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Ariel: Origami (Kadima)

Piano prodigy Ariel, performing complex jazz compositions at the age of 9 (!) with infuences from Matthew Shipp, John Hicks, Kirk Lightsey, Uri Caine, Aaron Goldberg, &c.

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product information:

UPC: 634479580017

Label: Kadima
Catalog ID: KCR 12
Squidco Product Code: 11488

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2007
Country: Israel
Packaging: Jewel Tray
Recorded at the Kadima Studio, Jerusalem, May-July 2007. Recorded and mixed by Ori Winokur.


Ariel Shibolet-piano

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Artist Biographies:

"Ariel Shibolet Born in1972 in Israel. Played the cello and had classical education in his youth. Started playing the saxophone in 1992. Member of the "Kadima Collective" for improvised music and the "Tel-Aviv Art Ensemble". Organizer and co curator of the monthly Tel Aviv Meetings at evontin 7.

Performs regularly in Israel, the United States and Europe. published his first cd at "Leo REcords" and since then another dozen collaborating with israely and international musicians.. His CDs recordings and concerts are remarkably reviewed world wide.

played at the "total Music Meeting" Berlin 2007 and 2008, and at the "Moers Festival" 2010 among other musical events in europe and the us and israeli festival such as: "whight night" in tel aviv, the tel aviv jazz festival, Hagad festival and more.

created improvised music for animation films and documetry by Gerd Conradt.

taught improvised music to children in several projects in berlin 2008-2012. the 2008 group performed at the "Total music meeting 2008", the 2011 project was recorded and will be published as a cd at "nur nicht nur" - a German label for improvised music, sumer 2013.

published his method for teaching improvised music to children in "expressiv & explorohrativ", a book about the use of improvised music with children.

Over these years played with

Birgit Ulher (GER), Damon Smith (USA), Joelle Leandre (FRA), Jhon Butcher (GBR), Eddie Prevost (GBR), Martin Blume(GER), Phil Waxmann(GBR), Marcio Mattos(GBR), Wolfgang Fuchs (GER), Sophie Angiel (FRA), Chriss Cutler (GBR), Mazen Kerbaj(LEB Scott R.Looney (USA), Jen Baker (Aurora Josephson (USA), Jerome Bryerton (USA), Dror Fauler (SWE), Klaus Janek (GER), Chad Taylor (USA), Martin Klapper (CEZ), Peter Friss nielsen (DAN), Christer Irgens-Moller (DAN), John Dikeman (Egypt), Reut Regev (USA), Yigal Phoni(USA), Olga Magieres (DAN), Niels Winter (DAN),

Mark Oleary and many more...

Israeli musicians:

Haggai Fershtman, Nori Jacoby, Jean Claude Jones, Harold Rubin, Rran Zachs, Alex Drull, Yoram Lachish, Daniel Hofman, Shmil Frenkel, Rami Gabai, Albert Beger, Yoni Silver, Ronny Brener, Michel Mayer, Adi Snir, Offer Bymel, Eran Zachs, Tom Soloveizic' Daniel Sarid, Dana Waxman, Yonatan Avishay, Eitan Radushinski, Shlomi Shaban, Yuval Mesner, Adi Hershko, Anat Pick, Karni Postel, Maya Dunitz, Steve Horenstein, Yiftach Kadan and more...."

-Ariel Shibolet Website (

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track listing:

1. Origami 4:08

2. Folanco 5:42

3. Caravan 7:08

4. Blues No 7 3:47

5. Mr. JC 6:10

6. Giants Steps 4:56

7. Joy Of Latin 3:51

8. Free Improvisation 2:40

9. Eleanor Rigby 5:53

10. The Note 2:48
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"This album, Ariel's second, portrays him at age 9. The first album, 31 Bars, featured Ariel's music at the age of 8. Origami shows Ariel a year later, this time alone at the piano. The music displays the influence of Ariel's favorite pianists, especially of those whom he has seen in person like Matthew Shipp, John Hicks, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Bojan Z., Kirk Lightsey, Uri Caine, Aaron Goldberg, and others. All but three of the tunes are Ariel's original music. You can stay in touch with Ariel and his music by visiting his site at or his MySpace page at

Origami (Ariel). Design and pattern are what distinguishes paper origami. The opening tune of the album also reflects pattern , in sharp contrast with some of the chaos of the subsequent tracks. Patterns turn out to be important in the solos of some of the other tunes as well, where they often replace chord progressions.

Folanco (Ariel). Originally Ariel sang this tune and accompanied himself on guitar. The lyrics are in a private language that at times sounds like Spanish and at other times like Japanese. A version of this tune for vocals, bass, and piano was performed at the Jerusalem Conservatory, with Ariel playing the piano. This is the piano solo version created for this album.

Caravan (D. Ellington). Ariel worked a lot on this version of Caravan and performed it live at many gigs, both solo and with bass. It has an unusual introduction of 16th notes, followed by a minimalist rendition of sand blown by desert winds and rearranged into oriental patterns. The solo shows the influence of Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Blues No. 7 (Ariel). This was a difficult tune to record, requiring many takes. It was like playing Mozart. A simple blues, Ariel alone with the piano, and no place to hide. The take that made it to the album turned out to be one of the less simple ones.

Mr. JC (Ariel). Ariel wrote this tune for Jean Claude Jones, on his 57th birthday, and performed it for the first time as a piano solo piece at a Kadima salon held the same day. Since then he has played it with Mr. JC himself at various gigs, but here we have the original solo version. This brooding, melancholy tune grew out of one of its licks in the solo.

Giant Steps (J. Coltrane). Ariel's initial intention was to do Giant Steps in 7/8ths, until he stumbled upon Kenny Garrett's version and discovered that KG had done just that. He experimented for a while with 5/4ths and 11/8ths, and finally settled on straight 4/4ths in two keys, with a change in time at the very end.

Joy of Latin (Ariel). This is a sample from Ariel's collection of Latin tunes. It was conceived as a duet for piano and bass. Initially Ariel intended to overdub a bass line, but ended up doing it all in one fell swoop.

Free Improvisation (Ariel). This is an entirely free improvisation, approached without any preconceived ideas in mind, and letting the keys lead the pianist. It is what's been going on at the Kadima salons, where Ariel got his first taste of free jazz. On the surface, the method is simple: approach with an empty head and hold on to the ideas that emerge. The results are often unexpected.

Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon & P. McCartney). Ariel hasn't taken in much Beatles, and the first time he heard this tune was in the street, coming from the loudspeakers of an outdoor cafe. He stopped to listen for a minute or so. The following day he heard a recording of Ray Charles. He then came up with his jazzed up version on the spot, pretty much along the lines that ended up on this album.

The Note (Ariel). The album, which started on a calm note, closes with an energetic one, in one of Ariel's favorite minor keys."

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