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Roelofs', Annemarie Waste Watchers: Music From The Land Of Milk And Honey (Les Disques Victo)

"Recorded live at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in May 1996, In the Land of Milk and Honey features trombonist Anne-Marie Roelofs' Waste Watchers trio, which also features Johannes Krämer (electric ...

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UPC: 777405004826

Label: Les Disques Victo
Catalog ID: VICCD048
Squidco Product Code: 23994

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 1997
Country: Canada
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorde "live" at the 13th Fesitval International De Musique Actuelle De Victoriaville on 17th May 1996, by Radio Canada.


Dirk Marwedel-Alto Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Toy

Francois Bienvenue-Design

Johannes Kramer-Electric Guitar, Electronics, Tape, Liner Notes

Annemarie Roelofs-Trombone, Violin, Trumpet

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Recorded live at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in May 1996, In the Land of Milk and Honey features trombonist Anne-Marie Roelofs' Waste Watchers trio, which also features Johannes Krämer (electric guitar, electronics, and tapes) and Dirk Marwedel (saxophones and toys). They performed three 20-minute improvisations structured in loose suites with written segments. The CD booklet includes a short story telling the tale of how three parrots, escaping from their slavery-like job at a city dump to find the Land of Milk and Honey, ended up gathering all the animals and starting a war against the human race. Each improvisation is divided into sections or movements with titles summarizing key episodes of the story. Yet, it seems the tale was written and fitted to the music instead of the other way around. In any case, these three pieces keep all their charm. Roelofs is touching when playing the violin (a nice passage in the third suite) and entertains with her trombone, using lots of mouth and mute tricks to mimic animal sounds. Add to this an array of small toys, samples of wildlife, and prerecorded bits of structured music, and you have a strange kind of storytelling technique. Whether the story came first or not, the music is a narrative in itself -- lively, creative in a Dutch way, and without any affectation. This music has the lightness of the Willem Breuker Kollektief, but runs deeper into sonic associations and free improvisation, blending jazz, pop, and electronics. Since Roelofs' work has been very sparsely documented, In the Land of Milk and Honey is the best place to start."-François Couture, All Music

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Artist Biographies

"Dirk Marwedel Born 1959. Since 1985 Dirk Marwedel has been working in the area of ​​improvised music and related musical concepts as well as in interdisciplinary projects with performance, sound installation, film, dance, theater, sculpture and painting. In continuous interplay with different groups as well as soloist he has developed sounding techniques and preparations with which he easily exceeds the limits of familiar concepts of the sound spectrum of the saxophone and irritates listening habits. The permanent process of material and sound enhancement can also lead to play on hoses, balloons, with water or other sound bodies, even beyond the original instrument. With his work on slate slabs ("TonSchiefer") and the sculptures by the sculptor couple Livia Kubach and Michael Kropp, Dirk Marwedel, who also trained as a sculptor, explores and develops the sound qualities of stone.

Solistically, Dirk Marwedel draws particular attention to dynamic and structural movement. Dense monolithic sound currents can contrast with fine tissues, which are reduced to only a few senses, sequences of classical toning complement each other with grotesque or fragile, silent, brittle or bursting overflowing forms beyond the chromatically tempered tonal space. The limits and meanings of sound, sound and sound are moving, touching, mixing and differentiating. Silence is perceived as a fundamental element of musical experience.

Central themes in the area of ​​performance (for example in the case of sound video performance> no change changing <) are the inevitability and irreversibility of movement and development. With concentrated acoustic and visual material, processes that are fragmented in the phenomena of repetition and change, memory and present are perceived in the light of their incessant passing over one another. Even more direct than in purely concertante performances is the irritation and questioning of fixed, automated boundaries and interpretations and the opening of unexpected perceptions. Recent works such as the "fields of intercourse", the "court paintings" and the project "Living Sculpture" also deal with the center of perception, the perceiving and perceptive human beings themselves, with their modes, the Familiar, the stranger, to meet oneself.

Dirk Marwedel has appeared in Europe and Canada. He lives in Wiesbaden and is co-founder and organizer of the HumaNoise congress - day improvised music."

-Nurnichtnur.Com (Translated by Google) (

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Track Listing:

1. Nervous Escape / Trouble In The Onion Fields / Chasing The Pigs / Hey, Mr. Mangelmann / Faster Tan The Bus / A Black Night In The Dark Wood / A Narrow Escape 19:50

2. The Rite Of The Land Of Milk And Honey / Good Grief, What A Party! / The End Of The Party / Living In The Lap Of Luxury / The Duchess Of Lora Meets The Duke Of Lorus 19:00

3. Out Of The Egg / No, Mr. Mangelmann!! / Fly High In The Sky Like Lady Di / The Darwin Warriors Sharpening BC Weapons (Claws, Teeth, Sting, Poison) / The Death Of A Chain Saw 17:54

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