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Edwards, Michael

For Rei As A Doe (for piano and computer)

Edwards, Michael: For Rei As A Doe (for piano and computer) (Aural Terrains)

UK Composer Michael Edwards wrote these quiet compositions using his "slippery chicken" software, originally written as a challenge to pianist Rei Nakamura, in contrast to his technical skills, instead requiring pensive accuracy over a steady line of quiet chords.

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Label: Aural Terrains
Catalog ID: TRRN0827
Squidco Product Code: 19427

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Greece/UK
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded by Michael Edwards.


Karin Schistek-piano

Michael Edwards-composition, computer

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"Michael Edwards was born in Cheshire, England, in 1968. An early taste for heavy rock led through Beethoven to the weightier end of modern composition (with oboe playing along the way). Over-exposure to computer music whilst living in California and Paris led to temporary breadwinning as a software engineer but more importantly the skills to develop a range of computer music techniques from real-time digital instruments to self-contained algorithmic composition environments.

Michael lives in Edinburgh and is active as a composer and improvisor playing saxophones, laptop, and MIDI wind controller.

Karin Schistek was born in Hall in Tirol, Austria, in 1977. She studied Piano Performance and Teaching with Brian Lamport at the Mozarteum in Salzburg; she graduated with a Distinction in 2002 . She continued her education at the Vienna University of Music and the Arts with Johannes Marian; she graduated with a Master's in 2004.

A continuing focus on classical and contemporary music is now accompanied by work in free improvisation groups such as lapslap, edimpro, and Electric Cowboy Cacophony. She has played concerts in Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Thailand, and the UK, and is represented on six CD releases."-Aural Terrains

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Track Listing:

1. For Rei As A Doe 1 9:12

2. For Rei As A Doe 2 8:32

3. For Rei As A Doe 3 8:22

4. For Rei As A Doe 4 10:20

5. For Rei As A Doe 5 3:35

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