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Koch / Badrutt / Babel

Species-Appropriate Animal Husbandry

Koch / Badrutt / Babel: Species-Appropriate Animal Husbandry (Creative Sources)

Three Swiss improvisers - Hans Koch on bass clarinet, Alexandre Bable on percussion, and Gaudenz Badrutt on electronics - in an inventive and exceptionally well-balanced 7 part suite of tonal work, quick interplay, and extended techniques.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063402490

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs249
Squidco Product Code: 18785

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded at the Faust Studio in Scheer, Germany, in June 2012.


Hans Koch-bass clarinet

Gaudenz Badrutt-electronics

Alexandre Babel-percussion

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Artist Biographies:

"Hans Koch plays bass clarinet and soprano saxophone. He has played alongside of musicians such as Cecil Taylor, Evan Parker, Fred Frith, Paul Lovens, Barry Guy, Barre Phillips, Phil Minton, Peter Kowald, Hans Reichel, Tom Cora, Jim O'Rourke, Fennesz, Elliott Sharp, Anthony Coleman, DJ M. Singe, Voicecrack, Günter Müller, Jean-Marc Montera, and Joëlle Léandre in Europe, America, and Asia-and still managed to maintain his association with the Koch-Schütz-Studer Trio. He has put out compact discs on various labels." (Dame, Ambiances Magnetiques) (

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"Alexandre Babel is a Swiss born and Berlin based drummer, percussionist, composer and improviser. He is involved in various contemporary contexts such as modern classical music, free improvisation, noise and performance art. Babel creates works that question the listenerŐs expectations towards conventional musical forms.

He performs as a solo artist and with groups through the five continents, in some of the leading venues and festivals of contemporary music. A member of the contemporary chamber music ensemble KNM-Berlin, his current projects include WZC with French composer Pierre Jodlowski, Fosil with the contrabass-clarinetist Theo Nabicht, Radial with the artist Mio Chareteau. Past and present collaborators include Keiji Haino, Sudden Infant, Buttercup Metal Polish, Aethenor, Musikfabrik. He is currently the artistic director of the swiss based percussion group Eklekto."

-Dumpf (

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track listing:

1. I Introduction 2:29

2. II Apartment 10:46

3. III Interlude 4:37

4. IV Outside 7:18

5. V Interlude 1:22

6. VI Inside 6:51

7. VII End 3:12
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Three Swiss improvisers - Hans Koch on bass clarinet, Alexandre Bable on percussion, and Gaudenz Badrutt on electronics, in an inventive and exceptionally well-balanced 7 part suite of tonal work, quick interplay, and extended techniques.

"Hans Koch quit his carreer as a recognised classical clarinetist to become one of the most innovative improvising reed-players in Europe. He has been working with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Fred Frith since the eighties. As a composer he has shaped the sound of Koch-Schütz-Studer since the beginning as well as working for radio-plays and film.Since the nineties he has been working with electronics as an extension of the saxes/clarinets as well as with sampling/sequencing. As a reed-player he is always working on his very own vocabulary and sound, which makes him a very unique voice on the actual scene."

"Swiss born Alexandre Babel studied drums in New York, piano and classical percussion in Geneva. His current projects as a drummer include modern jazz and improv groups Buttercup metal polish (percussion duo with Nicolas Field), Gekko (art rock quartet), Paperclay (with saxist Nicolas Masson and guitarist Simon Payot), the N-collective(international network of musicians, improvisers and composers), as well as performances of his own solo pieces. As a percussionist, he has worked with such artists as Fritz Hauser, Steven Schick, Françoise Rivalland, Synergy percussion group, the CIP (International percussion centre), Michael Gross.

Gaudenz Badrutt began his career as a pianist in the field of contemporary classic music and spent the past 15 years as an electronics musician in the field of improvised, experimental music. He is best known in current times as an improvising electronics musician using computers (sampling) and various other electronic apparatus. Filigree, minimal noises, drones and dense structures are key characteristics of his music. Central to Badrutt's activities are the working-band duo strøm with Christian Müller (electronics), the duo with Hans Koch (bass clarinet) and the duo with Jonas Kocher (accordion). He is further occupied in the fields of electronic composition and sound & video installation. Gaudenz Badrutt has collaborated with Bertrand Gauguet, Burkhard Beins, Michael Vorfeld, Norbert Möslang, Dieb13, Diatribes, Arno Camenisch et al. with concerts at home and abroad, including at the Festivals Airegin/Improfestival Yokohama 2013, SwissMusicDays Belgrade 2013, Zwei Tage Zeit Zürich 2012, Terrains Basel 2011, Influx Toulouse 2011, Transmediale Berlin 2009, Zoom in Bern 2008, Rue du Nord Lausanne 2008, Norberg Festival (Sweden) 2006, Taktlos/Tonart Bern 2006. Gaudenz Badrutt lives as a freelance musician in Biel (Switzerland)."-Creative Sources

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