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Cuir: Chez Ackenbush (Fou Records)

This French free improv group performs both quick-twisting post-bop compositions and modern extended technique work, comprised of John Cuny (piano), Jerome Fouquet (trumpet), Jean-Brice Godet (clarinet), Yoram Rosillio (bass) and Nicolas Souchal (trumpet).

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product information:

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-CD08
Squidco Product Code: 23403

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: France
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at jazz club Chez Ackenbush,Paris,3 rue Raymond Fassin - Malakoff.


Yoram Rosilio-bass

Jean-Brice Godet-clarinet

John Cuny-piano

Jerome Fouquet-trumpet

Nicolas Souchal-trumpet

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Artist Biographies:

"Contrabassist from the " EDIM , Yoram Rosilio has been scouring the Parisian scenes since 2000 and participated in more than 250 concerts in the Parisian cinemas. At the same time, he recorded several albums in very different styles (Tiramisu, Ocho Soles, Damien Ossart trio, Zephyr Septet ...). He studied the oud and oriental music in parallel with Michel Arkache and Riadh Ghdir. Since 2006, alongside Soraya Djebbar, choreographer in contemporary dance he experimented the alliance of dance and music in improvisation. These two main sources of inspiration, both instrumental and conceptual, are Charles Mingus and William Parker. He met the latter on his last trip to New York. Although Jazz, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Song, Traditional, Free ..., Jazz is the greatest artistic satisfaction and the most rewarding experiences. In September 2006, he founded the Bar-Kochba Quintet which combines free jazz and oriental music."


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"Jean-Brice Godet starts clarinet at 8 years old at Colombes conservatory, where he was born, in Paris suburbs. Albert Ayler, Sonic Youth, György Ligeti, Duke Ellington and Buddy Guy, what convince him to use the way of free improvisation, The advices of Bernard Lubat, Louis Sclavis and Joëlle Léandre. In 2004, he gets a master in Computer Music Research (ATIAM) at Pierre and Marie Curie University And at IRCAM, and complements is musical education with the highest distinction of Gennevilliers Conservatory of Music, under the aegis of Nicolas Baldeyrou (solo-clarinet of the Philharmonic Of Radio-France "). With the In Sit-U collective he meets Fred Frith and works two weeks with him On an original creation. Few times later the joins the quintet Fröhn and plays on prestigious courses Like Le Petit Faucheux (Tours) or on the famous improv'music The Improviste . He creates his first silent-movie / live-music in 2004 on Le Ra t by Christophe Ali and Nicolas Bonilauri, silent movie in black and white realesed in 2000. The second one, create in 2011, on Berlin, die sinfonie der grosstatd (Walter Ruttmann, 1927) is a joint commission of SACEM and The City of Gennevilliers prompted by Bernard Cavanna . He plays since 2009 with Pablo Cueco ( Erythropus Quartet , The Ball Of The Contemporary ...) and With Anthony Braxton and Walter Thompson in 2010 in Brooklyn for a week of soundpainting Performance. He curates and played in Amok'Improv ' nights a dedicated improvised music serie With Sylvain Cathala and Fred Maurin between 2010 and 2012. He creates the MujôQuartet in 2012 in Brooklyn with Michaà "l Attias , Pascal Niggenkemper and Carlo Costa , in which they play his compositions, working on impermanence and imperfection. They Play in Paris and New York. He is co-leading also two trios, Zaal33 with Brussels-based Richard Comte (guitar) and Jean- Philippe Feiss (cello), and Capsul with England-based Matthew Bourne (piano) and EglishFrench Tam De Villiers (guitar). He collaborates regularly with Joëlle Léandre since 2012 in a few projects: a slient-movie / live-music Concert Mélies / Leandre , her new tentet Can You Hear Me? , And a new co-leaded quartet Ground (s) W / Mike Ladd (voice) and Benjamin Sanz (Drums)."

- Website (

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"He studied piano at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, then at the National School of Music in Pantin, and obtained a first prize for piano and chamber music. He was introduced to jazz at the American School in Paris.

Performed in various ensembles, ranging from classical music (cello-piano duet), to improvisation (various encounters with Jean Bordé, Hugues Vincent), to free-jazz (quartet by Gabriele Digiulio). He plays regularly in "Fröhn", where he is also composer.

Passionate about encounters with other artistic forms, he participated as a composer-improviser-interpreter in the creation of shows mixing music and theater ("Rien à voir avec la choucroute op 1", "Four Roses for Lucienne"). Also teaches the piano in conservatories and associations."

-Ensemble Amalgammes Website (translated by Google) (

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"Jérôme Fouquet, born in 1978, started playing the trumpet at the age of eleven. He studied with Dominique Leroy and Régis Emorine. Early on, he was strongly attracted to improvised musics of the world. At the age of 16, he enrolled at the Académie Departementale de Jazz de l'Oise, and studied with Patrick Dechamp, Michel Kuss and Pierre Fanen. During this period, he began his second love with the bass guitar, of which he studied concurrently with the trumpet. In 2002 he enrolled at Lili et Nadia Boulanger Academy (Paris 9th district) and worked with Nicolas Folmer,Toni Russo, Pierre Bertrand, and participated in Jacques Vidal's sessions . During the period 1999 to 2015, he collaborated, both in France and abroad, with several bands and artists such as LA Flor del Fango, Ouagadou , Sweet Talk, Iswood SSD, L'écharpe Rouge, Kanloar, Latin pop Unit directed by Pascal Brechet, Patrick Vilain, Fabien Norbert, Sophie Darly, Suzanne Davis, Kenichi Matsumoto, Mori Shige, Hideo Ikegami,Yasuhiro Usui,Ono Ryoko, Hataken, Hugues Vincent,Jacques Di Donato, Florent Pujuila, Federico Casagrande Jean Christophe Decourrière ,Julien Jolly, Boris Pelosof, Marc Davidovitz, and dancers Malika Saïd and Stephanie Moitrel... During the same period he led several workshops for improvised collectives (UDEM, CRDPM Les Naïades...), and also ran jam sessions for institutions (Liancourt Prison, Beauvais Vocational Rehabilitation Center, the Conservatory of Tremblay en France) Mortefontaine and Fleurance festivals. In addition to leading his trio Triolisme, the quartet Kuma ochestra and Iternational Supersonic quintet, he is also a sideman in Le Gros Tube, Motionless, Mac Mulinsh, the bluesman Jake Jimmy Kenny, A.R.B.F directed by Yoram Rosilio, CUIR quintet, the Barbes Big Band....​"

-Jerome Fouquet Website (

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"Nicolas Souchal: trumpet, bugle, composition. Born in 1979.

Nicolas Souchal is a French trumpet player, active in contemporary jazz and improvised music. He is recognized for his sense of construction in improvisation, his expressive sonority, and his playing including the extended techniques of the instrument. His approach is borrowed from musicians such as Don Cherry, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Axel Dörner, and Daunik Lazro.

In 1997 in Clermont-Ferrand, he was a founding member of the Collectif Musique en Friche, a bubbling crucible of experiments, close to the ARFI (Association for the Research of an Imaginary Folklore). He developed two wind duets, one with Franck Pilandon, the other with Christiane Bopp, and more recently the quartet Les arbres moved during the night, improvised instrumental music and sound diffusion.

Since 2000, composer and arranger with the Balkan Brass Band, as well as the nebabylonian jazz quartet Humbaba, he appropriates and recomposes the traditional music of Eastern Europe.

Since 2010, he has been heard in various formations on the Parisian scene: Pavillon Rouge (Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Matthias Mahler, Jean-Marc Foussat), ARBF & Hmadcha in Essaouira (meeting between big band free jazz and Sufi musicians Yoram Rosilio), Quintet Cuir (improvised epidermic music, with Jean-Brice Godet, John Cuny, Yoram Rosilio, Jérôme Fouquet)"

-Nicolas Souchal Website (translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Epidermiologie 3:32

2. Echarnage 5:11

3. Satch Ko 3:40

4. Peau De Chagrin 9:06

5. Tartare 19:06
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The Cuir group is an improvisational quintet that combines classical instrumentation: two trumpets, clarinet, piano and double bass. The group works an improvisation glued to the "free jazz", with the instrumentation superimposed on a permanent convulsion.

The group of John Cuny (piano), Jerome Fouquet (trumpet), Jean-Brice Godet (clarinet), Yoram Rosillio (bass) and Nicolas Souchal (trumpet) reveal a recording of a live performance "Chez Ackenbush" (Hence the title, of course), a song that lives in tension, confrontation and challenge. Do not expect from this sensitivity or restraint, but we find here a group of musicians always in high intensity. Highlight for the blows, which are interlacing, but also the piano, which is gaining prominence - especially the third theme, "Satch Ko"."-Fou

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