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BZ BZ UEU: Tapes & Vinyls (Music a la Coque)

Reissue of Italian improvising rock band of Jacopo Andreini (sax), Pino Montecalvo (bass), Carlo Lupori (drums), Efisio Biancofiore (guitar), Edi Leo (trumpet), active from 1993 to 2005, in their first demo tape recorded live in studio in 1994 plus two 7" split with NO and God Is My Co-Pilot.

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product information:

Label: Music a la Coque
Catalog ID: COQ - 010
Squidco Product Code: 22221

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Italy
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Tracks 1-12 from demotape (Frigorifero Production 1994)

Tracks 13,14,17 from 7" split BZ BZ UEU / NO (El Borracho 1996)

Tracks 15,16 from 7" split BZ BZ UEU / GOD IS MY CO-PILOT (Music a la Coque 1998)


Jacopo Andreini-alto saxophone

Pino Montecalvo-bass

Carlo Lupori-drums

Efisio Biancofiore-guitar

Edi Leo-trumpet

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track listing:

1. Entro 2:38

2. Ta-dh 2:41

3. Ft 2:24

4. Victor Fortuna 2:04

5. Cognitivo 3:30

6. Pica Pica 2:34

7. Interjoplin 00:40

8. Smarti 2:42

9. Infame (Veritas) 2:17

10. Bravata 00:45

11. Warzmerigosz 2:34

12. Bzout 00:34

13. Tuna Scooter 2:04

14. Bzung 2:08

15. Portanuova 2:35

16. Tan.geri 2:25

17. Fiction Fiesta 00:48

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"BZ BZ UEU was an italian band with a clear aptitude to be free direct and simple like the cruelty of children. They played gigs and realesed a handful of records from 1993 to 2005. This new (old) release includes their first demo tape recorded live in studio in 1994 plus two 7" split with NO and GOD IS MY CO-PILOT."-Musique a la Coque

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