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McGuire, John

Works For Instruments [2 CDs]

McGuire, John: Works For Instruments [2 CDs] (Edition Rz)

Instrumental compositions by "post-minimalist" John McGuire who took classes with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gottfried Michael Koenig, among others.

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Booklet with text in German and English

Label: Edition Rz
Catalog ID: ed. Rz 20003-4
Squidco Product Code: 14121

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2008
Country: Germany
Packaging: Cardstock Gatefold Sleeve 3 panels
Various recordings from 1967-2002.


Ensemble Modern, Director-Ernest Bour


Antonio Pellegrini-violin

Thomas Hofer-violin

Fabio Marano-viola

Helmut Menzler-cello

Julia Rempe-soprano


Hermann Kretzschmar

Paulo Alvarez

Irmela Roelcke

Eunhye Jeong-Ju Kim

Ulrich Loffler

Jurgen Kruse Klaviere

Christine Chapman

Jodie Lawson

Charles Putnam

Rohan Richards Horner

Dirk Rothbrust

Carlos Tarcha Schlagzeug

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Each of the compositions of American composer John McGuire describes, in its own way, a multi-dimensional sonic space which the listener can take in from various vantage points and, in so doing, experience the very same sound in different guises."-Edition Rz

Booklet with text in German and English

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Compositional Forms

Track Listing:

Disk 1:

1. Cadence Music 27:58

2. Exchanges 16:33

Disk 2:

1. Decay 21:04

2. Frieze 24:31

3. Music For Horns, Pianos And Cymbals 13:09

Related Categories of Interest:

Compositional Forms

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Edition Rz.

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