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Le Grand Frisson: On/off (Creative Sources)

The 8-piece collective improvising group of Patricia Bosshard (violin), Laurent Bruttin (clarinets), Yannick Barman (trumpet), Jean-Jacques Pedretti (trombone), Vinz Vonlanthen (guitar), Dragos Tara (bass), Cyril Bondi (percussion), Christophe Berthet (sax).

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product information:

UPC: 5609063402414

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs241
Squidco Product Code: 18783

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2014
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded on the 10th and 11th of April 2012 at Theatre 2.21 by Antoine Etter.


Patricia Bosshard-violin

Laurent Bruttin-clarinet, basse clarinet

Yannick Barman-trumpet,br>
Jean-Jacques Pedretti-trumbone

Vinz Vonlanthen-guitar

Dragos Tara-contrebasse

Cyril Bondi-percussion

Christophe Berthet-soprano, alto saxophones

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Artist Biographies:

"Patricia Bosshard is a composer and violonist from Lausanne in Switzerland, having a musical background both in jazz as well as in electronics. Besides numerous gigs in the free impro-scene as soloist, with small groups or in big orchestras (ONCEIM, IMO), she collaborates with the video artist Nicolas Wintsch, composes orchestral music for film and for contemporary ensembles. She produced the acoustic signals for the Metro M2 in Lausanne. Winner of the Luffʼs price with Simon Grab with the MRI project, electronicmusic with MRI sounds. Artist resident at the Steim in 2012, working on a sensorbow. Her language elaborates a very fine listening into the sound."

-Ausland (

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"Guitarist Vinz Vonlanthen lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He's one of the essential personalities of the improvised music scene, also part of a lineage of creative and uncommon European guitarists, constantly looking for new concepts, new ideas, energy and commitment with creation.

He possesses an extraordinary personal voice. The sounds of his "metaguitare" triturated with beads, foam, bows (non exhaustive list) confuse, surprise, cajole and expand the range of the instrument. Micro-textures, melodies and grooves spread the word. His guitar is plucked, painted, beaten, howling on a marble chirp, dizzying, unique, objects vibrating on the strings, producing astonishing unheard sounds, through a deep, intense, even brutal play, opening the door to imagination and poetry.

With various groups in time as leader and sideman he toured Europe and Japan. Concerts and projects with Barry Guy, Gerry Hemingway, Audetat Pierre, Sylvie Courvoisier, Jacques Demierre Bänz Oester, Hans Koch, Joke Lanz, Michel Wintsch, Adama Drame, Roberto Viscaino, Kenny Wheeler. He teaches guitar at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne and the Professional Jazz School from Geneva.

His discography includes 31 albums, 5 and 7 as leader as co-leader. Some festivals with his presence are: India: New Delhi Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival Mumbai (Bombay) Japan: Yokohama Yokohama Jazz Festival, Modern Art Museum, Tokyo; Belgium: Brussels Belga Jazz Festival; European New Jazz Festival Brussels; Roumania: Festival of contemporary music Sibiu ; Poland: Festival of Contemp.Music Warschau; Switzerland: Montreux Jazz Festival, Stravinsky Hall; Jazzfestival AMR Geneva; Schaffhausen Jazz Festival; Jazzfestival11 # Lausanne; Festival de la Cité Lausanne; Amplitudes La Chaux-de-Fonds Festival; Moods Zurich; Austria: Vienna Porgy and Bess; Spielboden Dornbirn; Paris: Moments Chavirés, Sunset, Duc des Lombards; Holland: Bimhuis, Amsterdam; Paradox Tilburg; Spain: Sevilla Worldexpo."

-Prepared Guitar Blogspot (

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"Cyril Bondi (drums, percussion) Born in 1980 in Geneva.

In February 1994, he discovered with passion the battery in the basement of a neighborhood house. His first teacher, Alain Frey, quickly taught him the technical bases of his instrument for four years. At the same time, he is interested in jazz and follows workshops at the AMR from 1998 to 2002 as well as Raùl Esmerode's lessons at the CPM in Geneva where he graduated in 2002.

First experiences with the "irony of sound" of which he is a founding member. Atypical group, bringing together a rapper, a harmonica, a guitar and a drums, "the irony of sound" offers for ten years an unclassifiable music, traveling between improvised music and traditional music. (4 albums, a hundred concerts in Switzerland).

At the same time, he is interested in improvised music and jazz and works with musicians from here and elsewhere such as Otomo Yoshihide, Eric Pailhe, Johann Bourquenez, Gabriel Zufferey, Christian Graf, Christophe Berthet, Guillaume Perret and Nicolas Sordet. , Manuel Gesseney, Alex Allflat, Jean Ferarini, Andrès Neira, Martin Wisard, Philippe Helfer, Pascal Alba, ...

From his meeting with the saxophonist Gaël Riondel and the electroacousticien d'incise was born "diatribes", trio with clearly freejazz consonances. (1 album on altrisuoni, 6 albums on the net, tour in Poland (May 06), Italy (Jan 07).

Without stopping in search of new spaces to explore, he uses his instrument as a means to address unknown or surreal worlds to better understand the one in which he produces sound. This enthusiasm for all music pushes him to multiply the experiences in sometimes radically different styles: Jonas (hip-hop), Ianeq (electro), Pascal Alba Group (jazz rock), Pierre Lautomne (French song), Kara (Afro) .

He has appeared during the Jazz Contreband 04 festival, Balelec 05, Cully jazz festval off 05, Festival Electron 06, the AMR festival at Cropettes 05-06, as well as in Switzerland, France, Italy and Poland."

-MX3 (Translated by Google) (

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"After studying piano and flute, Christophe Berthet turned, in 1986, to the saxophone.He began his career with Vertigo in the company of Michel Wintsch, then joined the group Today Madame: First prize at the Jazzonze + Festival Lausanne 1991 competition. He has been a member of the Fanfare du Loup collective since 1989, and he writes regularly for this orchestra.

Currently, in parallel with his saxophone teaching activity in the EPI (Instrumental Practice Space), he continues his work of composition and musical research at the borders of jazz, theater, contemporary music (he followed for four years the contemporary writing course at the Geneva Conservatoire with Xavier Dayer), as well as various avant-garde musical experiences (Le Grand Frisson, suite for eight improvisers).Breached at once by the canons of free improvisation and orchestrated music, Christophe Berthet knows as much how to build cathedrals with an ephemeral thrill, than to give a written part a sound and a note-setting of his own.

He also composes and plays for the theater, including: Macbethde William Shakespeare, staged and in shadow by Marcel Robert.

Tours in Switzerland and France:Against the Spiral TheaterThe horses are completed by the 100% Acrylic Company, with the Wolf BandDunant by the Company of the Organon, with the Fanfare of the WolfThe Tribun by Mauricio Kagel directed by Jean-Louis Hourdin, with the Fanfare du Loup

He created Facteur d'images, with the participation of the director Patrick Mohr in the framework of the fortnight of Musiques à Voir, at the Théâtre du Loup in Geneva.

He creates the Butterfly Effect Duo with Vinz Vonlanthen. He also initiated improvised music encounters in duets or trios with Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Michel Wintsch, Philippe Ehinger, Vinz Vonlanthen, Lucas Niggli, Jacques Demiere, Dragos Tara, Alexandre Babel. He is a member of the quartet Ekyu with Christian Graf, Raphäel Ortis and Cyril Bondi. He recently created Le Grand Frisson, a sound scenario for eight improvisers, with Laurent Bruttin, Patricia Bosshard, Yannick Barman, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Dragos Tara, Vinz Vonlanthen and Cyril Bondi."

-Christophe Berthet Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. On/off 6:35

2. Canopee 6:35

3. Bateau ivre 3:29

4. In a sequentiel mode 6:46

5. Herbes folles 5:05

6. Gymnocarpe 3:15

7. Latitudes arctiques 8:30

8. Ineluctable 3:04
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

Le Gran Frission (translating roughtly to "High Anxiety") is an 8-piece collective improvising group performing live at ThŽatre in France. The ensemble has been around since at least 2010, performing live at various European festivals. Their music is slowly paced and unfolding sound, using all acoustic sources with extended techniques and a great concentrative energy. Although not credited for the compositions, saxophonist Christophe Berthet has taken a lead role in directing and composing for the group.

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