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Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It

Steerage: Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It (Caduc)

An album of tones and tonal environments from Barry Chabala and A.F. Jones, using guitars and effects to create slowly moving tones punctuated with unusual utterances of unknown origin; rich and curiously non-specific sound that lives in the back- and foreground.

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product information:

Edition of 100 copies.

Label: Caduc
Catalog ID: CA011
Squidco Product Code: 21472

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: Canada
Packaging: Plastic Sleeve
Mixed and Mastered at Laminal Audio, San Diego, California, by A.F. Jones.


A.F. Jones-performer

Barry Chabala-performer

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Artist Biographies:

"A.F. Jones is the founder of the tape label Laminal Audio, and has released recordings with Derek Rogers, Bruno Duplant, Cristian Alvear, etc on labels such as Glistening Examples, Rhizome-s and more."

-Blogger (

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"Guitarist/improvisor Barry Chabala, born of the New Jersey bar scene, is influenced as much by classic rock as he is by modern classical, free improvisation and experimental music. The goal - to blend it all into a personal, creative voice. Barry has presented lectures on graphic scores & improvisation for Bowerbird of Philadelphia, performed numerous compositions from the Wandelweiser collective throughout the United States, and has recorded for labels including Confront, Gravity Wave, Another Timbre, Erstwhile and his own imprint Roeba Records."

-Barry Chabala 11/23/2021

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track listing:

1. Untitled 8:12

2. Untitled 16:04

3. Untitled 8:21

4. Untitled 10:36

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"More guitars at work, as I believe so to be, is the release by Steerage, a duo of A.F. Jones and Barry Chabala. I must admit I am not blown away by the title they choose for this, but so be it. Their music is quiet too [...] Also their work seems to be more about the singing of overtones and feedback like sounds, of two guitars in close proximity, feed backing against each other, and every now and then they bump against each other (not literally) and it spawns off a new domain in the world of overtones. In the third piece (all seem untitled) there is a more static point reached, in which both players control the situation pretty well. Maybe it's perhaps too controlled. The fourth and final piece is a bit different in the way that it starts out with some more acoustic like sounds (field recordings? objects rubbed?) and after a while some sustaining, high/low pitched sounds come to the foreground, all it seems rather sampled. In a way it reminded me of zoviet*france. It seemed a break from the previous three pieces, but it made perfect sense to have this one on here as well. It makes all of this quite a varied release of improvised feedback/sine wave/electronic music. Quite a good release. (FdW)

Edition of 100 copies.

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