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Backer, Andreas / Raymond Strid: Voice & Percussion (Creative Sources)

Ever-inventive drummer/percussionist Raymond Strid and performance collaborator, Norwegian-Swedish free improvising vocalist Andreas Backer, for a set of unusual, absurd and detailed improvisations, as the two complement each other in unexpected ways.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063403343

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs334
Squidco Product Code: 21497

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in Heby, Sweden, on September 12th & 13th, 2014 by Raymond Strid.


Andreas Backer-acoustic voice

Raymond Strid-percussion

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Artist Biographies:

"Andreas Backer: Norwegian/Swedish singer, musician, composer, arranger, improviser and lyricist born 1981.

Andreas Backer grew up in Oslo, and started playing the trumpet in his teenage-years. He continued studying the trumpet and music in general during his schooldays at Foss videregående (music high school), and further on through the music-education at Toneheim Folkehøgskole in Hamar, Norway.

At the age of 22 he decided to change his main instrument from trumpet to voice. 2004 he then started his Bachelors degree in jazz vocals and musical pedagogy at the University in Stavanger, Norway (UiS). 2007-08 he studied piano as well as composition at UiS.In Stavanger, Backer founded the bands Andreas Backer Trio, Andy's Circus, Malt and Brothers from different mothers, which he toured and played with in Norway and the Nordic countries during the period 2005-2011.

2008-2010 he continued his education with a Masters degree in performing vocals, improvisation and composition at The Royal Academy of Music (KMH) in Stockholm, Sweden.In Stockholm, Backer founded and participated in the projects Ester & Andreas, Backer/Karlsson duo, Jeg besverger dig and Björn Berg Borg, amongst many others.2011-2012 he studied Composition/instrumentation at The Norwegian Academy of Music.

As a singer/vocalist, composer, arranger, improviser, pianist and lyricist Andreas Backer has released the CD's "Like the music isn't there", with Andreas Backer Trio and "Vardag" with Ester & Andreas; as a singer/arranger: "Min Gylne Time" with Ung og Freidig; as a vocalist/improviser: "Voice & Percussion" with Raymond Strid, "Voice Improvisations" - solo acoustic voice, "Eye of the Moose" with Hot Four, Backer/Karlsson duo aswell as on Björn Berg Borg's cassette/digital release "Björn Berg Borg". Furthermore, he has composed and arranged music for string ensembles, big band, brass quintet and various bands and mixed ensembles.From spring 2017 he's the artistic director of the large vocal ensemble Oslo 14, started 2014 by singer Elin Rosseland.

In addition to his own bands, Backer has toured and played on occasion with musicians such as Raymond Strid (SE), Henrik Olsson (SE), Daniel Karlsson (SE), David Stackenäs (SE), Joe Williamson (CAN/SE), Alexander Zethson (SE), Fredrik Ljungkvist (SE), Erik Carlsson (SE), Heidi Skjerve Quintet (NO), Per Zanussi (NO), Emil Strandberg (SE), Ketil Gutvik (NO), Tor Yttredal (NO), Wayne Brasel (US/NO), Stein Inge Brækhus (NO), Bjergsted Jazzensemble with Frode Alnæs (NO), Johan Arrias (SE), Ståle Liavik Solberg (NO), Vilhelm Bromander (SE) and many more."

-Andreas Backer Website (

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"Raymond Strid (born 1956 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish drummer in the genre of free jazz and the new European improvised music.When Strid picked up drumming, he was inspired by musicians like Han Bennink, Paul Lytton, and Tony Oxley. He started his musical career relatively late. His debut concert was in September 1977, after first playing with a variety of local bands in Stockholm. In 1988 he founded the 'GUSH' trio together with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and the pianist Sten Sandell. Since that time Strid has played in a series of bands and projects, such as in the trio Guy/Gustafsson/Strid, Marilyn Crispell/Anders Jormin/Raymond Strid and the Free Jazz trio LSB with Fredrik Ljungkvist and Johan Berthling. In 2000 he initiated 'The Electrics' with Axel Dörner, Sture Ericson and Ingebrigt Flaten. The same year Strid joined the Barry Guy New Orchestra. Strid played at numerous festivals of free improvisation in Europe and North America. He also teaches in musical improvisation."-Wikipedia (

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track listing:

1. Voice & Percussion 7:06

2. Give It A Go 3:26

3. Reminiscing 2:53

4. Text Is Overrated 2:05

5. Zelia 3:54

6. A-E-A-O 3:47

7. Bang Bang 2:20

8. Trill, trill... 2:07

9. Woosh Swoosh 2:27

10. ...Myrorna... 5:16

11. Closure 2:04
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Norwegian-Swedish Andreas Backer is a voice artist presses, toil, creating long "sentences" of different sounds; Sometimes it sounds like Linus on the Line. It pinches to, rattles and rustles, squeezed and stretched. With this I want to say how virtuoso Backer is. Suddenly widens his voice and approaching some abstract kulning with built echoes.

The album is a close study of this strange voice. It also gives reason to think about röstimprovisationens anatomy. It is as if Backer already sounded like a classic; virtuoso chewing and stretching which we already have heard of and for the past 40 years. Then let him be agile, fast and stand for fabulous throws and condensations. Classically it. Old vanguard is like new.

However. And we have not figured out Raymond Strid percussion. That is what I love to listen to him. Percussion offer him an open field to browse on. Sometimes bumlar he was having some kind of pukan, but usually migrate strange sounds of the skins. Here are accumulating a lot of strange stuff indeed is as vocal as ever Backer.

The beauty of Battle's how he and winds around the rhythms and the consequences of evading them, he will sometimes close, I sense a possible rhythm, but he cuts off immediately and turns it into a heap småskrammel.

Backers voice has its own special sound that is himself. Battle delights in mixing it up as if it were some sort of object he went loose on. Cymbals winds as gauze around his voice sometimes, Battle tightens, suddenly released all together for a little averse vortex. And with one voice becomes a storm's calm center for respiratory and recovery, while the drums seem to be out and going for themselves in the gale.

The album is an ulcer study of one of the most distinctive sound creators of the free Impro. Combat does not seem to know the end of his tonal landscape. At something recognizable, but he seems equally fond surprised every time he rediscovers it. Therefore, this is an album beyond the conventions full of discoveries and a drum set that is constantly delighted cries whoops, javisstja and frisky embrace that elastic, virtuosic voice. The beauty of Battle is that he is so virtuous that not be a virtuoso. Healthier and fresher impro is hard to find. It feels as if the two thought they invented the art of improvisation without expecting some disciples."-Sound Of Music (translated by Google)

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