenn-drums, percussion

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Artist Biographies:

"Though the point of reference for many remains the iconic band Henry Cow, which he co-founded in 1968 and which broke up more than 30 years ago, Fred Frith has never really stood still for an instant.

In bands such as Art Bears, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, Keep the Dog, Tense Serenity, the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Eye to Ear, and most recently Cosa Brava, he has always held true to his roots in rock and folk music, while exploring influences that range from the literary works of Eduardo Galeano to the art installations of Cornelia Parker.

The release of the seminal Guitar Solos in 1974 enabled him to simultaneously carve out a place for himself in the international improvised music scene, not only as an acclaimed solo performer but in the company of artists as diverse as Han Bennink, Chris Cutler, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Evelyn Glennie, Ikue Mori, Louis Sclavis, Stevie Wishart, Wu Fei, Camel Zekri, John Zorn, and scores of others.

He has also developed a personal compositional language in works written for Arditti Quartet, Asko Ensemble, Bang on a Can All-Stars, Ensemble Modern, Concerto Köln, and ROVA Sax Quartet, for example. Fred has been active as a composer for dance since the early 1980s, working with choreographers Bebe Miller, François Verret, and especially long-time collaborator and friend Amanda Miller, with whom he has created a compelling body of work over the last twenty years.

His film soundtracks (for award-winning films like Thomas Riedelsheimer's Rivers and Tides and Touch the Sound, Peter Mettler's Gambling, Gods, and LSD, and Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow's Thirst, to name a few) won him a lifetime achievement award from Prague's "Music on Film, Film on Music" Festival (MOFFOM) in 2007. The following year he received Italy's Demetrio Stratos Prize (previously given to Diamanda Galas and Meredith Monk) for his life's work in experimental music, and in 2010 was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Huddersfield in his home county of Yorkshire.

Fred currently teaches in the Music Department at Mills College in Oakland, California (renowned for over fifty years as the epicenter of the American experimental tradition), and in the Musik Akademie in Basel, Switzerland."

-Fred Frith Website (

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"Jason Hoopes is a bassist and educator. His work as bassist includes numerous bay area groups including but not limited to...Jack O' The Clock, Fred Frith Trio, OrkestRova, Scott Amendola / Karl Alfonso Defensor Evangelista, Perfect Loss, Eat The Sun, Dominique Leone, The Atomic Bomb Audition, Satya Sena, powerdove, Host Family."

-Bay Improviser (

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"Jordan Glenn is a drummer, percussionist, composer, band leader, conductor, video maker, and general craftsman who lives in Oakland, California.

Jordan Glenn spent his formative years in Oregon drawing cartoons, taking dance classes from his aunt, and putting on plays with his sisters. As he got older he began making movies with his friends and studying jazz, classical, and rock music. In 2003 Glenn received a bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Oregon.

In 2006 he relocated to the Bay Area, received a masters degree from Mills College and since has worked closely with Fred Frith (FF Trio and Gravity Band), William Winant, Zeena Parkins (The Adorables), Roscoe Mitchell, ROVA Sax Quartet, Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, John Schott, Dominique Leone, Aaron Novik, Darren Johnston, Aram Shelton, Cory Wright, Lisa Mezzacappa, Karl Evangelista, Michael Coleman, Matthew Welch, Rhys Chatham and the bands Jack O' The Clock, Arts & Sciences, Young Nudist, 20 Minute Loop, Beep!, tUnE-yArDs, and the Oakland Active Orchestra. He also leads and conducts the project Mindless Thing, a collaboration with poet/free-jazzer/sage Jim Ryan, as well as the long standing trio Wiener Kids and the ten piece expansion, The Wiener Kids Family Band."

-Jordan Glenn Website (

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track listing:

1. The Origin Of Marvels 1:30

2. Dance Of Delusion 3:08

3. Poor Folly 3:27

4. La Tempesta 2:30

5. Glimmers Of Goodbyes 3:26

6. Yard With Lunatics 11:31

7. Only Light And Shadow 6:02

8. The Sleep Of Reason 2:19

9. Straw Men 3:40

10. The Deserted Garden 1:25

11. Schlechtes Gewissen 4:28

12. Phantoms Of Progress 3:44

13. The Ride Home 1:46
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"English composer and musician Fred Frith is most known for his improvisational and guitar skills. He is a founding member of English avant-rock group Henry Cow, and has collaborated with prominent musicians such as Brian Eno, Lars Hollmer, Jad Fair, and Bob Ostertag. This release takes Frith back to his roots with the classic lineup of guitar, bass, and drums. This intimate, improvisatory interplay provides a truly extraordinary listening experience. About the inspiration for this trio, Firth writes: "When I proposed this trio I had nothing in mind beyond getting together with a couple of formidable musicians...On tour with the trio [our early inspirations] all started clamoring for attention...".-Intakt

"By way of a contrast to the hyper-detailed improv Frith concocts with MMM associates Alvin Curran, Joëlle Léandre, and Urs Leimgruber on Oakland/Lisboa, his own trio's Another Day in Fucking Paradise (Intakt) is a concentrated, time-stretched take on power trioism.

It's a 49 minute, 11 track studio album recorded in Oakland, in January 2016, with Frith in the company of electric bassist Jason Hoopes and drummer Jordan Glenn, both mainstays of the music scene around Frith's adopted home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Frith describes the trio's MO as unpremeditated, saying that its musical themes emerged only after an intensive tour of Europe, during which: "I appeared to be channeling some of my earliest rock and roll experiences - jamming with members of Pink Fairies in 1969, a couple of sad weeks in a band with Syd Barrett." He goes on to tip practically every inventive guitarist of the era, from Macca to Sonny Sharrock, as influential.

With this trio, Frith says: "Anything can happen. Really. It's a bloody great feeling," but given such ebullience and the album's sassy title its material cohesion and restraint may be unexpected.

Each piece segues into the next, so the album plays as a single piece with variegated movements, and packs in plenty of Frith's powerful, complex and painterly fretwork.

From the tolling bells that introduce "The Origin of Marvels" to the lead bass and guitar-stippled clattering percussion of "Dance of Delusion" and Frith's first liquid fire lead solo, to his muttered vocal on the spaced-out proto-chant "Poor Folly" and the funked-up industrial minimalism of "La Tempesta", the album's opening moments slip and segue from vibe to vibe, defying the ear to pin anything down.

This run slips into abstraction on "Glimmers of Goodbyes", with Frith casting an FX shimmer over a bass/drum workout reminiscent of Raoul Bjorkenheim's Scorch Trio, and then surges into "Yard with Lunatics" - at 11:31, the album's longest track by over 5 minutes.

The initial overspill then dissipates into a stretch where there's more space for Frith to unspool long, layered sustains as a canvas for more gestural splashes of colour. With no way-markers for guidance Hoopes and Glenn could sink into the alluvium, but they stay attuned and the bassist takes up the melodic lead then doubles up on contrabass to keep the pulse of the music alive.

"Only Light and Shadow" sees Frith amping up the effects and peeling off some taut lead lines. His partners initially seem more restless, but their heightened tension slips into "The Sleep of Reason", and a zone of lulling bell-chimes -the closest the trio come to Frith's electro-acoustic trio Death Ambient.

Hoopes' Contrabass is a steady, luminous presence amid percussive agitation and raw electrical noise on "Straw Men", but "The Deserted Garden" and "Schlechtes Gewissen" bring late flowerings of turbulence and friction, with a lovely Fripp-esque tonality sweetening the former, and variegated tones of friable volatility synthesised to accompany sweaty bowed bass and taut frame drumming on the latter.

As the multi-tracked progressive improv of "Phantoms of Progress" slowly dissolves into washes of guitar synth the trio's pulse seems to weaken, but it's just a feint: outro "The Ride Home" is bass-sprung, and whisked briskly along by Glenn's brushed snare with Frith free, as ever, to conjure his extraordinary richly-textured and multi-layered guitar parts."-Tim Owen, On Sound

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