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Schiller, Christoph / Millefleurs: Millefleurs (Creative Sources)

The millefleurs vocal ensemble brings 12 vocalists together in varying groups for minimal and unique vocalisation over a taxonomy of floral genres and species.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063401639

Label: Creative Sources
Catalog ID: cs163
Squidco Product Code: 11795

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded January 25 and Feburary 14-15, 2009 by Hanspeter Maglin in Therwil, Switzerland.


Abril Padilla-voice (2, 5, 6, 7, 9)

Agnes Palier-voice (2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Anna Nemes-voice (2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9)

Carl Ludwig Hubsch-voice (3)

Christoph Schiller-voice (3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11)

Dominique von Hahn-voice (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Heike Fiedler-voice (8, 10, 11)

Izumi Ise-voice (5, 8, 11)

Irina Ungureanu-voice (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Mitch Heinrich-voice (3, 8, 11, 12)

Marei Seuthe-voice (2, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Rudolf Hafele-voice (3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12)

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Artist Biographies:

"Besides his own project like Hübsch's Longrun Development of the Universe, Drift and Hübsch's Primordial Soup he founded the ENSEMBLE X and co-leads the Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra together with Matthias Schubert and Frank Gratkowski.

Hübsch is part of many collective projects and ensembles and works as side man in various projects. Carl Ludwig Hübsch performed with musicians like Arthur Blythe, Michiel Braam, Thomasz Stanko, Paul Lytton, Lester Bowie, Jasper vant Hof, Paul Lovens, Ernst Reijseger, Angelika Sheridan, Peter Keller, Thomas Lehn, Martin Theurer, Gunda Gottschalk, Axel Dörner, Ute Völker, Gino Robair, Philip Zoubek, Le Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Scott Fields, Michael Vorfeld, Uwe Oberg, Ulrich Phillipp, Franz Hautzinger, Sebastian Gramss, Nils Wogram, Frank Köllges, Udo Moll a.m.o. throughout the planet.

He participated in numerous projects like e.g.

• The F-Orkestra
• Oktoberorchestra Amsterdam 1994
• Humannoise Congress
• Hannes Zerbe / Willem Breuker Blech Band 1995
• Matthias Schubert Sextett 1997
• Kammeroper "Idyllen" von Thomas Beimel 1999
• Matthias Schubert Quartett 2002
• European Tuba Quartett from 2000
• Markus Eichenbergers Domino Orchestra 2003
• Toyteens `lil Rosies (Klare, Buhrs, de Jode, Hübsch)
• Post No Bills ab 1995
• Adam Noidlts Missiles
• Carl Ludwig Hübsch/Harald Kimmig Duo
• Adam Noidlts Missiles
• Thomas Heberers LipL from 2007
• Achim Krämer Georg Wissel Carl Ludwig Hübsch
• Franz Hautzingers Trompetenorchester 2008
• Bik Bent Braam / Braam Hybrid Tentett
• Ensemble [H]iatus from 2008

fellowships or study travels lead Hübsch troughout the continents, India in 1997 for studies with Ramamani (Karnataka College of Percussion)or to Namibia in the year 2000, to the USA ( OMI-Arts Stipendium 2002) • but also to closer places like Essen (Jazzpott Award 2003 ) or to Basel (2008 / 2009 Residency of the Stiftung Bartels Fondation) Huebsch's work is documented in numerous radio and CD productions."

-Carl Ludwig Hubsch Website (

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"Christoph Schiller was born in 1963 in Stuttgart. He studied fine arts at the Kunstakademie Stuttgart and HfBK Hamburg. He later studied piano with Daniel Cholette and music theory in Basel. He has been playing concerts of improvised music on piano since 1987. In recent years the piano has been abandoned in favour of the lighter spinet, for which he has developed specific playing techniques which are influenced by inside piano techniques. Besides keyboard instruments his work with the voice has become increasingly important. He lives in Weil am Rhein and Basel."

-Christoph Schiller Website (

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"Heike Fiedler is a multilingual performer, author, and sound and visual artist whose work probes the tenuous boundary between language and sound. Born in Germany and now living in Switzerland, she belongs to a tradition of performance poetry established by the likes of Hedwig Gorski, Henri Chopin, Franz Mon, and the Beats. Fiedler borrows from all of these, as well as from the rhythms of Samuel Beckett, the repetition of Gertrude Stein, and the Dada (non)sensibilities of Kurt Schwitters. We hear echoes of all three, for instance, in Fiedler's "Should She," in which a rat-a-tat rhythm propels an interrogation into an unnamed female psyche, akin to that of Beckett's Not I."

-Morgan Childs website (

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track listing:

1. galanthus nivalis 2:28

2. cypripedium calceolus 5:15

3. ononis spinosa 6:50

4. rhinanthus minor 2:44

5. cardamine pratensis 10:02

6. passiflora incarnata 4:57

7. lamium album 4:29

8. saxifraga aizoon 11:20

9. pulsatilla vulgaris 6:14

10. maianthemum bifolium 6:14

11. linnea borealis 6:39

12. arum maculatum 3:05
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The millefleurs vocal ensemble brings 12 vocalists together in varying groups for minimal and unique vocalisation over a taxonomy of floral genres and species.

"Christoph Schiller:

After several years of piano lessons as a child he first studied fine arts in Stuttgart and Hamburg. With this background and initially inspired by free jazz as well as new music he played concerts with improvised music as pianist since 1987. From 1995-99 he studied piano with Daniel Cholette and music theory in Basel. By this time he also intensified his activities as a composer. Most of his compositions since 1997 are written for voices. Since 1999 he's leading the improvising vocal ensemble "Millefleurs". As a pianist he plays f.e. with "Babels Besen" (Margarete Huber, Markus Wettstein, Hans-Jürg Meier, Christoph Schiller). Since 2002 he explores the possibilities of the spinett, and uses it more and more in improvised music, f.e. in the duo with Peter Baumgartner or a trio with Harald Kimmig and Johannes Frisch. Christoph Schiller is co-organizer of the "Festival für improvisierte und komponierte zeitgenössische Musik" in Basel. He lives in Weil am Rhein and Base"-Creative Sources

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Creative Sources

Improvised Music
European Improvisation and Experimental Forms
Unusual Vocal Forms
Free Improvisation

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