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Via Lucis Trio: Via Lucis Trio (Creative Sources)

"The jazz is not always subject to their premises. Even the breaks in their future creative. The jazz in the present century, taking the legacy of its past vanguard’stico, welcomes new resources, other parameters as technical and musica...

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Arin Dodo-voice, trumpet, trombone

Luca Brembilla-guitars, efx

Philippe Lemoine-tenor sax

Samuel Hall-drums

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UPC: 5609063403381

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs338
Squidco Product Code: 21736

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Rock Palace, Madrid

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The jazz is not always subject to their premises. Even the breaks in their future creative. The jazz in the present century, taking the legacy of its past vanguard’stico, welcomes new resources, other parameters as technical and musical, so imaginary as holidays to overflow the plethora of their creativity insatiable. In this artistic frame, interested in subverting our usual topics of listening, "Via Lucis Trio" makes its sound scheme a place so we arrived to appreciate experimental as a staging theatrical. Hence its uniqueness, attached to the work of the avant-garde and its glittering riches. ViaLucisTr’o is a improvised training with members related to the collective Rare Musics (, agency dedicated to promote primarily the free improvisation in Madrid (Spain). The four members of ViaLucisTr’o they met in the meetings of improvisers (Tuesday Wednesday), musical call organized by Rare Music; precisely to encourage participating musicians and facilitate the creation of projects such as the group ViaLucisTr’o. As well as those demanding musicians in its task and aesthetic vocation, "Via Lucis Trio" designed, supported at the opening of its delirium, the momentum of his inviolable protest. But is it perhaps that is still protest? And against what? Against the art that momifica the perception, reflection and wonder; against the powers that petrifican any form of live, learn, understand. "Via Lucis" delights with this trio eclecticism of lucid fervour, honoring thus the spirit. The CD contains 7 pieces of a session of improvisation executed approximately 3 hours in a morning of a Saturday March of 2015. Sam Hall (drums), Philippe Lemoine (sax), Luca Brembilla (guitar and FX) moved from their respective cities (Berlin and Bergamo) to record this meeting together to JG Entonado (a.k.a. Ar’n Dod—) - voice, trumpet, trombone (; musician and improvisation resident in Madrid and member of the Board organizer of rare music. The CD was recorded in the studios of Madrid and mixed Rockpalace in Bergamo. "Via Lucis Trio" is a group that is always on the edge of the enigmatic, more surprise unheard, and why not say, on the edge of a tragic sense to understand what music: in its themes it breathes a theatricality as latent that allows us to find fragments of the bizarre and the descriptive, industrial and rock, or the free more talkative and not a few musical silences. Even their cries take us back to the sadism of the XVIII century. This is a trance music that extends the stylistic limitations of gender to give ourselves a density paradigmatic, as conceptual and free diminishing, that yes, with emphatic decision, the aspects of the self-complacent and easy jazz tradition. "improvisation is a very intimate variety of music", affirmed the cellist Joel Leandre. Is the intimacy as a mechanism to assess these shapes personnel of the sound. Jazz of searing lineage, delighting in the game of theirimprovisation jovial, rainbow inventive, of percussion caps colors, pernicious before "good taste", maker of signs and questions in their language multidimensional, away from the symbolic role of music to draw the vast horizon of its singularity artistic."-Gustavo Bustamante, JazzTimes)

Artist Biographies

"After graduating in classical guitar (Italy - 2010) he started a journey on the road that brought him in close contact with some of the most interesting European both traditional and contemporary music scenes: jazz-impro-electronic music from The Netherlands and Iceland, Irish folk music, traditional music from the Balkans and Andalucían Flamenco.

This physical and meta-physical travelling across countries and cultures brought him to embrace the concept of Music-As-Music regardless of stylistic and genre preconceptions.

Experimentation, fusion, improvisation, collaboration with other forms of expression are key elements in his production."

-Creative Sources (

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"Currently, Lemoine play and record with collaborative bands like the trio 'Le Maigre feu de La nonne en Hiver', or the quartet 'Philadelphie', and experiment with improvisers, in France with Olivier Lété, Samuel Silvant, Philippe Deschepper, Guillaume Séguron, Thierry Daudé, Julien Chamla, Benjamin Duboc, in Berlin with Yorgos Dimitriadis, Emilio Gordoa, Klaus Kürvers, Hilary Jeffrey, Samuel Hall, Brianne Curran, Nicola Hein, Eric Wong, Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, and in Madrid with "Via Lucis trio", involving Samuel Hall, J.G. Entonado et Luca Bembrilla.

He was the leader of septet 'Kassalit,' which was awarded 'best band' and 'best composition' at La Défense Jazz Contest in 1997. From 2002 until 2005 he performed and toured internationally with the Orchestre National de Jazz under the direction of Claude Barthelemy. Playing a role in the underground arts scene in Europe, Lemoine has also been involved with numerous other collectives and collaborative bands in his home country, such as Circum Grand Orchestra, in Lille or "à plusieurs" in Argenteuil, and leaded and composed for his own quartet "Le Talent de La Colère".

He is often found travelling to meet improvisers all over the world - Berlin, Chicago, Montreal, Madrid."

-Creative Sources (

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Track Listing:

1. 11 - La Vulcanologie Progressive est Obsolte 11:35

2. 5 - Spirale 11:14

3. 4 - Hydroglisseur 11:33

4. 1 - Il Vento ha i Codini 8:59

5. 2 - The Wind has Cues 7:07

6. 3 - El Viento tiene Coletas 5:43

7. 6 - La Reyerta del Escuincle Miserable 6:49

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Improvised Music
Free Improvisation
European Improvisation, Composition and Experimental Forms
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