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Rummel, Simon Ensemble: Nichts Fur Alle (Nothing For All) (Umlaut Records)

Cologne pianist and composer Simon Russell wrote these compositions, melding jazz, classical, electronic, even tango music into lyrical and joyfully quirky works, performed by his ensemble with Goerg Wissel, Matthias Muche, Udo Moll, Carl Ludwig Hubsch, &c.

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Lucia Mense-recorders

Joris Ruhl-clarinets

Georg Wissel-prepared alto saxophone

Udo Moll-trumpet

Matthias Muche-trombone

Carl Ludwig Hubsch-tuba, whistling, singing saw

Radek Stawarz-violin

Oxana Omelchuk-Casio keyboard

Ketonge-voice, special effects

Michael Griener-drum set, percussion

Simon Rummel-piano, melodica, mini synthesizer

Axel Lindner-violin

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Label: Umlaut Records
Catalog ID: umfr-cd19
Squidco Product Code: 21956

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Sweden / France / Germany
Packaging: Fold out card stock envelope in plastic sleeve w/ various cards and pictures included
Tracks 2, 4, 9, 11 recorded at LOFT, Cologne, Germany, on February 22nd 2013 by Stefan Deistler.

Track 5 recorded live at "Temporary Art Tower", in Cologne, Germany on Feburary 21, 2014 by Jonathan Hoffman.

All other tracks recorded live at Tersteegen Church, in Cologne, Germany on October 14th, 2014 by Georg Bongartz

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Cologne is a historical ground for experimental music, from the most underground to the most legitimate. To this day the jazz and impro- vised music scene is still florishing there. Simon Rummel is, whithout a doubt, its most baffling and exciting actor, the most futile and therefore the most useful, the most absurd, hence, the most important. Let's be serious, at a time when the whole planet trembles at the thought of a man with such a bad hair-style as Donald Trump becom- ing president of the US, in those dark times when the zyka mosquito threatens the real-estate added values linked to the organisation of the Olympics in Brazil, is it tasteful to write jazz in major and in 3/4 ? With total impunity, Simmon Rummel did no just create this orchestra which instrumentation would have probably displeased Hector Berlioz, he also put the musicians in a situation where it seems anything could happen - and where lots of things actually do happen - where music is so light it becomesflighty, taking turns at any moment and revealing behind the curve a solo of lofi electronic vocal, a tango dressed as a popular ball, a noisy and sophisticated improvisation, a lyrical and exalted audience, and from time to time, some exquisite courtesy."-Umlaut

Artist Biographies

""Lucia Mense - recorder and traverso player pursues unusual paths:after undertaking extensive studies of Baroque music, she is now passionately dedicated to various earlier styles as well as new western art music. Creative processes in medieval and new music attract her, improvisation is her vital interest."-(Christina Hartmann,

For years now Lucia Mense has been fascinated by the direct, the natural as well as the variable qualities of the sound of the recorder. The colorful palette and the speech-like articulation - not unlike the art of singing - in connection with the potential velocity of gesture, comprise the departure point for her interpretations.

The presence of the recorder in music history until 1800, as well as in contemporary times, enables her to be artistically active in both Early and New music.

Just as extraordinary are her instruments, that is traditional and modern flute types:Medieval recorders and traverse flutes - i.e. copies of instruments found in Dordrecht and Elblag: plus a double recorder;recorders of the Renaissance and Baroque types in different siyes;modern recorders by H. Paetyold and M. Helder.

The search for new techniques is Lucias concern / i.e. the use of circular breathing in medieval and modern music."

Lucia Mense performs as soloist and as a member of Ensemble Beltatz, Ars Choralis Coeln, Ala Aurea and Ensemble Dialogue.

-Lucia Mense Website (

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"After having studied classical music with Jacques Di Donato, Joris Rühl oriented himself towards contemporary music, written, improvised and jazz, with a predilection for projects blurring the borders between these different labels. He plays with contemporary music ensembles like L'Instant Donné or Hiatus, with jazz ensembles like TØRN, Hübsch 8, Simon Rummel Ensemble and with the experimental music ensembles ONCEIM and Spat' Sonore. He also improvises with, among many others, Michel Doneda, Thierry Madiot, Isabelle Duthoît, Eve Risser, Antez. His discography includes discs released under the labels Neos Jazz, Satelita, OBS and Umlaut Records. Beside this activity of musician, he also works on films and experimental videos."

-Umlaut (

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"Georg Wissel *1964, Improviser, Composer, Sculptor of compressed air via (prepared) saxophones, clarinet and other soundsourcesWissel made his first important experiences in Improvised music recording and touring in the late 80ies in Germany, France and Southamerica as guest musician of 'Pöhlmusik' along with Jon Rose.Inspired by collaborations with electronic musicians, he began also (beside working on instrumental playing-technics) searching for new sounds by preparations,which by the time has become an integral part of his playing.

He is working internationally, performing solo under the title 'The Arte Of Navigation' and together with numerous exponents in Improvised music whilst he maintains long term collaborations with his duos along with Paul Lytton, Joker Nies and Tim O'Dwyer and ensembles like 'the WisselTangCamatta', 'Cajlan-Wissel-Nillesen', 'BlankDisk Trio' and 'Canaries on the Pole', Simon Rummel Ensemble, Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester, La Grande Banda Metafisica... Wissel has been regular member of Frank Koellges' Adam Noidlt Missiles until his death in 2012.

Collaborations with ... Liz Allbee, Lawrence Casserley, Nicolas Collins, George Cremaschi, Gunda Gottschalk, Matthew Goodheart, Lou Grassi, Tomaz Grom, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Erhart Hirt, Peter Jacquemyn, Miako Klein, Frank Köllges, Matthias Müller, Dan Peck, Tim Perkis, Melvyn Poore, Manja Ristic, Alan Silva, Lukatoyboy, Michael Vorfeld, GeSuk Yeo, LondonImprovisersOrchestra, Norbert Stein's Pata on the Cadillac ... Festival appearances at e.g. "Moers Festival"; "Schumannfest", Düsseldorf; "RingRing new music Festival", Belgrade; "Humanoise Congress", Wiesbaden; "Triennale", Köln; "Free Music Festival", Antwerp, "TransArt", Bolzano, "Jazz and More", Sibiu, "Irtijal", Beirut, "Audio Art", Krakow, "Relincha", Valdivia, Chile"

-Georg Wissel Website (

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"Udo Moll (* 1966 in Kirchheim unter Teck) is a German jazzmusician and improviser (trumpet, melodica, cello, electronics).

Moll played first in the Jugendblaskapelle of the music association Uhingen. After his civilian service, he studied empirical cultural sciences at the University of TŸbingen. In 1992, he studied trumpet and composition at the Cologne University of Music with Manfred Schoof and Johannes Fritsch. Moll worked with Guildo Horn , Hella von Sinnen , Frank Kšllges , Matthias Schubert , Nils Wogram , Gerry Hemingway or Moritz Eggert. He contributed to the realization of the dance performance Spirales with Eleonora However and Gorm Neergard. He also founded the international septet Novotnik 44 , winner of the 2nd prize at the International Jazz Festival in Getxo / Spain and finalist at the International Jazz Competition of the Leverkusen Jazztage. He founded La Banda Metafisica together with Nicolao Valiensi. He plays with Sebastian Gramss and Matthias Muche in improvisation project Das moll's law , which has also worked with John Tilbury , Elliott Sharp , the Institute for Fine Motor Dynamics or Sidsel Endresen. He is also a member of the SchŠl Sick Brass Band and the James Choice Orchestra."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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"Matthias Muche (D) trombone, born in 1972 lives in Cologne and works as musician and media artist. He studied trombone at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, in Rotterdam and at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Cologne with Bart van Lier, Henning Berg and Paulo Alvares and also audiovisual media with Anthony Moore at the academy of media arts cologne. Muche works in several formations, e.g. with the James Choice Orchestra, Das Mollsche Gesetz, Nils Klein Tentett, Schäl Sick Brass Band and with Mischa Mengelberg, Larry Ochs and Robyn Schulkowsky, having concert tours through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


As media artist, Muche combines contemporary music with new media in his audiovisual works. his latest works were presented in bern, paris and during the Art Cologne. Together with Sven Hahne he has been Artistic Director of the FRISCHZELLE festival for Intermedial Performance since 2004. Furthermore he is founder member of ZEITKUNST, which is an association for the advancement and conveyance of audiovisual art."

-Timeart Ensemble Website (

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"Besides his own project like Hübsch's Longrun Development of the Universe, Drift and Hübsch's Primordial Soup he founded the ENSEMBLE X and co-leads the Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra together with Matthias Schubert and Frank Gratkowski.

Hübsch is part of many collective projects and ensembles and works as side man in various projects. Carl Ludwig Hübsch performed with musicians like Arthur Blythe, Michiel Braam, Thomasz Stanko, Paul Lytton, Lester Bowie, Jasper vant Hof, Paul Lovens, Ernst Reijseger, Angelika Sheridan, Peter Keller, Thomas Lehn, Martin Theurer, Gunda Gottschalk, Axel Dörner, Ute Völker, Gino Robair, Philip Zoubek, Le Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Scott Fields, Michael Vorfeld, Uwe Oberg, Ulrich Phillipp, Franz Hautzinger, Sebastian Gramss, Nils Wogram, Frank Köllges, Udo Moll a.m.o. throughout the planet.

He participated in numerous projects like e.g.

• The F-Orkestra
• Oktoberorchestra Amsterdam 1994
• Humannoise Congress
• Hannes Zerbe / Willem Breuker Blech Band 1995
• Matthias Schubert Sextett 1997
• Kammeroper "Idyllen" von Thomas Beimel 1999
• Matthias Schubert Quartett 2002
• European Tuba Quartett from 2000
• Markus Eichenbergers Domino Orchestra 2003
• Toyteens `lil Rosies (Klare, Buhrs, de Jode, Hübsch)
• Post No Bills ab 1995
• Adam Noidlts Missiles
• Carl Ludwig Hübsch/Harald Kimmig Duo
• Adam Noidlts Missiles
• Thomas Heberers LipL from 2007
• Achim Krämer Georg Wissel Carl Ludwig Hübsch
• Franz Hautzingers Trompetenorchester 2008
• Bik Bent Braam / Braam Hybrid Tentett
• Ensemble [H]iatus from 2008

fellowships or study travels lead Hübsch troughout the continents, India in 1997 for studies with Ramamani (Karnataka College of Percussion)or to Namibia in the year 2000, to the USA ( OMI-Arts Stipendium 2002) • but also to closer places like Essen (Jazzpott Award 2003 ) or to Basel (2008 / 2009 Residency of the Stiftung Bartels Fondation) Huebsch's work is documented in numerous radio and CD productions."

-Carl Ludwig Hubsch Website (

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"Radek Stawarz (* 1973 in Myślenice near Krakow ) is a Polish, jazz and improvisational musician ( violin and viola ), based in Cologne.

Radek Stawarz is from Galicia and played alongside his classical violin education in jazz and rock bands, Polish folklore - and Czech Sinti and Roma music groups. He studied at the Silesian University of Classical Music in Katowice and has been living in Cologne since the beginning of the 2000s. He studied at the Musikhochschule in Cologne and studied with Michael Gustorff , Gorjan Kosuta , Bill Dobbins , John Taylor and Frank Gratkowski . In-depth studies followed & a. With Paulo Álvares in the area of ​​new music and free improvisation. In 2003, he won the university competition in Maastricht with the Five Spotz Quintet , and the Cologne Jazz Art 2003 competition with Simon Rummel's Fantasmonika .

Stawarz works in the Cologne improvisation scene in various projects in the field of jazz and new music with orchestras, big bands , kleinkunst as well as for film and theater music, a. With musicians of the WDR Big Band Cologne under the direction of Manfred Schoof as well as with Nicolas Simion . Since 2004 Stawarz has been a member of the James Choice Orchestra , with whom he performed at the 2007 Moers festival . Stawarz was a violinist in several productions and galas of the circus Roncalli .

Since 2005 Stawarz has been working as a stage musician at the Schauspielhaus in Cologne ; Since 2006 with Andreas Molinos Band Charanga . In 2008 he formed a trio with Philip Zoubek and Matthias Muche . In 2010 he works with the Electropunk Band Von Spar ; 2012 with Matthias Muche ( The Krzysztof Komeda Show ) . With Stevko Busch , Tom Arthurs and Ingrid Laubrock , he appears in the quartet. He also plays with DJs in House / Techno-Discos."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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"Oxana Omelchuk, actually Oxana Omel'čuk, also spelling Oxana Omeltschuk, (* 1975 in Bjarosa, Belarusian Socialist Soviet Republic, today Belarus) is a Belarusian composer who lives in Germany.

Oxana Omelchuk was born in the town of Bjarosa, then part of the Belarusian Socialist Soviet Republic, and since 1991 belongs to the newly established Republic of Belarus. She now lives in Germany. After completing her school studies she studied at the College of Music in Cologne in the composition with Professor Johannes Fritsch and in the electronic composition with Professor Michael Beil. Omelchuk finished her studies with the Master.

She has received various awards and scholarships, a. DAAD scholarship 2003, Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann scholarship of the City of Cologne 2006, Scholarship Scholarship in the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen 2007, Baldreit Fellowship of the City of Baden-Baden 2009 and scholarship of the Cologne Kunstverein 2011, and 2018 a stay scholarship In the Villa Aurora .

Omelchuk is mainly active in the field of new music. Numerous world premieres of her compositions have been held at the Neue Musik Festival in Wuppertal, often in Cologne ( Roman Summer, young biennial, eight bridges), Munich at the Biennale in Munich and the musica viva as well as at the Donaueschinger Musiktagen. Omelchuk created several order compositions, a. (DMR), the WDR, the Kunststiftung NRW, the SWR and various Cologne festivals and ensembles with which she works closely.

Oxana Omelchuk lives and works in Cologne."

-Wikipedia (

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"Ketonge, bourgeois: Manfred Ruecker (born May 3, 1974 in Munich) is a German composer, sculptor and media artist.

Ketonge studied art, music and psychology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, the Kunsthochschule for Media Cologne, the Cologne University of Music and Dance, as well as at the Universities of Cologne and Siegen, and graduated with diplomas, masterclasses and certificates in 2005/2006.

He was and is a member of several ensembles for experimental music including Fantasmophonika with Simon Rummel and the singing landscape painters with Oxana Omelchuk and Constantin Herzog. In 2000, he was awarded the second prize at the 6th International Music Competition for Young Culture in Düsseldorf, with the ensemble Die Kugel with Dorothee Haddenbruch, Ligia Liberatori, Josef Rebbe, Simon Rummel and Juan María Solare Fraunhofer Institute (networks) for his theoretical considerations on art and music in 2005.

Concerts and performances have been documented several times on the radio and TV, such as the production radio unexpectedly with the composer and jazz pianist Simon Rummel on subjects of experimental art and music.

The artist, who lives in the Rhineland, is influenced by Karlheinz Stockhausen's music and began composing his first electronic pieces in the early 1990s. In addition to composing with Aleatorik, improvisation and live electronics.

Composition studies at the Cologne University of Music and Dance with Johannes Fritsch and Paulo Álvares. Works in the field of sculpture and video art (video productions in the studio David Larcher and Matthias Neuenhofer at the Kunsthochschule for media Cologne (KHM)), masterminds of Georg Herold and Oswald Wiener (publication as a poet).

Concert and exhibition activities since 1996. CD and DVD publications, including the DVD "klangsichten" (2004) or the CD "elektronic muzik" (2010), and long-term collaboration with drummer and musicologist Florian Dietz. Guest lectures and an Internet lecture for the young academy of Berlin.

"Ketonge stands between the disciplines of (new) music and the visual arts. The realization of his complex theories encompasses (...) the theme of the sound within differently constructed rooms. (...) Ketonge works interdisciplinary - electronic music, sculpture and video. It is a strong interest to extend the field of new media and music to the fields of fine art. A "concert", where he acts at the mixing desk, is at the same time a performance, a ritual, a set, an event - divided into his parts consisting of electronic and analog sound, noises, music theory, choreography, stage design, objects, pictures, and sculptures. Ketonges compositions are the link between these elements. "(Georg Herold, 2005)"

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (

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"Michael Griener, born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1968, began playing drums in 1982, lives in Berlin since 1994.

Under the influence of the HOHE-UFER-concerts initiated by Günter Christmann he became involved early on in the various forms of Jazztradition, Free Improvisation and New Music, which led to a longer collaboration with Christmann in his Vario-projects (a.o. C.I.M.-Festival Den Haag 1990, Moers-Festival 1992, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik1993).

He has worked frequently with dancers, actors and poets (most recently in a project on Paul Celan with German writer Oskar Ansull). His duo KIMMO ELOMAA with electronic wizard jayrope received a grant by the city of Berlin in 2002 Received the 1. price as "most creative soloist" at the "New German Jazz Award" in 2006 His current projects include a.o.:

Uli Gumpert Quartet, TGW (Thieke-Griener-Weber), a Duo with Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Lacy Pool, Squakk and Carl-Ludwig Hübsch' Primordial Soup Michael Griener teaches jazz drumming at the University for Music "Carl Maria v. Weber" in Dresden and jazz-history and rhythm at the Jazzschule Berlin."

-Michael Griener Website (

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Simon Rummel (* 1978 in Trier ) is a German improvisation musicians ( piano, violin, organ ), composer and sound artist. He deals with acoustic phenomena, which he in artistic installations transfers.

Rummel got eight years piano lessons, sang in the boys choir and had organ lessons. He attended the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, and played in the jazz scene of Trier, then studied jazz piano and composition at the Cologne Music Academy with John Taylor, Hans Lüdemann, Paulo Álvares, John Fritsch, later free art at Georg Herold at the Dusseldorf Art Academy, Among his numerous works (experimental) compositions for various ensemble, u. A. For he founded Ensemble Fantasmofonika (u. A. With Ketonge ). 2003 ensemble received an award at the festival jazz-art (WDR). 2005 was premiered by the Bochum Symphony Orchestra and Eva-Maria Schieffer a Blockflötenkonzert of Simon Rummel. In addition to various musical projects and performances, dance and theater works (such as Solo Party with In-Jung Jun Tanzhaus NRW) worked Rummel eight years as choirmaster and organist at a Protestant church and choir director and band coach at the open Jazzhausschule Cologne. As a stage musician he played inter alia at the German-Greek Theatre or the Blue Elephant Company, as an assistant director at the Young Chamber Opera Cologne as well as a stage for a "King Arthur" production at the.. Tonhalle Dusseldorf ; "This shows his interest in the theater, which is reflected in their own experimental music theater pieces in which sound, image and movement are composed." As a performance artist Simon Rummel u. A. Were held in 2006 in Cologne maxim and the Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf in appearance.

Simon Rummel 2008 was scholarship for experimental composition of the artist village Schöppingen. 2007 he worked as a violinist with Radu Malfatti (Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens). In 2009 he was in Moers Improviser in Residence, was played by u. A. With Achim Tang, Niescier and Sanne van Hek. In 2010 he composed the in Museum Ludwig soundtrack live listed Cologne to the silent film Adieu Mascotte - The girl of Montparnasse (1929, directed by: Wilhelm Thiele, with Lilian Harvey ). In 2011, he stepped on the Moers festival on.

His sound performance harmony holds the 2011 QuattroPole - Kunstpreis Robert Schuman. Awarded for composition revelry "harmony" is "a music machine that a gate opens into the world of endless tonal combinations beyond the division of the octave into twelve equal intervals. It is based on organ pipes, which can be changed through a telescope use in their length and thus in their pitch." In 2012 he joined with a sound installation in Helge Schneider's program Helge has on time. His compositions were from Cologne James Choice Orchestra interpreted; 2012/13 he plays his own works with musicians from this ensemble, which u. A. Joris Rühl, Georg Wissel, Carl Ludwig Hübsch and Radek Stawarz belong.

2013 received Rummel under the funding scholarships for young artists in the field of music the Bernd-Alois Zimmermann scholarship. (translated by Google) (

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"Axel Lindner (born 1980 in Mönchengladbach, Germany) is a German violinist.He commenced Jazz - Violin studies in 2004 at the Hogeschool voor de kunsten in Arnhem.Since 2006 he has continued his studies at the Hochschule für Musik zu Kölnwith Michael Gustorff.

He played in Superstrings, Sunship String Quartet, Scott Fields String Feartet, Scott Fields Ensemble, Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra, Hot Club de Cologne, Norbert Steins Pata-Ensemble and also with Jens Düppe, Frank Köllges, Roman Podeszwa, Maciej Sledziecki, Hannah Köpf among others.

Presently, Axel Lindner teaches the violin at the Offene Jazz Haus Schule (Cologne) and the English language Rheindahlen Music Centre (Mönchengladbach)."

-Panrec (

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Track Listing:

1. Mir Nichts Dir Nichts 4:33

2. Hommage A Enzo Grillo (Taugenichts) 1:59

3. Das Erklart Nichts 4:11

4. Schon Wieder Nichts 4:37

5. Eigentor (Macht Nichts) 2:37

6. Schnarre 5:29

7. Walzermaschi (Hommage A Joseph Haydn) 2:47

8. Anna 3:30

9. Odeon 4:13

10. Versteckte Mystik 6:46

11. Schwesterlein 3:33

12. Sehnsuchtslied Der Betrunkenen Seefahrer 7:17

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(Creative Sources)
The millefleurs vocal ensemble brings 12 vocalists together in varying groups for minimal and unique vocalisation over a taxonomy of floral genres and species.
Foschia / Irmer / Wissel / Goyvaerts
Canaries On The Pole #2
(Creative Sources)
The improvising quartet of Canaries on the Pole (Foschia / goyvaerts / Irmer / Wissel) in their second release after their self-titled debut on the Free Elephant label.
Other Recommended Releases:
Werckmeister (Markus Eichenberger / Carl Ludwig Hubsch / Philip Zoubek / Etienne Nillesen)
Two Movements
(Creative Sources)
An exceptional quartet of electroacoustic improvisers captured in concert at MUG Einstein Kultur in Munich, organized by the non-profit Offene Haken e.V. - Freunde der improvisierten Musik (Friends of improvised music), from Markus Eichenberger on clarinet, Carl Ludwig Hubsch on tuba, Philip Zoubek on synthesizer and Etienne Nillesen on extended snare drum.
King Ubu Orchestru 2021
Originally formed in 1985, this free improv ensemble continues in a new rendition of the Örchestrü, with original members Mark Charig (cornet), Paul Lytton (percussion), Alfred Zimmerlin (cello) and Phillipp Wachsmann (violin) joined by new members including Axel Dorner (trumpet), Phil Minton (voice), and Melvyn Poore (tuba), for two exceptional examples of advanced collective and cooperative improvisation.
Mahall, Rudi / Michael Griener
Jazzpreis [VINYL]
(Astral Spirits)
Bringing together two acclaimed German improvisers who met in Nuremberg in 1982 as teens--reedist Rudi Mahall and drummer/vibraphonist Michael Griener, "bumbling" around to learn free jazz together, heard now 40 years later as authoritative players recording as a duo in 2020 & 21 in Kotzlin and Berlin for eight energetically creative and buoyantly upbeat dialogs.
Ouat (Simon Sieger / Joel Grip / Michael Griener)
The Strange Adventures of Jesper Klint [VINYL 2 LPs]
(Umlaut Records)
Focusing on the compositions of Swedish pianist Per Henrik Wallin, the energetic piano trio of Simon Sieger on piano, Joel Grip on double bass and Michael Griener on drums puts new life into Wallin's 1998 trio album Coyote with the intention of putting Wallin's music in front of a new audience while clearly reveling in his compositions amid their own impressive mastery.
Quatuor Umlaut (Karl Naegelen / Morton Feldman)
(Umlaut Records)
Founded by violinists Amaryllis Billet and Anna Jalving, with Fanny Paccoud on viola and Sarah Ledoux on cello, Quatuor Umlaut presents their first recordings, joined by clarinetist Joris Ruhl for two pieces: "Calques" by composer Karl Naegelen using effects of transparency and fusion of tones; and Morton Feldman's highly textured "Clarinet and String Quartet".
Ouat (Simon Sieger / Joel Grip / Michael Griener)
Elastic Bricks [VINYL]
(Umlaut Records)
Setting out to explore a standard song format for modern times through the instrumental piano jazz format, the French/German trio of basist Joel Grip, drummer Michael Griener and pianist Simon Sieger present a set of six Grip compositions along with two Sieger/Grip and one Sieger piece, all sophisticated, creative and lyrically infused modern jazz.
Mirror Unit (Georg Wissel / Tim O'Dwyer)
Sonic Rivers
Following their Creative Sources album Wind Makes Weather, alto saxophonists Tim O'Dwyer and Georg Wissel, both employing preparations on their instruments, improvise a confluence of sonic rivers evoking, exploring and reflecting waterways from around the world, captured in concert at the cinema hall of the cultural center Alte Feuerwache, in Cologne.

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