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Baby Rap

Voice Performance By Babies

Baby Rap: Voice Performance By Babies (Amorfon)

Amorfon continues their exploration of the "voice" of babies, started with "Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies" and expanded here as 14 babies are recorded in a single take, expressing themselves before the learning of language, volume, timbre and speech intervals.

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14 babies-vocals, performers

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UPC: 4562144180131

Label: Amorfon
Catalog ID: amorfon013
Squidco Product Code: 22035

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Japan
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded in Japan by Yoshio Machida.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"In 2005, Amorfon released Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies (amorfon005), a compilation album of performances by babies less than 18 months old. This album idea came from an interest in looking deeper at improvisational performance, asking what is a performance that is unconscious and free of artifice. Listening deeply to these tracks by the 10 babies, performing with various instruments, it made me very aware of my inability to decode and analyze what I was hearing.

This album, Baby Rap: Voice Performance by Babies, is an album focused on the 'voice' of babies. In my desire for a raw recording of 'words before words'before the learning of language, volume, timbre and speech intervalsI once again used single takes without editing.

Most music has its genesis in vocal music. Vocal timbre, intonation, the melodies and rhythms that further emphasize intonation; this is the backbone of music. Using the lungs, mouth cavity, and the muscles that support them, babies are already producing a myriad of sounds.

The tracks on this album are like the sea of (Tarkovsky's) Solaris. When facing them earnestly, your way of connecting to sound is revealed. It may be possible to argue whether sound that is not performed for particular listeners is 'performance'. But with these recorded tracks, 'how to listen' and 'what you can hear' become the larger questions.

With explanation text by Yoshimi (Boredoms, OOIOO)."-Amorfon

Artist Biographies

Track Listing:

1. Kanna 2:45

2. Shungo 2:37

3. Asumi 2:16

4. Kaede 2:22

5. Isuke 0:27

6. Chiharu 2:33

7. Tenma 2:36

8. Momo 2:48

9. Yuuki 2:27

10. Yuzuki 2:09

11. Mitsumasa 2:04

12. Yumeno 2:09

13. Hirara 1:57

14. Kafuka 1:27

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