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Le Ton Mite

Version D'Un Ouvrage Traduit

Le Ton Mite: Version D'Un Ouvrage Traduit (Music a la Coque)

An unusual set of pop compositions from Brussels-based Le Ton Mite, short vignettes blending compositional and folk elements into lovely miniatures, graced with a personal and idiosyncratic style reflected in the collage art covering the album.

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McCloud Zicmuse

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Label: Music a la Coque
Catalog ID: COQ - 07
Squidco Product Code: 19217

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Italy
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
No Recording data given.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Originally from Olympia, Washington (USA), lives in Brussels (BE). His elegantly orchestrated pop compositions and jingles, take you into his colorful and wild universe inhabited by bearded clouds, trees, and spirits. His music is personal and refined, rich and essential, of a strangy beauty. Frequent collaborator with groups like Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Microphones & Tenniscoats, Zicmuse has been invited as a guest bassoonist by Mt. Eerie, Chris Cohen, Félicia Atkinson, Club des Chats, Congotronics vs Rockers (Deerhoof, Konono No.1, et al.). This is the CD version of the limited edition LP version of the work called: "Version d'un ouvrage traduit", featuring six bonus tracks not found on the LP. File under: orchestrated folk, mini songs, odd, all the soft tones you wish you had."-Music A La Coque

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Track Listing:

1. Nuages 2:06

2. Les Bons Temps 1:55

3. Feux D'artifice 1:09

4. Jus De Dune 2:06

5. Gateau 1:41

6. Cafe 1:18

7. Les Martinets 3:38

8. Place Des Amis Perdus 2:13

9. La Lune Rousse 1:00

10. Trees Taller Than Tales 1:48

11. Les Constellations 2:26

12. L'orchestre D'apéro 1:03

13. L'etang 1:51

14. La Porte 1:00

15. Toits De Bordeaux 0:50

16. Asian Title 2:56

17. Potagers 1:22

18. Grenier 0:25

19. Les Bons Temps (Acapella) 2:22

20. Animals (Extra Track) 1:38

21. Les Patates (Extra Track) 0:57

22. Papillon (Extra Track) 2:18

23. Sardines (Extra Track) 1:39

24. Grenier 2 (Extra Track) 0:23

25. La Note Correcte (Extra Track) 4:44

20 Km Sans Essence (Extra Track) 1:19

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